Games Subway Surfers for Android – How to Download and...

Subway Surfers for Android – How to Download and Tips


One of the great games that exist for Android and one of the most downloaded arcade games in recent times is the Subway Surfers game, an arcade platform game that is fast, addictive and easy to play.

This game consists of managing a protagonist, who is dedicated to painting graffiti on the street. In the game, the protagonist is caught “red-handed” by a police inspector. Because of the inspector, the protagonist will have to quickly flee through the streets of the city, trying not to be hunted down by the inspector and his police dog.

This game is a very fast game; in which we will have to move our fingers to avoid obstacles. For example, if we move our finger down we can go under an obstacle and if we move it up we will jump over it.

In addition to this, the game adds a coin system, which must be collected by the protagonist as he goes through the level. This makes the game a fairly complete game, in which we will not only have to try to flee from the police, but also try to get the largest number of coins throughout the game.

Once we have a lot of coins, we can use them to buy things for our character, which we can use to raffle other more advanced levels, such as a flying board as the most spectacular element.

In addition, this Subway Surfers game is not one of those games that ask for millions of minimum requirements to work, since it works practically on any mobile phone, be it an old phone or a new phone, something that many users with phones from 2 or 3 years ago they will thank you very much.

Today I will teach you about how you can download and install this game on your mobile, so that you can have a great time running away from the police and dodging all the obstacles in the game.

Instructions for Subway Surfers for Android – Download and Tips

  1. Download the game:
    The first thing we must do to make the Subway Surfers video game work is to make the appropriate download and installation of the same game on our Android mobile phone. The game, being a game from the year 2012, will ask for very few requirements, therefore, it can be downloaded by practically anyone, regardless of their mobile phone. In order to download the game correctly, we are going to enter the Google Play Store and search for the words Subway Surfers within it. This will allow us to find this game very easily, being able to download and install it on our Android device quickly and in a simple and virus-free way. For Android 2.2 phones or very old phones, it could be that the Google Play option is not available, since when updating Google Play, practically all the memory of the mobile would be occupied and it will not allow you to download anything. In these cases, what you have to do is activate the unknown origins in the security option, go to the internet browser, look for the words Subway Surfers APK within it and finally proceed to download the application. Once it has been downloaded, we go to the downloads option on our phone and open it, clicking on the install button so that it is completely installed on our phone.
  2. Game mechanics:
    Once we have installed it, we must take a look at how the game mechanics are, so that we can play the right way, since it is much easier to get the hang of a game if you know how to play it than if you know. We have a three-dimensional platform game and we will simply have to use our fingers to be able to move correctly around the track. We must slide our fingers in the direction we want, for example to move to the left, we are going to move our finger to the left (the character is running and does not stop). We also have the option of being able to do it to the right and finally we have the option of being able to jump over obstacles and go under them, options that we will activate by sliding our fingers up and down respectively. When we manage to pass the track, we will go on to the next one, with increasing difficulty each time we advance, something common in this type of game. If the inspector or the dog catches you, the game will be over and you will have to start the corresponding level again.
  3. Boosts: Boosts are one of the best concepts this game has. A booster is an extra item that is given to you in the game in exchange for coins, which will help you complete the level, since it gives you many advantages yes Here we have many enhancers, such as a flying board that will allow you to jump over obstacles, a score multiplier that will allow you to achieve higher scores, a kind of jumping shoes with which you will substantially improve the jump over obstacles. We will also have magnets that attract the coins towards you, something that will allow us to collect more coins without having to change trajectory all the time. We can also customize our character with ornamental objects, such as a rapper cap, new clothes or even an old boom box.
  4. World Tour:
    Since 2013, all the updates that come out for this game come out in World Tour format, in which every time a new version of it comes out, the city is changed in which graffiti is painted. This slightly changes the scenery of the city, the clothes of the character and the aesthetics of the policeman and his dog. This is undoubtedly a good idea, since it allows you to see a completely different decoration each time, something that will make the game a little more enjoyable for the player, since it is always more pleasant to have variety in the game than to always see the same decoration, the same paint and the same aesthetics in the character. Its decoration usually changes more or less every month, so that the user has time to fully enjoy the corresponding aesthetics in that specific scenario, changing to a different one with each update.
  5. Play on other platforms:
    We can also play Subway Surfers on other platforms, such as Android and Windows Phone, being one of the star multiplatform games. Here we have focused on the Android version, however, it does not change much between the Android version and the rest of the platforms, being essentially the same game. To download it on the other two platforms, you must go to their application market and download them to your device and then install them. Remember that on both Windows Phone and iPhone, it is not possible to install applications without going through the Market unless you have modified the phone with a hacking system such as Jailbreak (with its consequent loss of warranty), something that many users find It may be a problem for them, however, in most cases the applications are in the original market of both platforms.
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