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How To PopCorn Time for Android: How to Download and Tips

PopCorn Time for Android: How to Download and Tips


If you’re one of those people who really likes to watch movies on their computer, you’re sure to know about PopCorn time, an application that, among other things, will allow us to watch streaming movies. It is undoubtedly good news that this application has reached Android, something that will allow us to watch movies on our mobile phones as well.

This will undoubtedly allow us to enjoy a lot of multimedia content on Android, since as it uses the Torrent system to synchronize movies just like it does on the computer, we will also be able to have the same content that we had before on the computer on mobile, something that makes it much more accessible to all users.

Without a doubt, this is a revolution in the world of watching movies on Android, since to date, we had to settle for watching them on the computer. When we are lying in bed, we certainly did not want to watch the movie on the laptop, but rather on the mobile screen and be able to go to bed as soon as we fell asleep.

Today I am finally going to show you how you can install Popcorn Time on your Android phone, something that will undoubtedly change your life in the sense of being able to see all the content on your mobile. I will also show you how you can get the most out of it.

Download Instructions and Tips

  1. Download the application to our mobile phone:
    The first thing we are going to learn to download Popcorn time is what we always learn in each application, that is, to download it to the mobile in the correct way. In the past, this application could be downloaded in the official way, that is, from the famous Google Play Store, an application manager that, among other things, offers a large number of applications legally. Since Popcorn Time allows us to watch copyrighted movies, this app has been banned from the Play Store, making it an app that cannot be accessed from here. What we have to do then is search for the apk on Google, an apk that will be used so that you can install it on your phone without having to use Google Play. This apk can be used in an easy way, that is, we are not going to have any problem working with it, the only thing is to watch where we are going to download it from, since in some places we could sneak a computer virus for Android. I always recommend safe sites like Up To Down, as they always do quite well.
  2. Find movie torrents:
    Popcorn Time is not created natively to watch commercial movies, but for some users to share their content with another. For this reason, the application comes empty from the beginning, something that prevents it from committing any illegal action. For this reason, we must add the torrents of the movies manually, otherwise they will not work and we will not be able to watch the movies or the content on our Android terminal. What you have to do is do a Google search for Torrents PopCorn time, either from your mobile browser, or from your computer. Once you have the file, you must open it with popcorn time to add the movies or transfer it to your mobile if you have chosen the option to search from a computer, something that can be done either by USB cable or by bluetooth. Once we have done it, the movie will be added to our multimedia list, something that will allow us to watch the movie when and where we want,
  3. See the content:
    Once we have installed the application and we have added all the movies and videos that we want, it’s time to start seeing everything that Popcorn Time has to offer. The truth is that it has a fairly simple menu, which helps us to use it easily. The screen goes full screen when we click on the movie, something that will allow us to watch the movie with hardly any interruptions. After that, we will be able to play the movie, being able to pause it, go forward, go back and finally be able to navigate through the movie in the best possible way. Undoubtedly a good interface, since I think that the most important thing in a program of this type is that you can watch movies easily, without there being any problem in being able to do it the right way.
  4. Other functions:
    This application also allows us to download movies to our mobile phone, something that will allow us to watch them whenever we want. In addition, this is immediate, since once we have seen them and they have loaded in the buffer, the download is instantaneous. This is because it is really already downloaded on the mobile phone, because we have needed to download it to be able to see the content and what we are going to do is simply create the desired file on it. It also allows us to share our creations with the rest of the world, since popcorn time really consists of that, in sharing all the content with the rest of the world.

Tips for Downloading and Tips

  • Space issues:
    Lots of people using Popcorn Time for Android have reported space issues, that is, they have complained that the continuous use of this application is causing them a lack of space in the internal memory, which is getting bigger and bigger. Many people are very worried, because if you look closely at how much time Popcorn takes up, it used to take up a few megabytes and now it even takes up gigabytes of information. This is undoubtedly a problem, however, it is not a bad thing or a virus, nor is it anything without a solution. What has happened is that when watching the movies, they have been downloaded to our Android mobile in the background, since even if it is Streaming, it is always downloaded to a cache to be able to see it. This causes us to cache all the movies and series we have already seen, taking up useful space for something that we will never use again. What you have to do to free up space is to go to the Android settings option, then to the applications option and finally choose the application from the list and finally click on clear cache. This should be done every time you watch a couple of movies, whenever you don’t want to have a full mobile, without any space for the rest of the useful things you want to do.
  • Alternatives:
    Without a doubt, Popcorn Time is a great program to be able to watch movies, series and television on your mobile, however, it is far from the only program that does this. Android has become widespread and therefore, there are many applications that manage to make it possible for you to have all the content on your mobile for free. Today we are going to see the best alternatives available in this field, which serve to be able to have an application just in case Popcorn Time fails us, since we do not want to be left without being able to see all the content in Streaming directly on our mobile phone, I no less.

    • Splive TV:
      The first program that surely sounds familiar to you, since we have talked about it here and it is also a very popular program. This program, which is downloaded through a web page because it is a banned app, is a program that is used to watch pay TV for free and also to watch movies. It differs from Popcorn time in that it does not use a torrent, but XML lists that allow you to link to all the content, adding the list of desired movies easily. It goes quite well, but many times the servers go down, especially when there are many people connected to them.
    • Internet browser:
      Thanks to the famous HTML5 technology, we will be able to enjoy a large number of videos without having to install any application on our mobile. What we have to do is enter any site from the mobile that has Streaming, and after that look for the site that is most suitable for what we are looking for, for example, premiere movies in Streaming. After skipping all the advertising, at the end we will be able to see the video and put it on full screen, as if we were on the computer. The bad thing about this option is the advertising, however, it will always be a good option if we do not have more options available right now.
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