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Apps WhatsApp for Android – How to Download and Tips

WhatsApp for Android – How to Download and Tips


WhatsApp is one of the leading applications in the world of instant messaging. With millions of users around the world, it is the world’s leading application for sending messages over the internet.

Founded a few years ago, WhatsApp has been growing in number of users in recent years, since it has gone from having a few users to practically everyone you know having WhatsApp.

The reason for its success is that it allows you to communicate with all your friends by text messages over the internet, doing it in an easy and effective way without spending too much mobile data in the process. It also allows us to share other types of files with our friends, such as photographs, voice notes and other types of less common files such as documents or videos.

This application has really been successful thanks to the appearance of mobile data flat rates, since before we had to spend 15 cents for each SMS and now we can send infinite messages on WhatsApp if we have a data rate (although we have run out of megs).

In addition, this app recently included other services, such as VoIP calls (calls using the Internet instead of the telephone line) and the WhatsApp web service, which allows us to use WhatsApp from our computer.

It is very likely that you already have WhatsApp installed on your phone (if you do not have it, you have probably lived under a cave), however, you probably do not know how to get the most out of this application, since let’s say it hides a lot of hidden tricks that not everyone knows.

Today we are going to reveal all these secrets, so that you can get the most out of the number 1 instant messaging application for Android, by downloading, installing and using it correctly.

Instructions for WhatsApp for Android – Download and Tips

  1. Download:
    The first thing we should know is how we should download and install WhatsApp. Although it is likely that you already have it downloaded, it never hurts to refresh the memory of many people who have had it installed by someone else. In this way, they will be able to reinstall it in case there is a problem with this application or with the mobile phone, not having to depend on anyone to do it again. We have two different ways to install WhatsApp, either from the official page or from the Play Store. Here we will explain the two ways.

    1. Play Store:
      This is the most used and best known way, since it is simple, effective and is the one used by everyone. What we have to do is have a Google account linked to our Smartphone to be able to use Google Play, in addition to the updated Google Play services. Now we are going to open Google Play and search for “WhatsApp” in your search engine. We will see how WhatsApp comes out as the first option, click on it, click on download and wait for the application to be fully downloaded and installed.
    2. Official page:
      This method will download a WhatsApp apk file, which has not passed the Play Store filter. This method is used mainly in old phones, which do not have updated Google Play services (because if they are updated, the phone’s memory fills up and WhatsApp no ​​longer fits). The way to do it is to go to the official WhatsApp page, click on download the Android application and install it on our device (previously activating the option to install from unknown sources).
  2. Send messages, block contacts and send files:
    Once we have downloaded the application, we have already installed it and we have entered our data, we are going to see how it works. This app works with users’ phone numbers, which must have a WhatsApp account in order to be used. We only need to be able to receive the confirmation message once, being able to remove the SIM card at the end of the process if we want to use WhatsApp from Wi-Fi on a device without a SIM card (we put the SIM card in another terminal and confirm the message manually). By clicking on a contact, we can send him messages, which will reach him. If you get a tick, it is that it has not arrived (it has no data or it has blocked you), if you get two black ticks, it is that it has arrived but you have not read them and if you get two blue ticks, it is that the has read. By clicking on the attach icon (a clip), we can attach all kinds of files, such as images, audio notes (also by clicking on the microphone icon) or videos that are on our mobile. If a contact bothers us,
  3. VoIP calls:
    This functionality allows us to talk to other people by call, but without using the telephone line, but rather mobile data or Wi-Fi. Before you make the call, keep in mind that many carriers don’t allow VoIP using data, so check this out before doing this step. To make a VoIP call, we only have to click on the call icon within a conversation, since only with that will we proceed to make a VoIP call. Even if your rate is compatible, we recommend using VoIP only when you have Wi-Fi, since it is one of the things that uses the most megabytes, in addition to the fact that the low speed could cause slow calls and cut-offs.
  4. Groups and broadcasts:
    Now we are going to talk about cuts and broadcasts, which are used to start conversations with more than one person at a time. If we want to create a group, we will click on create group and then we will select the contacts that we want to be part of the group. Once we have done it, we can add new people to the group, delete people, make administrators and delete the group from the group administration window (by clicking on the name of the group in the conversation). A broadcast, on the other hand, is used to send a single message to many people, which is useful for advertising without violating the rules of use of WhatsApp. We will click on new diffusion and next, we will choose the contacts to whom we want to send the messages and finally, we will write the message.

Tips for WhatsApp for Android – Download and Tips

  • WhatsApp web:
    WhatsApp web is a web program that allows you to use WhatsApp from your PC. To use it, we are going to go to and then we are going to press WhatsApp web in the side menu of the mobile (by pressing the right or left button depending on the phone) and take a photo of the QR code that has come out on the PC. This application will copy the conversations that we have on our mobile to the PC, however, we need to have the mobile connected to the internet to work, since this is the only way we have to work.
  • WhatsApp ban:
    If you have inappropriate behavior, you could be temporarily suspended from WhatsApp. Among which, we have annoying users, receiving too many blocks in a short time (WhatsApp will interpret that we are bothering), sending the same message to many users (that’s what broadcasts are for) or harassing many users with explicit content. What you have to do is have a good behavior, using WhatsApp for its original purpose and not to annoy other users. If you do this, you will never have any problems with anyone or with the application.
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