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Apps Vibbo for Android: How to Download and Tips

Vibbo for Android: How to Download and Tips


If you remember the second-hand portal, it no longer exists, but is now called Vibbo, a website that has modernized the classic portal, making it easier to use and more beautiful in the eyes of users.

How could it be otherwise, they have created an application to be able to use it from mobile phones. Nowadays few people use the PC for these things and they prefer mobile phones, so at Vibbo they have set to work to create one of the best online buying/selling applications that exist.

With this application we will not only be able to publish ads and earn money, but we will also be able to see interesting products in a very simple way, suitable for everyone.

If you haven’t downloaded the application yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for, because Vibbo is going to change the way you shop online forever. If you don’t know how to do it, you don’t have to worry about anything, since as usual, we are going to help you install it step by step, as well as more tips to sell correctly and without scams.

App Download

The first step that we are going to take is obviously to download the Vibbo application, an application that has been created recently, surely to compete against Wallapop due to the great success that the latter has had. Really, if we have an operational Google Play account, there is no mystery about downloading this application to our phone, since all we have to do is search for Vibbo in the search engine and click on download, which will download the latest version available up to date. date. This app is completely free and as usual, you are entitled to lifetime updates through the Play Store.

If you don’t have the Play Store, I sincerely recommend Uptodown, which is for me the best apk application portal in the world. You just have to enter from your mobile browser and use the search engine to search for your favorite apk and download it to your mobile, Vibbo being obviously available. Of course, remember to activate the installation from unknown sources.

Vibbo account creation or login

If you have an account from the old second hand, you can use it in Vibbo without any problem, since it is really the same company but with a name more in keeping with the times. If you don’t have an account, you can create a Vibbo account directly in the app, without having to use your PC to do so. In addition to that, the account that you create here will also be able to be used on PC, being able to see your ads on the computer and on the mobile, something that Wallapop cannot do.

All you have to do is open the application, click on register and then fill in the typical registration form that pages of this type have, which we all know, since it does not need an introduction. After filling in all this, we will be able to log in with the chosen username and password and, of course, we will be able to enjoy this great application to sell things.

Tutorial to view ads

This application allows you to see all the ads that can be seen on the vibbo website in a normal way, there being no type of limitation with respect to this. We are going to have the classic advanced search engine, being able to filter the content by categories or certain keywords. Of course, we will also be able to avoid some words within the search. The interface is similar to Wallapop, being able to see the images of the article first and accessing its description by clicking on them.

Once we enter the ad, we will be able to easily see the seller’s contact information, that is, their email or phone number or both, if applicable. If we click on the link, we will be able to see the number and copy it directly to the mobile dialer, something that is undoubtedly very comfortable, much more than having to write down the number on a piece of paper.

After this, all you have to do is contact the seller and agree on a final price for the item, and then see if you stay with him to show it to you or send it to you by mail, also agreeing on the payment method. After the sale, vote on the user so that others can see if they are a legitimate seller or a fraudulent seller.

Tutorial to post ads

To publish ads, we have it even simpler, since all we have to do is click on the publish ads option, something that will take us directly to the publication of the same. Here we will have to put a title, upload photos, put a description, a price and some labels. Once we’ve done this, your ad will be available to page users who will be able to see it if they use the correct search terms.

Do not forget to put your contact information, such as mobile phone or email, since it is the only way to communicate with potential buyers. Once they have obtained your number, you will have to wait for them to call you or write to you on WhatsApp, agreeing on a final price there and resolving all your doubts if you have them.

Tips to sell well

Many people know how to post ads correctly, however, they always complain that they are not able to sell the product correctly, since they are not able to get their ad to be placed high in the search of the application. Actually this is because you are doing something wrong, something that is good news even if it seems a lie. This is good news because if we know our mistakes, we can correct them in order to sell a product well. If you want to sell a product and make it come out on top, follow these tips that I offer you to be able to sell well on vibbo, since they are good tips that are “homegrown”, since I have experience in both Google positioning (if I didn’t have, you wouldn’t be reading this), like selling things on the net.

  • Use clear images: The first thing we must do when it comes to being able to sell a product on this portal is to take some good photos of the product. Try to use a good camera and show the product in great detail, so that the buyer can see at a glance what he is going to buy. In this way, you will ensure that the buyer has no doubts and does not ask questions about the product. In addition to that, an image ad is considered more trustworthy and therefore ranks better.
  • Set a reasonable price: Many people have seen a lot of auction hunting and other programs on television. This has led to internet sales sharks being created and putting out an overpriced product, hoping to get rich online. This does not work, since people are not stupid, since if they are going to find the cheapest product in the Cash converters, they are not going to buy it from you. What you have to do is offer a reasonable price for what you offer, neither give it away nor make it very expensive.
  • Put a striking title: The title is the most important thing in an ad without counting the images, since it is one of the first things that we are going to see when we do a search for a product. Try to put a clear title in which everything you offer is seen and also put words that attract attention such as sales, bargain or liquidation. For example, if you’re selling a PSVITA that can be hacked, a title like “BARGAIN: PSVITA in mint condition ready to hack” is better than “PSVITA that’s easy to hack.”
  • Put a good description: The description does not appear at first sight, however, it is very important to sell a product, since it is what will solve most of the buyer’s doubts when deciding whether to buy the product or not. In the description you must put everything that the product has, both its defects and its virtues. Try to put the virtues as more important, however, do not hide the defects so as not to fall into a crime of fraud. For example, if that PSP you want to sell has a bad battery, you have to say so, but you can also point out that it is an already pirated PSP or that you include an original memory card.
  • Do not abuse the tags: As an SEO expert I advise you not to abuse the tags, since Google and the Vibbo search engine penalize excessive tags. I advise you to put three tags, no more and no less, in which you include elements of the product that you think people can search for. For example, in the PSVITA already mentioned you can put “HENkakku” (name of the PSVITA hack), something that will help connoisseurs to find your game consoles.
  • Test the effectiveness of the ad: One piece of advice I give you is to use the Vibbo search engine, in order to check if the ad is well placed. If such that it does not appear in the first positions of the search engine or it is not indexed as we want, it is that we have done something right. If such that if it comes out of the first, I give you my congratulations.
  • Make changes as needed: If it’s not working properly, it’s time to make changes to the structure of the ad, as it’s clear you’ve done something wrong. Go through this tutorial again and adapt it to what has already been mentioned.

Integrated guide to avoid scams on Vibbo

Vibbo has a built-in guide to avoid scams, a very useful guide that will allow you to avoid being scammed by fraudulent sellers. This guide comes to you in the application and is a series of tips that will allow you to detect reliable ads and scam ads.

It basically consists of not trusting sellers with bad ratings, looking carefully at the photos, reading the descriptions well, and avoiding forms of payment such as western union, which scammers often use because they are not safe and they do not have the option to claim anything.

Alternatives to Vibbo

Vibbo has many alternatives, alternatives that we all know and that do almost the same thing, but in a slightly different way.

  • Wallapop:
    It is perhaps the most famous of all, since it is simple, intuitive and with a lot of variety. Vibbo was based on it to create its interface, so it’s almost the same as it.
  • Milanuncios:
    It is a classic in Spain, since it has not only products, but also services such as looking for work or even sexual services. Of course, it is the one with the highest risk of fraud.
  • Ebay: The oldest
    portal in the world and the safest thanks to PayPal and its disputes. I like it to buy for its security, but I don’t like it to sell, since it charges somewhat excessive commissions that reduce my profit margin.
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