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Games How to Get Pokemon Go Coins

How to Get Pokemon Go Coins


Without a doubt, one of the great games that we have had this year has been the famous game of Pokémon Go, a game that has given a lot to talk about and that has had literally millions of downloads.

Such has been the popularity of this game, that it has surpassed internet searches for things as popular as pornography, something that certainly seemed unthinkable recently. We have also seen many people who have never played this pokemon game do it, as the concept is innovative.

The concept of pokemon go has to do with the fact that you are a pokemon trainer in the real world, that is, that we are going to move around our city in search of pokemons to capture. In addition to that, this game has other elements such as pokestops or pokemon gyms.

This makes it an innovative concept and a mass phenomenon, since who has not dreamed of emulating ash and the rest of the pokemon trainers in the series and traveling throughout the region to search for all kinds of digital animals.

Although the pokemon go game is totally free, the company that develops it wanted to take advantage of it. Apart from advertising funding, we are going to have so-called pokemon coins, with which you can buy items like candies and pokeballs.

These coins can be easily bought with so-called micropayments, that is, for a modest amount of money, you will be able to buy coins from this game, with which you will in turn pay for objects in the game.

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The good news is that we do not have to pay money to enjoy this great game, since there are other ways in which we can get these precious coins without having to pay real money, since not everyone is willing to power money out of your pocket.

Today we are going to explain all the ways we have to get these coins in the Pokemon Go game. In this way, you will be much closer to achieving your goal of being the best pokemon go trainer in the world.

Instructions to get Pokémon Go coins

  1. The pokestops:
    One of the most important elements in the game of pokemon go are the pokestops, which you must use to advance in this game. Pokéstops are meeting places in the game of pokemon go, places where pokemon trainers can hang out and randomly get various items. These stops are free and regenerate every 5 minutes, that is, you can go through them every 5 minutes without any problem or limitation. Among the objects that are given to us, we have the famous pokemon coins, which are the most precious asset, but also the scarcest. In this way, one out of every hundred times we will get a coin of this type, however, there is no problem, since if we go through many pokestops throughout the day, we can go through 100 pokestops every approximately 10 days. Also keep in mind that when giving you items, you will not need the coins as much, since if they give you items that you can buy with the coins,
  2. Pokemon gyms:
    One of the best methods we have to get coins in this game are the famous pokemon gyms, a meeting place where you have to beat the gym leader to continue advancing. A pokemon gym is established by a team leader, which as you know can be one of the three colors red, yellow and blue that we can choose at the beginning of the game. This means that we can only fight for gyms that are different colors than our team. A gym leader is awarded 10 free coins per day, which they give you if you hold on, in addition to other advantages such as level increases. That yes, we must warn you that it is not so easy to be a gym leader, since they have a high level and it is very difficult to beat high level pokemon. For this reason, before you can have a gym, you will have to put many hours into this game, having to walk a lot through the stops,
  3. Pay:
    Finally we have the option to pay for the game coins, that is, pay to get a pack of coins in the game and use them to get the game objects. This method is not the favorite of many people, that is, nobody likes having to spend money out of their pocket to advance in a free video game, however, it is a good way to advance if you are a little patient person. Micropayments undoubtedly give a great advantage to people who have money to pay, providing them with things that are very difficult to obtain if you do not have money. In this case, if we pay, for example, 10 euros, it will give us a large number of coins without having to wait so long, something that not everyone likes. As usual, we do not have to pay a fixed amount, but we can choose between different coin packages according to our money and needs. We have from basic packages of coins for very little money, to very large packages for a lot of money, but that will allow you to go far with little effort. Whatever it is, you only have two options, either you pay, or you work hard in the game to advance.
  4. The future:
    Although this game has already reached a fairly large peak of popularity, it certainly has a long way to go, since I honestly believe that it is only the beginning and that many more updates will be released. Right now there are only three ways to get coins, that is, buy coins, play in the pokestops and have a gym as a gym leader. However, in the new updates, new ways to get Pokémon’s will surely be added. One of the most rumored examples are the famous pokemon battles, in which we will be able to fight against other trainers and bet our coins against them. This is going to be very similar to the Gameboy video game, in which we had to win fights with people, receiving small amounts of money to do things and buy items to advance in the game. However, if we lose, they take away a little of money that the other trainer kept, apart from respawning in the pokemon center. At the moment this is just speculation, so really the only thing we can do is wait to see if the updates are better than what is available to date and improve the user experience.
  5. Usefulness of coins:
    If you don’t know this game well, you may be wondering what the usefulness of coins really is and you may also be wondering why it is such a highly valued item if it is just a simple virtual currency of a game. The reason is that with the coins we can buy the game objects at will, objects like candies to level up, mysterious eggs with which you can get special pokémons and finally pokeballs with which you can capture pokemons on the street. They really serve for that and for this reason, people who have this type of coins, will always be able to have objects in large quantities, without having to worry about going to the pokestops to recharge or going around making too much effort. In addition, the more coins you have, the more coins you can get, because if you have coins, for example, you can buy candies to level up your pokemon and use them to win a gym and get coins every day. In this way, it is a kind of investment to have coins.
  6. Is it worth paying for them?:
    As in many of these free games, we are always asking ourselves the question of whether it is really worth paying for a paid service. Or if it is not necessary and we can settle for free. Here the answer is yes or no, depending on the time and the desire you have. If you have time to play pokemon go, to walk, to go around the stops and collect enough items and coins on your own, the answer is no, since you will pay for something that you will end up getting for free. However, if you don’t have time to go to the stops or to hunt pokémons, but you want to advance quickly, the answer is that it is worth paying, since with paying a large package of coins, you will already be at the height of people who do have time to dedicate to the game. With this it is shown that most games of this type are similar, since you can really get most of the objectives for free if you have enough time, however, you can also advance much faster if you have money. Choosing one of the two paths will depend on you, that is, on your economic capacity, your desire to play and if you intend to do something great in this game or if you just want a hobby.
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