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Apps Skype for Android – How to Download and Tips

Skype for Android – How to Download and Tips


If we want to call people like our friends or family, I can’t think of a better way to do it than from the famous Skype application, an application owned by Microsoft that has been making life easier for millions of people for years thanks to its free calls.

Specifically, Skype is an application whose functionality is to make calls using voip technology, that is, calling through the Internet line and not through the telephone line.

This application is also one of those applications that not only allows you to call other people, but will also allow you other functions, such as chatting with these people in a very simple way, from your mobile phone or from your computer.

Skype is really one of those applications that serve as a replacement for Windows Live Messenger, which was until a few years ago the best instant messaging client in the world, but now it is no longer used.

Microsoft when they acquired Skype decided to integrate it directly here, so that anyone could do both directly from one place.

How could it be otherwise, Skype is not only available on the computer, but we also have it available on other platforms such as Android, in which Skype has an application that works quite well.

Thanks to this application, we will be able to make calls using the Internet, something that will help you save a lot of money on calls and something that will undoubtedly allow you to communicate better with the people you care about.

We will also be able to have a fully functional chat; in which we will also be able to send attached files to other people who are within it. We can finally do multiple chats and other advanced features that are not available in other Chat applications.

In conclusion, if you want to save money on calls, save money on text messages and have a communicative application that serves you both to call people you care about and to carry out work tasks, this application is yours.

If you want to learn how you can download Skype on your Android operating system in a simple way, you are in the right place, since we are going to show you how you can download this application in several possible ways. In addition, we are going to teach you the best advice that we can give you in order to make the most of all the potential that it offers us.

Instructions for Skype for Android – Download and Tips

  1. Download the application:
    The first thing to do when starting to use the Skype application is to download the application, which is officially available in the official Google download repository, that is, in the famous Google Play Store. The Google Play Store is Google’s official download manager, in this way, we will always have to download Skype by this method whenever possible, since being the official Google manager, it is also the safest way we have of download this application on our mobile phone. The way to download this application is easy, since we are only going to have to enter the Play Store on our Android mobile and then click on the section that says search, to type the word Skype and download the application which will be downloaded automatically. automatically on our mobile phone as usual.
  2. Create account:
    Microsoft requires you to have an account in a service of the brand to be able to use Skype. This company has decided to merge all its products into one, so if you have a Hotmail or Outlook email, you will be able to log in directly here, without having any compatibility problems or any of those things. You can also create a Skype account, which will have a nickname and does not have to be associated with a Hotmail account, however, it is advisable to create a Hotmail account for skype to be able to have everything in one place and thus not having to remember credentials. Once you have the account created or know what your Microsoft email is, you will be able to enter Skype, logging in and directly opening the application with all its functions.
  3. Add contacts and chat:
    The main function for which Skype is famous with voip permission is to add contacts and chat with them. Skype allows you to communicate with everyone who has an account with a service such as Skype, Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Hotmail, that is, something related to Microsoft with which we can sign in to Skype. In the search for contacts section, we will be able to search for the people we want by the method we want, or by phone number, or by skype nickname or by email, the way you prefer. This application also synchronizes the contacts that you have on your mobile or in your email account and that have Skype, with whom you can easily chat by clicking on them. Once you click on them, you will get an option to send them a message, something that is very easy and similar to the chat functionality of other popular instant messaging applications.
  4. Voip calls: VoIP or voice ip technology is a technology that will allow you to make calls through the Internet, instead of through the classic telephone lines that we all know. This method is increasingly used by everyone, since it allows you to contact someone who has Skype in a matter of minutes and without paying anything. To make an ip voice call, we are going to click on a contact that has skype and we are going to click on the telephone icon, which means to call that person. When you do, the other person will receive a notice that they have a call, which they can accept or not. Of course, some mobile operators do not support vo ip, that is, we will not be able to use mobile data in this way. In these cases you must use your wi-fi connection for this task, which always allows voip.
  5. Normal calls and purchase of credits:
    In addition to voip calls, Skype also includes a kind of standard call service, that is, we will also be able to call standard telephone numbers that use the normal and current telephone line. We can do this thanks to skype credits, which are a kind of currency in the application that we are going to exchange for valuable minutes of calls with our loved ones. The credits are very well priced and are ideal for international calls, since it is much cheaper to call this way than to call the usual way, that is, for an expensive international conference. In addition, Microsoft has from time to time certain promotions that are responsible for giving away credits of this type, so that you can call whoever you want for free, at no additional cost. Without a doubt, a great option that will help us a lot to save money, since if we make a simple calculation of the cost of international calls, Skype is worth much less money.
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