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Pokemon Go for Android – How to Download and Tips


If you haven’t been underground this summer in solitary confinement and without going out, surely you’ve heard about the great fury that Pokemon Go has caused, an application that will allow you to capture these little monsters in real life.

Pokemon Go is an official game of the famous Nintendo Pokemon saga, a saga in which our goal was always to capture all the pokemons in the world and beat all the gym leaders.

Due to the great success of these games, Nintendo, together with the Niantic company, decided to create Pokemon Go, a Pokemon game for mobile phones with the main attraction of being a simulator game, that is, in which we ourselves are the protagonists.

What we have to do is go down the street with the mobile gps activated, which will tell us where these pokemon are so that we can capture them. Then a minigame with the mobile camera will appear, thanks to which we can capture these small animals in an even more fun way.

All this has been a great fury, since millions of people have downloaded this great game, which has become the most used application in the world on Android, even surpassing WhatsApp, as well as being the most searched term online.

Although it is true that there is no longer as much fever for Pokémon Go as in the month of July, it still has millions of users, who have taken the opportunity to be the best trainers and capture all the first generation Pokémon. In addition, Nintendo has promised to continue working on the game, since new updates are planned that will make you smile, because they will bring you more pokemon and more functions, such as combat between users.

If you want to download this game and join the party, it’s never too late, because today I’m going to show you in detail and step by step, how you can download this game on your Android and enjoy capturing these little virtual animals.

Instructions for Pokemon Go for Android – Download and Tips

  1. Download the application:
    The first thing we are going to do to play Pokemon Go is download its application, an application that we can easily find in the Google Play Store. Pokemon go is one of these official applications that do not have any problems, so if we have a Google account, we will be able to download this application for free. That is, before downloading it, remember two things: firstly, it is an application that needs mobile data to be able to work, since the GPS must always be activated and secondly, it is an application that uses a lot of battery, so I advise you always carry a pokerbank or portable battery, so that in this way you can always have battery to capture them all. Once you are clear about this, click download and wait for the application to download.
  2. Create your avatar:
    Once the application has been downloaded, it is time to create the avatar that we are going to use to be teachers, that is, create the character that we are going to use. The first thing is to register, that is, link the game to the Google account, to be able to use it on all our terminals. Once we have done this, we will get the typical speech of the pokemon games of the teacher who gives us the pokédex, who will ask us three things. In the first place, we will have to choose if we are a boy or a girl, with its corresponding design, secondly, we will choose the team, being able to choose three different teams and thirdly, we will choose our username, which will identify us before the user. rest of the world.
  3. Capture Pokémon:
    Now it’s time to start going out and start capturing Pokémon. When you turn on the GPS, it will come out as a kind of Google Maps, with a real life map. To move around the map, what we must do is move ourselves, since this way the program will detect that we are moving and will move the character. When we see that the radar begins to blink, we will see how pokemon appear nearby. By clicking on it, we can see what pokemon it is and we will have to approach it. As we get closer, a minigame will appear and the mobile camera will be activated, in which we will have to throw a pokeball at the pokemon in order to capture it. If we do it right it will be ours, otherwise we will have lost a pokeball.
  4. Gyms:
    In each key location, there are pokemon gyms, in which the best players in the game compete. A pokemon gym has a pokemon from a certain team as its leader and therefore a gym leader. We will always be able to overthrow a gym leader unless it is from our team, something that we can do if we have enough level to win the fight. By doing this and getting the gym, firstly, we will get daily rewards for being the gym leader and secondly, we will be able to level up our pokemon, even making them fight each other so that they have a higher level than the one of the rest of people.
  5. Pokestops:
    The world is divided by pokestops, which are magical places in which we will be awarded various prizes for visiting them. If, for example, we go to a pokestop, we will be given pokeballs and other objects, such as candies to level up and others. Every 5 minutes the pokestops are recharged, that is, once this time has elapsed, we can visit it again to level up and get the rewards it brings us. Normally these stops are full of people, which will also allow us to take advantage and make friends in real life.
  6. Level up:
    In this game there are two kinds of levels, first of all, we have the level of the pokemon trainer, which goes up when we walk, open eggs by walking and so on, and the level of the pokemon, which goes up in gyms and giving it candies. These levels are not the same as in the classic nintendo games, since in those games the pokemon were limited to level 100. In this game it is not like that, since there are pokemon of a high level, with figures of up to 4 digits of level of the pokemon. The only way to level up cleanly in this game is to spend hours on it, that is, to practice a lot until you are a true master in this game.
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