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How To How to Use SnapChat

How to Use SnapChat


One of the most popular Android applications in the world is SnapChat, an application with which we will be able to share all kinds of photos with the whole world or with the people we want.

This application was born a few years ago as a chat application, however, the chat in this application is not the typical conventional text chat, but we also have image chat, something that made this application very special.

SnapChat is very popular because it has the famous stories, in which people upload images for 24 hours, that is, when these 24 hours pass, the images are deleted and cannot be seen again. In this way, specific moments can be shared, without them being saved for life, thus respecting your privacy.

Speaking of privacy, Snapchat is characterized by being a pioneer in this aspect, since it is one of the applications that most respects privacy. This application notifies other people when you take a screenshot, something that will allow you to be safe from people who want to attack your privacy and share your photos online.

This has made many people prefer SnapChat to other chat applications, especially for racy chat, since many times we want to have a good time with a boy or a girl, but we don’t want our photos to end up all over the internet circulating.

Such is the popularity of Snapchat, that applications like Instagram have literally copied this feature, creating their own stories in a similar way to what this application does. Really that someone copies you is not so bad, since it means that you are doing well.

In conclusion, making an account on this social network will allow you to have a good time, meet people and at the same time keep your privacy always safe, something that will be very interesting for many of you.

Today we are going to show you how to use this application, so that in this way you can enjoy it and get the most out of the leading application in stories through photographs.

Instructions for using SnapChat

  1. Download the application:
    The first thing we must do when learning to use this application is to first download the application directly to our mobile phone, an application that is completely free and can be downloaded directly from the famous Google Play Store. The installation process is the usual one, since we are only going to have to search the application for the words Play Store and then proceed to choose the option that has the most votes and that is from a trusted manufacturer. Once we have done this, it will be installed directly, something that will greatly facilitate the installation work. If the Google Play Store does not work correctly for us, we have the option of using another download method, such as downloading the apk file directly from the internet and then installing it on our mobile. We also have the option to do it from an application such as aptoide, which is an external market that offers you applications from repositories, including unemployed applications and Beta applications. Whichever way you choose, the result will always be the same, however,
  2. Create an account:
    The second step that we must take in order to start using this famous application and share your stories with the world is to create a user account. A user account is like the identification method that we have to make ourselves known in the world. snapchat world. To create an account, we must open the application that we just downloaded and then click on the option to create an account or register. Once we have done this, we have two options, the first option being to log in with Facebook to import the data from there and for it to be an express registration, and the second option being to fill out a classic registration form with the name username, password and email among others.
  3. Create a story:
    Once we have obtained an account on this social network, it is time to create your first story. A story is an edited photograph that we will upload to the application, which only lasts about 24 hours on this platform. Once we have created an account in this application, we will be able to create the stories that we want, since in this way, we will be able to share all our best moments with everyone. In order to create a story, we must click on the icon in the center, on this one that looks like a camera. By pressing here, we will have the option to upload a photo that we have in the gallery and to take a photo or a video. After this, we will be able to edit the image, being able to put texts and different emoticons, to later apply some type of filter to the image and finally upload it so that people can see it. Like on Instagram, people can send you private messages through the story,
  4. Add friends and search for people:
    A social network is absolutely nothing without people, we all agree on that, since it really is the essence of content of this type. What we are going to do is add friends, which are to be able to see the content of our stories and chat with us, as in any other normal social network. In addition, we will be able to meet new people, using the hagstag and searching for people who have an account on snapchat using the search engine. To add friends, we will be able to choose the option to import contacts through other means such as Facebook, email and other means such as other social networks. Here we will get a list of all our contacts with Snapchat and after that we will be able to add people to our account, simply by marking the contacts that we want to invite to our account. We will also be able to use the integrated search engine to search for people by username and by hagstag, being able to find people in this application in a simple, fast and efficient way,
  5. Chats:
    One of the most interesting options that Snapchat has is the chat. As its name suggests, the main use of this application is chat, that is, to chat with other people using photo chat. In this case, we will be able to chat in several ways. Firstly, we will be able to click on the direct message option and secondly, we will be able to chat with people in the stories, that is, commenting on the specific stories and being able to send private messages to these contacts. In this way, we will be able to communicate with other contacts in an effective and versatile way, being able to choose between several options, something that is undoubtedly very interesting. Of course, remember that you will not be able to take screenshots, so if you want to take screenshots of a photo, ask the person for permission, otherwise they will be notified and it can make them feel quite bad. They won’t like this
  6. Block contacts:
    Many times, as it happens in almost all social networks, some problems appear that nobody wants at all. In this case, many times unwanted contacts appear, such as people who annoy you, people who harass you and people who ultimately do not come to the application to carry out a constructive spirit, but a destructive one, producing more problems than benefits for your coexistence in this application. In these cases, it is best to block this person, that is, to prevent them from ever contacting us again and from seeing our applications. We are going to do this in the settings section, in which we are going to click on the security icon to search for people whom we want to block. Once we have done it, we will try to block so that this person stops bothering us forever and the problem has been definitively fixed. If you are one of the people who easily regret these actions, that is, that we block important people from our lives due to some outburst of anger, don’t worry, because in the same option, we will be able to unblock the people we have blocked. In this way, we will have them again available to talk and chat.
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