Software DU Speed ​​Booster for Android: How to Download and...

DU Speed ​​Booster for Android: How to Download and Tips


One of the biggest concerns of all Android phone users is the acceleration of the operating system, since the abundant number of applications, games and others can end up slowing it down. For this reason, Du Speed ​​Booster should be one of the essential applications for your mobile phone.

Du Speed ​​Booster is an app from the creators of Du Battery Saver, a battery saver app that is one of the most downloaded apps in the entire Play Store. However, on this occasion, its creators have not focused on saving battery power.

Information of DU Speed ​​Booster & Optimizer



Current version

Varies by device


Varies by device


100,000,000 – 500,000,000

Android required

Varies by device



Facility Name


What they have focused on, as their name suggests, is speeding up the performance of your Android phone, eliminating applications that are in the background, taking up Ram memory, and also eliminating junk files that are taking up space on your mobile phone.

The result is a huge speedup in the operation of the operating system, since all those background applications and all those junk files can affect the performance of Android much more than you think.

This application simply speeds up the phone by a fairly high percentage, making it one of the best Android applications that performs this function, along with others like Clean Master.

In addition, it is completely free, it does not take up too much space and you can have it on your mobile in a matter of minutes. It is also compatible with a wide range of terminals, whether new or old. In this way, you have no excuse not to download this application.

If you download it, you will not only be able to enjoy better performance, but you will also have a powerful application, which will allow you to keep your old phone working perfectly or your new phone always up to date, making the most of its performance.

However, you may not know anything about Du Speed ​​Booster, you may not know how to use the application properly, and you may never have used anything like it. You have nothing to worry about, because we are going to make sure that you learn it. You just have to read the instructions that we will put below.

Download Instructions and Tips

  1. Download the application:
    The first thing we have to learn to be able to use this application as it deserves is to download the application for our Android phone. As we have said before, this application is completely free and you should not have any problem downloading it from the Play Store. However, we understand that not all users have the same level and for whatever reason, you may have never downloaded an application, so we will show you. If you already know how to download applications from the Play Store, you shouldn’t leave either, since we’ll teach you how to download from unofficial sources as well, something that is done in case the official source has a bug.

    1. From its official source:
      The official source is the Play Store, since it is the safest way and the default way to not only download Du Speed ​​Booster, but any Android application. To do so, we must have our Google account properly configured, something that is not very complicated because they usually ask for it as soon as we turn on the phone. Once you have created or configured your Google account, we just have to open the Play Store, search for “Du Speed ​​Booster” in the Play Store search engine, select the first result and click on download, it is that simple. By doing this, the phone will automatically update the application in case of a new update, as long as you have enough space.
    2. From uptodown:
      This website has a lot of software and is one of my favorites, so I always recommend it as the main alternative source to download all kinds of files, obviously including Android applications. Up to Down has a search engine, in which we have to put “Du Speed ​​Booster” to download our application. Once we have done it, we are going to see how the results of the latest version come out, clicking inside the first result. Once we are inside, we can see how there is an option to download the apk file to our phone. When we have downloaded it, we will have to activate the unknown sources to be able to install it, if it is the first time that we install an apk file externally.
    3. From aptoide:
      Aptoide is an application market for Android that is a bit peculiar, since it has some key differences with respect to the official Google Play Aptoide is not official, it allows you to obtain applications of all kinds and allows you to update even to Beta versions that are still they haven’t come out All we have to do is go to the Aptoide website, download the apk, install it and then open the application. Here we will have to search for “Du Speed ​​Booster” in the Aptoide repositories, always trying to find the latest version. Once we have found it, we will be able to install this version without any problem. Of course, do not forget to add the repository to the list, since this way you will have the right to the latest updates.
    4. From other places:
      In addition to Aptoide and Up To Down, we have a thousand ways to install Du Speed ​​Booster on our phone. We just have to download the apk file and install it, it’s that easy. However, you have to make sure that the application is from reliable sources, since there are hundreds of malicious apks that have viruses. To be on the safe side, download the file from reliable and secure sites you know, never from weird sites.
  2. Speed ​​up phone:
    Now that we’ve downloaded and installed Du Speed ​​Booster, it’s time to start using its features to get the most out of our Android phone. The first function is the most used and the best known, since it is practically what gives the application its name and what makes it more powerful. In this case, Du Speed ​​Booster is capable of speeding up the phone in a very simple way. The only thing it does is close all the applications that are in the background. These applications occupy data, ram memory and for this reason, they slow down the phone and make it not work as it should. When you click on speed up (it creates a shortcut and everything to make it faster), these applications will close, freeing up all the ram possible and making the phone go much faster than before.
  3. Clean Junk Files:
    Junk files are those obnoxious files that pile upon your phone, taking up much-needed space. These files are usually cache files and application remnants, which are no longer useful for anything, but only to occupy sites. With a single click, this application is capable of cleaning all those junk files. In addition, it allows you to select only what you want to delete, that is, if you only want to clear the cache and keep the obsolete apk files, you can do it. This way, the app won’t accidentally delete anything you don’t want it to delete, thus allowing you the freedom to choose the deletion options you want.
  4. Root access for more power:
    A root access is simply to modify the phone so that your user is a super user, that is, that he has access to all the applications of the mobile phone. Root access is blocked by default on Android for security reasons, but with apps like framaroot, kingroot, and the super su permission manager, you can change your phone’s permissions. Having root helps, among other things, to make Du Speed ​​Booster more powerful, since it is now capable of deleting hidden files that were previously protected, it is now capable of closing pre-installed applications on the system that consume memory, and it can even help you uninstall these applications, thus making the mobile go much faster. This root access also allows you to unlock an interesting function, which consists of preventing the execution of these applications in the background and thus you will never have memory problems.
  5. Alternatives:
    Just like almost all Android apps, there are alternatives to Du Speed ​​Booster. The rich market that the Play Store offers us allows us to have hundreds of applications that do the same thing. For me Du Speed ​​Booster is one of the best, but I also like Clean Master, an application with similar functions and whose creators have other applications such as antivirus, battery saver, secure internet browser… What’s more, you may not even need Du Speed ​​Booster. In modern phones, these kinds of functions are already pre-installed in the operating system, as for example in my Asus Zenfone 2. This is because they are so demanded functions that manufacturers have had no choice but to add them to satisfy customer needs. When in doubt about which is the best accelerator, you can enter the Play Store and read all the comments of the people. Here you will be able to see both the positive and the negative, something that will help you decide which application is the best without having to install both. If, on the other hand, you have a latest generation mobile, in principle you would not need it, although you may be missing some function that Du Speed ​​Booster can provide you. As always, the final decision is yours.
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