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Games Candy Crush Soda Saga: How to Download and Tips

Candy Crush Soda Saga: How to Download and Tips


Undoubtedly, one of the best games for Android has been the game Candy Crush Soda Saga, a game from the Candy Crush franchise that comes with the aim of making us have a good time again, just like the games of the saga before this.

In this game, we are going to have a lot more fun than usual, since the levels we had before have been greatly increased, making a total of 75 levels of pure fun, some levels in which we are going to have a great time collecting bricks of colors.

The game as usual consists of joining different colors in a row, being able to only move one block in each move. If you join three or more blocks of one color, you will be able to eliminate these blocks and therefore, achieve the goal of getting some points to win in this game. Without a doubt, this game is very simple, but it is very fun at the same time. Anyone can have a great time playing this, but also everyone can play it, since its mechanics are very simple.

However, with this I do not mean that the difficulty of the game is easy, since although the game has a very easy mechanics, we will not have any facility to pass the last levels. Although the first levels are very simple, the last ones get a little more complicated each time, until reaching a level of difficulty that is simply frantic and difficult to complete.

The game this time has the theme of jellies, which of course are each one of a color, but with a thematic representation that will make us have a great time while we imagine that we are eating all these jellies. As usual, you will have to join them and get the highest number of points or complete the game with the best number of moves possible.

Candy Crush Soda saga is suitable for all audiences and like all King brand games, they are official Google Play games, therefore, we will find them available on the platform to download and install, without there being any problem for all this.

Candy Crush Soda is fun, it’s addictive and everyone can play it, so without a doubt it’s the perfect game for everyone and the game that will mark a before and after or rather, that has already marked it before. However, despite being such a good game, the minimum requirements to play it are very, very low, and you can even play it on very old mobile phones, so you won’t have any excuse to be able to play it without any problem.

If you have never played it, know that nothing happens, since better late than never. If you don’t even know how to download it, don’t worry, since you’re definitely in the right place and all you have to do is read on.

Download Instructions and Tips

  1. Download the game:
    As usual, the first thing we are going to explain is to download the game, since it is the only way we have to be able to install it on our Android phone. We all know the usual way to download, since it is the famous Google Play Store, which is Google’s official application repository, which comes with automatic updates and endless security measures. However, there are times when we will not be able to use the famous Google Play and we will have to use other systems. For example, we are going to have to use other ways to install applications, since Google Play has also been damaged and our mobile is old and having Google Play updated is spending too much space on our disk. For this reason, we are going to see all the ways to be able to install and download it on our Android phone, since it may be that the Google Play way fails us.

    1. Google Play: Although Google Play does not always work, it is the default option and the option that we will always use in case it works correctly. The reason why we are going to use it is simple. Google Play Store is very safe and Google Play is able to offer us all the applications without any problem, just one click away, without viruses and without any of that. We all know how to use it, since we only have to enter the application and use the search engine to search for the candy crush soda saga. Once we have it searched, we will click on download and we will have it downloaded and ready to use it correctly.
    2. Others: There are other ways to download applications apart from the Google Play Store, which we must always know in order to use them if necessary. One of them is the Up to Down website, which I always use to download and install all kinds of applications to my mobile phone. Here we will have to access the web and search for the application in the search engine, to then download the apk file. Once we have it, we must activate the unknown origins in settings and security and after that, install the apk in the normal way. This form will help us to install the application without using Google Play. There are also other methods, such as Aptoide, a kind of alternative market to Google Play, but which also has banned applications from it.
  2. Play the game:
    To play Candy Crush soda saga we are going to do it in the same way as with the regular candy crush, that is, we are going to open it and we are going to start playing the levels that have marked us. What we have to do is collect all the blocks and finish the game the right way. As in the previous game, we will have a limited number of moves to complete the game and reach the required points. Once we complete this level, we are going to move on to the next one and we will be able to continue having fun with the Candy Crush Soda saga game. The mini-games are played alone as always happens in this franchise and they are mini-games that although at first are very easy, but then they begin to increase the difficulty a little more each time, that is to say, they have ascending difficulty and with a quite difficult curve. standard that goes up as you improve.
  3. Tips to win:
    Although the mechanics of the game is very easy, you have to know that it gets harder as we said before. The tips to win do not have much mystery either, but they can help you not run out of moves and earn more and more points and help you complete the game completely, without any problem to complete it correctly. First of all, be patient, that is, look at the entire screen well, unless you have a time limit to do so. If you don’t have it, take the time you need and plan your move well. The second is to anticipate, as chess players do. By this I mean that you should plan not only the move now, but the next two or three if possible. Afterwards, use all the bonuses you can and use them in the correct way. Also, keep in mind that joining 4 or 5 rows gives you more points than joining three, so don’t go to join three first, make the other rows dislodge and lose points.
  4. Alternatives:
    This game is one of the best to play and have a great time, however, it is far from the only game with these characteristics. First of all, we have the original Candy Crush, which has different levels and can be useful to you. The rest of the games in the King franchise can help you get fun similar to this game., but with different themes, since Candy Crush was so popular that the brand began to release games with these characteristics very often, since they knew they were going to be successful. If we talk about simple finger moving games, you may like the classic tetris, which is a game that you will love, even if it is old, since it is capable of hooking everyone and capable of being one of the best games in the world. world for generations, something that is difficult to achieve. We also have other games of this type, just take a look at the Google Play Store to see how many similar games there are. For example, some time ago there was a game similar to Candy Crush, but you had to get points instead of completing the stage with just a few moves. Find your favorite game, download it and have a great time.
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