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Games My Talking Tom for Android – How to Download...

My Talking Tom for Android – How to Download and Tips


If I had to choose just one pet simulation game for Android, I would definitely choose My Talking Tom, since from my point of view, it is one of the best games of this theme for this platform.

My Talking Tom is a peculiar game, in which we will have to take care of a kitten named Tom, whom we will accompany from when he is a baby until he is an adult. Within the game, we will have to do everything necessary to give Tom the care he needs, from feeding him to petting him.

This game is not the only one of its kind, since it is very reminiscent of other games with the same theme, such as POU, a game where we will have to do more or less the same thing but with an alien with a somewhat movie-like shape.

Between the two of them, I prefer My Talking Tom, since it is more pleasant to take care of an animal well known to all, such as the cat, than to take care of a kind of strange alien. In addition, My Talking Tom better recreates the care of the pet, it has better graphics and Tom the cat will speak, making us also see the cat from when he is a baby until he becomes an adult.

Although this game has good graphics, it is not a game that has too high minimum requirements, since we are going to be able to play it on almost any Android mobile phone because the requirements are not too demanding. In addition, this game will simulate pet care very well, preparing us in this way to properly care for a pet in real life.

In addition, we are going to have fun mini-games, which will allow you to alternate a bit between taking care of the cat and roasting it well by playing a quick game. This will allow you to have an even better time with this game and make caring for this pet much more enjoyable.

For this reason, this game has been one of the most downloaded on Android in recent years, since there are many people hooked on taking care of this little Tom cat. The causes are its addictiveness, its good theme and above all how adorable this little cat is, to which all of us who have played this game have taken a special affection.

If you haven’t played this game yet, you still have time to do it, because better late than never. Today we are going to teach you how to play this game, also showing you how you have to install it on your mobile phone and how you have to do to pass all the levels of this magnificent game.

Instructions for My Talking Tom for Android – Download and Tips

  1. Download the application:
    The first thing we are going to do is download the My Talking Tom application to our mobile phone, since it is an essential requirement to be able to play it on our Android phone. This application, as I said before, does not ask for too many minimum requirements, therefore, you will be able to install it on almost any mobile phone. In addition to that, it is an application that does not take up too much space, being able to put it in almost any phone, no matter how little free memory it has. We have decided to put two ways of downloading in case one fails, the official one through the Google Play Store and the alternative using the internet browser of your Android phone.

    1. Official way:
      First we will explain the official way, a way that consists of using the Google Play Store and downloading the application in the way that everyone knows. This is the safest and fastest way to do it, since in addition to the fact that the application will be installed automatically, we will also have made sure that it is free of computer viruses of any kind. That if, to be able to use this form, we will have to have Google Play Updated and a working Google account, something that happens in 90% of Android terminals.
    2. Alternative way:
      If, for whatever reason, Google Play does not work for us in the desired way, we still have another option, which is to install My Talking Tom through the internet, downloading the apk file and then installing it on our mobile phone thus. To do this, we will first activate the installation from unknown sources in security, since this option is usually blocked by default. Once we have activated it, we are going to search the internet for my talking tom apk, something that we can easily do thanks to the magic of the Google search engine. Once we have found and downloaded it from a reliable source, we will go to the downloads tab and install the application on our Android phone, thus having the application ready to be used normally.
  2. How to play:
    The way to play this game is very simple, since it works through a screen that is very easy to understand. In each level, we will have Tom the cat in a situation, which will affectionately ask us for something specific. Here at the beginning we will have some indications of what we will have to do, for example, if we want to feed Tom, we will have to press the kitchen button to bring something to the cat, if we want to go to the bathroom with Tom, we will have to press on the bathroom button and if we want to caress it, we must click on the same tom to do it. It really is a very simple game mechanic, which you will quickly understand, since it is a game designed for all ages and therefore easy to play and understand.
  3. Levels:
    The structure of this game goes by levels, which are divided according to the age of the cat. For example, in level 1 we will have a newborn cat, which will grow as the levels go by until it becomes an adult cat. In each level, the cat will ask you for something different, which you must fulfill in the indicated time to be able to go to the next level. As in most level games, the cat will ask you for more and more things and faster, something which is going to complicate the theme of the game a little more and more. The curious thing is to see how the cat grows, how his voice changes to a deeper one and how his needs change. The key is to think that he is a real cat, since it is the only way to take the game completely seriously and complete all the levels in the time and with the effectiveness that is required of you in it.
  4. Minigames:
    In My Talking Tom, there are certain minigames that will allow you, among other things, to get extra coins to use in the game and have an easier time. These minigames are very similar to the ones in the POU, but with Tom as the main character. The minigame where we will have to jump to get to a place, sonic style but with Tom, is very well known. In this minigame, we must move the screen to make Tom move. There is also a minigame that is a kind of clone of Candy Crush, the famous candy blasting game that we all know. If you complete these mini-games in time and with the expected goals, you will be given a reward, which you can use to buy things for Tom and to progress faster in the main game.
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