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Software How to Install Play Store?

How to Install Play Store?


One of the most famous application markets that exist, if not the most famous, is the Google Play Store, since it contains millions of applications that we can easily install on any Android device.

The previously known as Android Market is an application manager for Android, being the official application manager for this class of mobile phones and this operating system. Its function is to collect applications compatible with Android, facilitating their download and installation.

It also serves as a repository for updates, since every time there is a new update on Android, Google Play will download the corresponding updates to your device and then proceed to install them. Without a doubt, this is a great idea from the Play Store, since it combines ease of use with good update management.

But it is not only limited to offering updates and content, but it is also responsible for managing the security of the platform. The Google Play Store filters apps for malicious purposes or that violate Google’s usage policy. These applications are not directly supported in the Store, since this way the users are safe.

In addition to that, Google Play Store is also a kind of user community, where users rate and rate apps with the aim of letting other users know whether these apps are good or bad. In addition to that, some games allow you to play in multiplayer mode, directly competing with other users.

Finally, the Google Play Store is associated with the Google account, that is, if you change your mobile phone by chance, you will be able to easily recover all the applications that you had previously installed. In this way, you will always be able to have everything safe, including payment applications.

Although Google Play is installed by default on most Android devices, sometimes this does not happen. Many times there are roms that do not have the Google applications installed and other times there are old mobile phones that have an old version of the Android Market that does not work anymore.

If something like this happens to you, what you have to do is install Play Store again on your mobile phone, in order to have the largest mobile application market in the world and be able to enjoy all its advantages without a doubt.

This is precisely what we are going to teach today, since we are going to teach step by step how the Play Store can be installed on any device.

Instructions to install Play Store

  1. By default:
    The first thing we should know when installing the Google Play Store on an Android device is that in 90% of cases, it is not necessary to do any type of installation to be able to enjoy all the content of the Play Store. The reason why you don’t need to do any type of installation is because Google Play is already installed by default on most devices. This is because Google wants its devices to work properly and it rarely gets away from installing the Play Store. If you can’t find the Play Store on your device, try a system update first to try to get it back. If such has mysteriously disappeared, you can try to do a factory reset, as sometimes the data may have become corrupted.
  2. Installation on old devices:
    Although in 90% of cases Google tries to have the Play Store always working, this rule does not apply to very old devices, which are many years old and have already ceased to have support. These mobile phones are hardly used anymore, however, they can be given a little second life if the Google Play Store can be installed correctly. What you have to know is that these phones usually have the Android Market installed, which is the predecessor of the Play Store. If you try to access the Android Market, you will see that it does not work, therefore, you have to follow these steps to be able to update your version of Android Market to the new version of Google Play Store, since only then will it work correctly.

    1. Free up space:
      One of the biggest problems we have when updating the market to the Play Store is space. Due to planned obsolescence, the so-called Google Play services take up a lot of space, a few tens of megabytes. Although in new phones this space is derisory, the same does not happen in old phones, which are very limited to do this. The only solution is to free up space by deleting the data of most apps until it lets you update to the latest version of the Play Store.
    2. Update system:
      Once we have enough space on our mobile phone, it is time to update the applications and the operating system to be able to have all the power that the Play Store offers. The way to do this is to open the Market and wait for it to update. Once this happens, we will be able to have the Google Play Store with all the applications available for our mobile phone. That if, many times the remedy is worse than the disease, since when installing Play Store, we will not have space to install any application. If this happens to you, the only thing you can do is go to step 4 and resort to the alternatives to the Google Play Store, since only then will you be able to install applications without depending on the Google application market.
  3. Install it together with Google Apps:
    Google Apps or Gapps are the applications that Google brings by default on most Android devices. Within these applications we can find everything from Google Drive to, of course, the Google Play Store, going through Google Maps or Google Now among others. These applications come in a pack and are usually installed by default in most applications. However, in some Chinese phones and some internet roms, Google Apps are not installed, so there is no Play Store. So what you have to do is install the Gapps manually, in order to work. Of course, the Gapps cannot be installed in the normal way, since they must be installed in System in order to work correctly. For this reason, it is necessary to teach how to install them correctly.

    1. Download Google Apps:
      The first step we must take is to download Google Apps, that is, Google applications. We can do this with a simple Google search for Gapps, since they usually appear on many web pages as a download link to them. The Gapps come in a zip file that should not be decompressed, but should be saved on your micro sd card, which we will insert into the mobile and must always have the name “” for the installation to be correct.
    2. Download recovery menu:
      Once we have the Gapps, it’s time to install them. Many mobile phones already have the recovery menu installed, so if this is your case, you can skip this option and go directly to install. If, on the other hand, the recovery does not work for you, you must install it manually. You have to search the internet for Clockwork mod recovery, install it on your device and press the recovery mode key to start the installation.
    3. Installation of Google Apps:
      The other way to start the recovery is by booting the mobile with the power and volume down keys at the same time. In this way, you will be telling the phone to boot directly into this mode. Once we are in the recovery mode, we are going to go to the “apply update from sdcard” option and we are going to look for the Gapps file that we have downloaded. Once we have it located, click on install now and wait for it to finish. Once it is ready, we are going to restart the phone now and we will see how when we start up we already have everything from Google, including of course the Play Store. If such that it has not worked, it is that something in the installation has failed, therefore, we will have to repeat this step again to make it work.
  4. Alternatives to Google Play Store:
    If the Play Store does not work well for you or it happens to you that your mobile is a victim of the space of Google Play services, do not worry, since there is life beyond the Google Play Store. Although you may not have the official Google manager, you do have some alternative markets and some alternative ways to install applications. In this way, you will be able to install applications even if the Play Store does not work well for you. In addition, in some cases, you will be able to download paid applications for free, so it is still an interesting option to do so. We are going to see all the ways that exist to download applications as an alternative to the Google Play Store.

    1. Download apk directly:
      Ironically, the first way is to use the Google search engine to directly download the apk, that is, the application installation file. You will be surprised to know how searching for words like “whatsapp apk download”, you can very easily find the application without having to search too much. Of course, here you risk getting a virus, since it does not have the support of the Google Play Store or its analysis of malicious applications, so be careful with what you download.
    2. Aptoide:
      Aptoide is the most famous app black market, allowing you to download tons of apps for free. In addition, Aptoide includes its own update manager, which is also ahead of Google Play, since it brings, among other things, updates to Beta and RC versions that have not yet been included in the Google Play Store. To download the Aptoide apk, do it from its official website, where you can do it easily.
    3. Others:
      Although we have only mentioned Aptoide, there are actually many more application managers that we can install on our Android device. Some are better than others, however, they all offer a good alternative to downloading applications from the Google Play Store, more than fulfilling the objective of this article and thus being able to download and install applications in a simple, fast and efficient way.
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