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Apps RepelisPlus for Android: How to Download and Tips

RepelisPlus for Android: How to Download and Tips


One of the most common leisure activities worldwide is watching movies. Although the world of cinema has been evolving and now, from home, we can enjoy a movie through applications that are usually paid. Today we give you the RepelisPlus option.

Why are we talking about the cinema? Because the application that we are going to talk to you about today is to watch movies on your Android device, be it mobile or tablet, without having to pay anything. The name is RepelisPlus and we will help you in the process of downloading and installing this app.

As this application is not found in the Google store or Google Play Store, you will have to install it from outside, yes, with the precaution of downloading it from a trusted site; That’s why we’ll explain the installation process step by step, because we don’t want you to have a scare or a bad experience.

But before starting the download and installation process, it’s better that you know what you’re going to need or, at least, confirm that you meet those minimum requirements to install RepelisPlus on your Android.

What do you need to Download and Tips?

Although it is not too much, sometimes we take for granted some things that are not such, thinking, for example, that developers must provide a version for each Android software, when it is not so.

That said, let’s proceed to see what you need:

  • As a basic pillar, a good Internet connection is necessary; but we also tell you that, if you want to download it from the street and use your mobile data, it will take a moment, it weighs only 1 MB and a little more!
  • According to the RepelisPlus developer group, compatibility may vary, in fact, there is no official and strict statement. According to the Uptodown website, the application requires at least 4.1 or 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean) software.
  • Regarding the smoothness of the application and, therefore, loading speed, it is important to take into account two factors: your Internet speed and hardware that supports video playback well, especially for a long time, as it can. be the case of a movie. Usually, in the specifications of your device it says the video card that it includes.

As you can see, what you need to install RepelisPlus is not complicated at all, the biggest problem comes when you “ask” the application and therefore your device, which can be very difficult and not play a certain movie well.

Now, in the next section we will see how to install the RepelisPlus application on your Android mobile device.

Download Instructions and Tips

How to download and install RepelisPlus on your Android device?

Although most applications can be installed in three different ways, RepelisPlus does not have that range of options, since it is not available in the Google store.

Therefore, we will have to resort to the installation method “outside” the Android system, that is, first obtain the file with the “. apk” extension and then proceed to install it.

The biggest problem with this method, as expected, is security; With this type of method, our Android becomes more vulnerable, but don’t think that by installing RepelisPlus you will get a virus on your mobile or tablet, nothing to see!

Starting from this series of premises and warnings, we can then see step by step how to install RepelisPlus on your Android device:

  1. Activate the “unknown sources” function on our device; to do this, you will have to follow the following path: settings-security.
  2. Once you’ve found it, make sure the switch is on, if it’s not, turn it on.
  3. Now we have to get the RepelisPlus apk file, so we will have to Google “RepelisPlus apk”.
  4. The first result that should appear is that of the developer’s website, which you can access, if you prefer, from the following link:
  5. The RepelisPlus website itself has a kind of “anti-drop system” for links, so it gives you three link options to download the apk file. Never forget to check that the file being downloaded has the extension “. apk” at the end.
  6. On the other hand, we will also leave you the link of the same application, but in the Uptodown store, since there are also previous versions available for download, which can be a solution against the non-compatibility or malfunction of the application in your device:
  7. You can access both pages from any of your devices. Our recommendation? That you do it from the device to which you will install the app, this because that way you save the next step.
  8. IF YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED THE APK FILE ON YOUR COMPUTER: You will have to find a way to transfer the apk file to your Android, you can do it through a micro SD card, connecting your mobile or tablet to the computer, send it by email to you yourself or even, if you are not wired, upload the file to a cloud, call it Google Drive or OneDrive, for example.
  9. Once the app is on your device, search for it. Some file managers do you a favor and on their main or home page, they make a summary with all your files classified according to their type, that is: Music (MP3, FLAC, etc.), Videos (MP4, AVI, etc.), Applications (APK’S).
  10. Once located, proceed to install it; As far as permissions are concerned, it doesn’t ask for many, in fact, if you’re observant, you’ll see that on the Uptodown website there are only 4 (some Sensitive Permissions and others Miscellaneous).
  11. Once all this is done, you can now proceed to search the RepelisPlus application launcher and enjoy free movies!

We remind you that the application is totally free, so under no circumstances pay for it, since the developer himself makes it clear that it is free. Beware of impersonations. In the next section, we will delve into certain tips to fully enjoy RepelisPlus on your Android.

Tips for Downloading and Tips

The first is that, during the installation, you disable any aggressive antivirus blocking function, if you have it. These features can hinder the installation and cause installation errors.

But one thing does not mean the other: immediately after installation, do a security checkup, if possible, exhaustively, to confirm that the application you installed is completely safe.

RepelisPlus is not a dangerous application, but a copy could be. In the event that the application is detected as dangerous, we recommend you try another antivirus, as there are some that “exaggerate” security, considering it insecure at first; you can also add it to exceptions.

A good hardware test is practically nonsense: open YouTube and watch a couple of videos, better if it is in the highest quality. Also try it in the browser; If all goes well in both cases, you can trust your device’s hardware to properly run a movie.

You also cannot miss out on the opportunity to see everything on the biggest screen in your house: if your tablet has an HDMI port, connect it to your TV and enjoy the movie; also if your mobile has a USB type C port, there are adapters of this type of connector to HDMI, with which you can also pass the image to your TV.

But they are not the only ways to see RepelisPlus on a TV either, there is the WLAN screen function or wireless screen (the name varies depending on the device), with which you can connect your mobile or tablet and your Smart TV, in fact, there are the so-called Miracast adapters for common televisions or the very Google Chromecast that allow you to see the screen of your mobile on the TV, connecting a device (if it does not include it) to it.

In order to activate this function, you must search your Android device, you must go to the settings section – screen or in the “more” section, generally represented by three dots. On your Smart TV you should look for the “INPUTS” entries on the TV and look for the one that says “Wireless display, WLAN or Miracast”.

The connection is made in a few seconds: you will have to mark “LISTEN” or “CONNECT”, it can vary depending on the device and then, the receiving device, that is, the TV, will start looking for a signal transmitter, which will be our mobile or tablet.

Most likely, it will ask you if you want the connection to be established, you must touch accept and that’s it! You will see your mobile on a TV. Remember that for this to work, both devices must be on the same Wi-Fi network, it is the only essential thing.

Another piece of advice we give you when using RepelisPlus is to make sure that your mobile is fully charged: you’ll get hooked! But don’t worry, you also have the option of doing it with an external battery, so you will never run out of battery.

Although the program is free, it is not a lie that we all know how much it costs and what it involves to generate quality content, above all, on a large scale, as it can be in the case of a movie.

With this we want to tell you that, if it is possible for you, support the projects that you like, for example, a certain film, even buying a DVD. RepelisPlus is a great tool to also publicize new content that we would most likely not choose when going to the movies, so it can also be a window for new producers and actors.

In short, we hope that this article has been to your liking, that you have found it useful and easy to understand and… Enjoy the movie!

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