How To Ares Online: How to Download and Tips

Ares Online: How to Download and Tips


One of the practices that have more time on the internet is to download free music; complete albums and even discographies of x artists. And this practice has been improving day by day, since today you can even choose the format and the frequency in which you want to download a certain track, album or set of albums. Do not lie to us, have you ever downloaded music through a pirate website.

Today we will talk about one of the applications that have the best reputation in this vast and wide world; we refer to the one that for many is “the old trustworthy” Ares.

What do you need to Download and Tips?

Despite the fact that Ares has already diversified and now you can also download movies, books, videos and something else, you will surely want it mainly for music; Of course, don’t worry, neither Ares nor Ares Online (Android version) are applications that require a lot to be installed, and if you don’t believe us, read the following list:

  • The main, basic and fundamental thing is that your device is connected to the internet, in a stable way and that it has enough storage space for this software to be installed.
  • Ares, on Windows, is compatible with all versions from XP. In the case of Android, Ares Online is compatible from version 2.3.3 or higher.
  • We remind you that this application is totally free, so if some unofficial site wants to charge you, don’t pay because it’s a scam.

Do you see it? Very simple, surely you meet all the requirements since the versions of Windows and Android are already very old, so it is likely that you no longer have devices with these OS.

Download Instructions and Tips

How to download Ares Online on my devices?

As we have already mentioned above, since this application has compatibility for two totally different operating systems, we will give you a detailed explanation of each one so that you do not have any confusion. Join us to see how to download Ares!

On Windows:

  1. Search your favorite Ares search engine and enter the official website of the developers, or enter the link that we leave here
  2. Once on the page, look for the section that says “download” in the bar at the top, click there.
  3. As soon as you click, a window will open where you can choose where to save the file or, alternatively, if you have a default download folder, it will start downloading.
  4. The file that will be downloaded will have a name something like this “installer ares….exe”.
  5. Once you have found it, double click on it and you will see an installation interface will open.
  6. Follow the steps that it indicates, being careful that no other software is installed together with Ares.
  7. Clever! You will have Ares on your Windows computer.

Sometimes, in step 5, a security alert window will open first. Windows brings it by default to prevent any malware or virus that can be installed without passing a previous control; so we always recommend that you check what you install well so as not to get an unpleasant surprise.

On android:

  1. To install Ares Online on your Android device, you will have to search for the software outside, since it is not in the Google Play Store. But don’t get overwhelmed, here we will leave you a safe link from where you can download the apk https://ares
  2. Click the “download now” button and it will start downloading the app. The apk is very light, it weighs less than 1 MB, so it will download instantly.
  3. Remember that, as it is an application downloaded outside the Play Store, you should check if the “unknown sources” function is activated on your device. The path to activate it is as follows: Settings, security.
  4. Once the previous step is done, you can proceed to install the application on your Android device. There should be no error.
  5. Wait for it to install and that’s it. You now have Ares Online on your Android phone or tablet!

The Ares app for Windows is better than the one for Android, probably because the latter is newer and still under development. The average rating they give it is about 3.3 stars out of 5, which means that it is good, but that it is still a long way from being very good or excellent.
Ares creates a file for the downloads, so all you have to do (if you want to move them from there, for example, to transfer them to an MP3 player) is to find the path and locate the downloads folder.

Tips for Downloading and Tips

One of the most interesting functions that Ares has is the possibility to download videos, from which you can extract an mp3 file, for example, and extract a track that you cannot find elsewhere (a typical case is unique versions of songs that you find in YouTube).

Don’t forget that you have the possibility to speed up Ares in its version for Windows, through a series of manual configurations or, if you prefer to do it quickly and easily, download a software accelerator, as is the case with Ares Optimizer. The opposite of the last option is that, being another application, you will have to know that your RAM memory will work more.

If your computer is powerful or at least running quite well, we recommend that you allow Ares to start alongside Windows, as this will allow it to connect to the internet and be ready when you need it. Instead, if you don’t use this application that much and prefer your computer to start up fast, simply disable this feature.

As for Ares Online, we recommend that every so often (let’s say a month) check the web for new updates; We are telling you about it because there are complaints from users who allege that there is no recent, updated music, which can be a problem for you if you are a person who is immersed in current events in the world of music.

Currently, the latest safe version that we have found is the one that we leave you in the “how to download” section, which is 1.7. We think that there will be more updates in the future because it has had a certain fame and therefore, it should get better.

As a recommendation that we make, collaborate with the artists you like. An album is the fruit of a lot of work time, money invested and many more elements, so if you like some content, support it and don’t abuse Ares, because these are tools that were designed with the aim of bringing music to everyone. places in the world with internet access.

Also remember that if you don’t want to download the songs, you don’t necessarily have to; with access to the internet, the song will play, the same way Spotify works.

To close this article, we want to tell you that our goal is not to increase pirate consumption and leave the official side, but rather, if you have doubts about a movie, song or album by an artist, use this tool to find out if you buy it or no Use the Ares well!

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