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Apps Bike Racing 3D: How to Download and Tips

Bike Racing 3D: How to Download and Tips


Are you a fan of motorcycles, stunts and video games? If so, this article will interest you, because we will talk about an excellent game full of adrenaline and spectacular 3D graphics, where you will test your talent and the skills you have with your Android, becoming a great fan of the tracks and the obstacles of “Bike Racing 3D”. If you like racing games, don’t miss this one.

What is it about

It is not only a competition, it is a game that measures your skills and knowledge on two wheels, in a fun, unique and challenging way; with excellent graphics and increasing challenges as you pass the level to reach the best position on the podium; yes, you must get the best score and time to beat your opponents, in addition, you will want to improve your own records every time; In this way you will be the best.

This great game will allow you to show each of your skills throughout 60 races, and although it is not so easy to control at first, it is precisely this that will make you stay in it for hours until you reach your goal.

And if you really are an accomplished racer of the tracks, what better way than to show your experience, knowledge and craziest desires in each of the levels of “Bike Racing 3D”, or if on the contrary until now you are an amateur and want to learn a lot more about the world of Moto Cross, this is the perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild and capture through a touch screen in an entertaining way all those stunts that you would like to do one day.

What do you need to Download and Tips?

  • Its design has unique images in 3D reality
  • It has a wide variety of tracks
  • Enjoy increasingly challenging Obstacles
  • Use your thumbs to control the motorcycle and the motorcyclist
  • You can choose between 5 motorcycles to participate
  • It has an easy method of control
  • You can perform increasingly difficult stunts
  • To download it, your Android must be equal to or higher than 2.1
  • Its Size is 14.4MB
  • Your license is free
  • Download easily and quickly in your App Store – Google play

On the other hand, you should know that with each level, the difficulty is increasing and with it the obstacles, since in addition to finding circuits with conventional tracks, you will be able to compete in places with ramps, bridges, buildings, obstacles, blocks of steel, etc., that is why you must make sure to collect as many coins as possible, since these can be used to make changes and perfect your motorcycle, as well as achieving an excellent score, new options and elements will open up that will make your motorcycle the best and most competitive of all the valid ones.

Download Instructions and Tips

You like challenges?

  1. In addition to perfecting your motorcycle and making the best spare parts, you can buy another motorcycle, and if that is not enough, another one, until completing 5 of them; but remember, it is useless to have them all, if you do not give them the power they need, or customize them just your way, with paint, tires, spare parts, accessories and everything that complements it, so that everything you do in the video game, it resembles reality so much that you won’t want to take your Android apart for a single second, so we hope you won’t have any problems with your partner, but even so, it will be worth it.
  2. The first levels take place in seemingly abandoned loading docks, with realistic landscapes and environments typical of these places, which require a little dexterity, but you will begin to raise the adrenaline in level 9, since its obstacles become increasingly difficult. more difficult, with burning barrels, 360 degree ramps, very narrow walkways, and countless obstacles that were created for you to develop all your abilities in a single game, which in addition to being complete,
  3. Search through the screens, recreate experiences almost as real, as if you were performing stunts on your own in your own scenarios, as much as those you know or have visited.
  4. Did we mention that there are tunnels? That’s right, but not conventional tunnels, but rather pipes of more than 10 meters in diameter, in which you will also have to maneuver your motorcycle with great skill to be able to reach each Check Point on time, because as you should know, the longer you delay in pass, it will be difficult for you to finish the race, not to mention that you will lose ranking points, causing you to very possibly lower your level or not be able to finish, having to start over again, which if you are one of those who always seeks to be the best In everything, it can be a bit frustrating or, on the contrary, awaken that innate desire to win at all costs.
  5. That is why we advise you to prevent this from happening, help yourself a little with the guide that you will find at the top of your screen, right in the center, where you will see a progress line, with some points and signs that will indicate key places, either so that you speed up your pace or so that you do not overlook them and you can improve your performance 100%.
  6. Remember that if you fall off the bike, you will automatically turn a little on the track, and even if your driver is safe and sound, time will not be your friend and you will have real problems, as if you do not manage to reach some obstacles, to which In general, you must arrive with big jumps and these shorten distances, as shortcuts or path reducers, because by not reaching your objective, you will fall and you will be in a point that will not favor you, making you have to accelerate your march and concentrate a little more.
  7. Every time you complete a level, you will have the summary of your results in competition, durability of your vehicle, how many coins you collected, the level of nitro used and remaining according to your availability, score for completing the level played and a Bonus for each race, which will be added together with your travel and arrival time, will give you a final score that will go directly to your personal record, to position you in the general competition with respect to your rivals.
  8. As you can see, Bike Racing 3Dis a fairly complete game and surely you won’t get tired of playing it, you won’t be able to stop until you complete all the levels, collect and improve all the available bikes and, needless to say, get the highest scores by being the only one king of stunts on two wheels.

How to download it?

  1. To do this you must enter your App Store – Google play and select the Games tab or directly place Bike Racing 3D in the search engine, which will surely appear even before you finish placing your name there, or you can also leave Bicycle Racing 3D – B by Words Mobile who offer you this great game.
  2. Then you press INSTALL, accept the requirements of the application to be able to access some functions of your phone and that’s it, the download will begin (easy, fast and safe). Remember that this may take a few seconds or maybe a couple of minutes, but the wait will be worth it, since once installed on your Android, you can start enjoying this spectacular game.

Tips for Downloading and Tips

  • Remember that to install games your Android must have a certain capacity.
  • If you are new to the game, please refer to the help manual so as not to lose points or get frustrated during the game.
  • If you like motorcycles, this game is a must for you.
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