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Apps Instagram for Android – How to Download and Tips

Instagram for Android – How to Download and Tips


One of the best apps for Android is the Instagram app, an app that allows you to share your favorite images with your followers or the whole world.

Instagram was born a few years ago, becoming a very popular application all over the world in a short time. This app allows you to share images and videos with all your followers in an efficient way. We can also see the images and videos of our followers as if it were a list, being able to see at a glance all the news that your friends have had and find out everything in 5 minutes.

Like any good social network, this application also has a function that allows you to send direct messages to your contacts, that is, private messages that only they will see. In addition, in the latest update, a kind of featured image has been added above, similar to what the well-known snapchat application offers.

Instagram info



Current version

Varies by device


Varies by device


1,000,000,000 – 5,000,000,000

Android required

Varies by device



Facility Name

Celebrities have also jumped on the Instagram bandwagon, as it allows you to share tons of images and videos with users from all over the world, increasing the popularity of you and your products. In addition, many advertising companies decided to broaden their horizons and advertise on Instagram, paying famous people to promote their products on this social network.

In view of its great success, Instagram was acquired by Facebook, the great company and social network that has dedicated itself to absorbing its competition in order to hold a monopoly on social networks. Thanks to the acquisition of Facebook, this company has gained economic power to be able to continue releasing updates and providing support for millions of users around the world.

If you haven’t installed Instagram yet, either because you don’t know how to do it, or because you’re not convinced, I’ve come just in time. Today I am going to try to convince you of the benefits of this App and of course, I am going to teach you how to use it correctly, so that you do not miss anything that happens in the world and you can share all your images or videos with all your followers.

Instructions for Instagram for Android – Download and Tips

  1. Download the application:
    The first thing to do when installing Instagram and starting to use it is to download the application, something that almost everyone knows how to do in the Android world. If you already know how to install the application, you can go to step 2 and directly create the Instagram account. If instead you are new, stay here to learn how to do it in two different ways, since not only do we have the usual way of doing it from the Google Play Store, but we can also do it in another way.

    1. Play Store:
      The most classic way to download any Android application to our phone is Google’s Play Store, an application that will give us access to a complete market of official applications approved by Google. We are going to click where it says Play Store (if it asks us to create a Google account or put an existing one, we do it because it is a mandatory requirement) and we are going to search for Instagram in the search engine above. Now we will click on Instagram and click on download, accept the permissions and wait for the application to download and install automatically.
    2. Download the App:
      If you have a very old phone with Google Play deactivated (because it occupies too much space due to planned obsolescence) or the Play Store doesn’t work for whatever reason, don’t worry, as there is another way to download the App. Instagram application to our mobile. The way to do it is to search directly for the. apk file on the internet, something that we will achieve with a simple Google search. Once we have the file, we download it and open it to install it. If it doesn’t let you install it, you have to go to settings, security and activate unknown sources. Once it is installed, we will be able to use Instagram in the same way as from the Google Play Store.
  2. Install the application and create the account:
    Once we have installed the application in one of the two ways listed above, we are going to create an account to start using this magnificent application. We are going to open the application and we are going to click on create account. Here we can do it in two ways, either manually enter an email, a username and a password, or use our Facebook account to create the account. Use the way you think is most convenient and provide your data. Once you have done it, we can start enjoying this application. In the following sections, we will teach you how to use it, so you can search for friends, find people who are using the application and so you can upload your own images and videos.
  3. Find friends:
    Instagram is a social network and as such, you need to follow your friends on it to be able to find out everything that happens on this social network. To do this, we are going to go to the find friends option that appears in this application and we are going to do it in the three possible ways in which we can find friends in this application and social network.

    1. Facebook:
      As Facebook and Instagram are of the same owner, searching for friends from Facebook is a piece of cake. We will only have to link the Facebook and Instagram accounts and see the friends who have Facebook. When we have done it, we can start following them and be able to enjoy the application. In addition, this is not limited to that, since when a Facebook friend creates an Instagram, we will receive a notification that said Facebook friend uses Instagram and we will get direct access to his account and to follow him.
    2. Twitter:
      As in Facebook, we can also link the second social network par excellence, that is, Twitter. This social network of short messages has many followers and if we link it, we can also find our twitter friends on Instagram in a simple way, just looking for the twitter username in the search for friend’s option so that it comes out in a simple way. automatic.
    3. Manually:
      Instagram has a fabulous search engine, which is used to manually search for all our friends. We are going to write their username there(or their first name if they have it) and our friends will appear there. This search engine is very good, since it will first look for people that it thinks we might know, based on their location, mutual friends and whether or not we have them on Facebook or Twitter. In this way, we can easily search for all our friends, with hardly any effort.
  4. Upload publications:
    Once we have followed all our friends, we can start uploading the first publication. To do this, we are simply going to click on the camera icon that appears in the center of the screen, which will take us to our phone’s camera and to the gallery (at the bottom). Here we can upload both images and videos that we have on the phone, as well as take new photos or videos to upload. Once it is done, we will be able to cut the image and the video and we will be able to add the famous image filters. Once we have uploaded it, we can mention and tag friends in the photo, use hashtags (which I will talk about later), add locations or choose if that photo will also be uploaded to Facebook or Instagram.
  5. Hashtag:
    Hashtags are the basis of Instagram and almost all social networks. The hashtags have a pad in front of them and are used to associate an image with a word so that the search engine finds it. For example, if you put #gym in the photo, anyone who writes #gym in the search engine will find your photo (unless you have the private account). Just as we can use hashtags, we can also search for those of others, adding the hash mark in front of the words to search for.
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