Apps Retrica for Android: How to Download and Tips

Retrica for Android: How to Download and Tips


If you are an expert in editing photos or if you simply spend many hours on Instagram, it is totally inevitable that you have seen the rhetoric symbol in the images, a symbol that represents the best photo editing application in the world.

This application is not new, since it was born as an application for iOS, which added photo filters and created photo montages with great efficiency. This made the application so successful that they had to make a port for Android, which was all the rage from the day it was released.

If you have entered Instagram today, it is very possible that you have seen at least one photo with the word rhetoric inside it. This is because it is a very popular application, because it has more than 80 photo editing filters and is capable of improving images, editing them and making these images that are capable of showing off our beauty.

However, it is not a complicated application to use, since it has a very simple interface that can be used by any user, without needing to have any idea of ​​photo retouching. I have seen people who do not know anything about editing photos but have achieved incredible images thanks to rhetoric, with that I tell you everything.

That makes rhetoric one of the best, since it combines power with friendliness of use, something very important in these times. Undoubtedly, a great application that will allow you high-quality images, something that you will love.

However, nothing happens, since we have all been beginners at some point. But hey, that’s what we’re here for, since we’re going to be in charge of explaining in detail and step by step everything related to Retrica for Android, showing you how to download it and all the advice.

Download Instructions and Tips

  1. Download rhetoric for Android:
    I know that I may repeat myself a bit and that if you are a regular on this blog you are a bit fed up with me, but I am not going to get tired of repeating the different ways to download an Android application. I do it because I know that there are users who don’t know that you can’t download the application in only one way, but that there are several ways to do it. As they do not know this, it may be that on some occasions the Play Store is damaged and they are somewhat lost. In addition, there are people who don’t even know how to use the Play Store well, so I always like to explain everything very “chewed”, so that people can access the content we offer without needing to know anything beforehand, something that I consider very important without a doubt.

    1. Do it from Google Play:
      First of all, do it from the method called the official method, since it is the one that Google says that we must use to download applications on our mobile phone. Google Play is easy to use, because it has a search engine that will locate the application for us, even if we write it wrong. After that, we just have to click on it and finally click on install, something that will automatically lead us to download the application to the phone, with its corresponding update support.
    2. Do it from the page up to down:
      If Google Play does not work for you, I recommend you copy and paste this link in a new tab in your browser This page will take us to the direct link to download the application on the up to down web page, a very good page that will allow us to download applications when Google Play does not work. If this system does not work, we always have the third option.
    3. Do it through Google:
      The third option means searching Google for the apk file through other websites such as apkmanía, an option that I do not like very much to download retrica. As it is a popular application, many people add a virus to the app so that it can steal data or damage the mobile. What you have to do is run an updated antivirus on the file so that you can make sure that it is a trustworthy file or not.
  2. Apply more than 80 filters:
    Now it is time to use the application, something that we can easily do by applying its more than 80 available filters. The first thing is to open the application and choose a photo, either from the gallery or from the camera, even from social networks. Once we have done this, we are going to select the different filters that we have, which change the photo depending on how we do it. We can also adjust the intensity of the filter, something that will make it more or less powerful, something that will change the aesthetics of the photo, being able to adjust it correctly and without any problem in doing so. Once you have your photo, click where it says accept and it will save the photo, with the mythical rhetorical letters below the photo.
  3. Make montages:
    We will also be able to make montages of your photos, that is, create collages of 4 photos, put a larger image on top of a smaller one and everything that comes to mind. We must see this option as something interesting, since it can also be done very easily. We must choose the option that we like the most and then put the photo as we like, something that is very simple and that you will surely understand right away. After that, we must hit save or apply a filter first if we want. Again the mythical rhetoric letters will be created in the photo.
  4. Alternatives to take into account:
    Retrica is one of those applications that have marked an era and I believe that it is the most used of all photo editors, however, it may be that there are people who want even more, something that allows them to be able to editing an image even more, applying more filters, applying one filter on top of another, doing tricks that make the photo look better than it does with just rhetoric, since using only what rhetoric offers could be a bit too small for the most advanced users. For this reason, I bring you a lot of alternatives that you should take into account, which from my point of view are very good and will help you manage the photos on your mobile in a 100% complete way.

    1. b612:
      If I had to choose the great rival of rhetoric, I would choose b612, an application that has undoubtedly also marked an era. Whenever I go to Instagram I try to count the number of photos I see with the rhetoric logo and the number of photos I see with the b612 logo, to see which one has more. The reason for b612’s success is that it has a large number of filters, which outnumber rhetoric, plus an optional paid version that adds even more filters. This makes this option one of the best and most recommended, moreover, many people have both installed at the same time.
    2. PicArts Studio:
      This program is much less well known than b612, but this does not mean that it is not as good as this one. Although it doesn’t have as many filters available, it allows you to adjust more things, add effects and try to make the image better, including things like old effects, lomography and others. This makes it a powerful editor, very complete and also 100% free, which makes it a worthy competitor of these 3, being able to rank third among the best editors in the world in terms of simple filters.
    3. Candy Camera:
      This application has few filters compared to retrica, b612 and even PicArts, since it only has 20 filters. However, this is not the main attraction of this application, since you can not only insert filters, but you can also do other very interesting things, such as inserting cool images that look quite good in the general aesthetics of the application. image, and can also paste any photo that we have on the computer.
    4. Others:
      Finally we will have other programs that are also good, but since they are not used as much, I have not included them in the list. There really are photo editors to boot, because as you know, when something is very successful, everyone tries to take advantage of it. Even Instagram itself has filters, although very few, because it is basic to upload images. You also have the option of becoming a professional editor, something that will allow you to edit images from your computer and professional image editing programs.
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