Apps TinyTunes for Android – How to Download and Tips

TinyTunes for Android – How to Download and Tips


One of the best applications that exist to download and listen to music for free on your Android phone is the TinyTunes application, since it is one of the applications that works best in this world.

TinyTunes is an application that will allow us to listen to streaming music totally free from our Android phone. Here we will be able to find almost all the music in the world in a single application, something that will delight the most music-loving people.

TinyTunes also allows us to download the songs directly to our Android phone, to be able to listen to them without having to have an internet connection. In this way, it unites the best of both worlds, since we will be able to listen to music over the internet without consuming memory and we will be able to download music to listen to it offline without consuming mobile data.

This application is very reminiscent of Spotify, a music application that is very similar to this, only in the latter you have to pay to be able to listen to music unlimitedly, without ads and with the possibility of downloading it. If you don’t pay for Spotify, you are entitled to a free version, but with few playback options, random music from the discs, a limited search engine, and advertising from time to time.

The biggest difference that exists with TinyTunes is that it is completely free and without any kind of limits, that is, if you have TinyTunes installed on your phone, the only thing you are going to depend on is the memory of your phone and your rate of data or Wi-Fi, never a paid service, since this application is free and always will be.

For this reason, it can be an ideal application for people who cannot or do not want to pay the Spotify premium, being able to have a perfect music application without having to pay anything at all. It is also compatible with most mobile phones, since it is not one of the applications that requires the most minimum requirements.

Today we will learn everything related to this application, that is, we will learn how to download it to our mobile, we will learn how we can install it and we will also learn how to use it correctly.

Instructions for TinyTunes for Android – Download and Tips

  1. Operation:
    The operation of this application is very simple, since it is very similar to that of other applications on the market such as spotify or itunes. What you have to do is enter the application and navigate through it, being able to search for songs by genre, by artist and obviously by the name of the song. When searching for the song, we will have it already available to listen to. We will also have the option to download the song in Mp3 format, to be able to listen to it offline as many times as we want, something ideal for people who do not have a good internet connection. We can also create playlists and favorite songs, in the same way as in spotify, something very useful if you are one of those who are going to use this application a lot, since you will be able to access all these songs much more easily. We will also be able to see a list of all the downloaded songs, with which we will also have the option to create playlists,
  2. Hitlists:
    TinyTunes has a very useful option, which is the option to consult certain hitlists such as iTunes Top 100 charts and other popular charts. This is useful to be able to be up to date with music, being able to find out instantly about all the hits of the moment without leaving the application. In addition, these lists are easy to find, since we will have them on the main screen of this application, easy to access for all users. I recommend this option for people who are up to date, who always need to listen to the latest songs or need it. For example, a music DJ needs to be up to date with the latest songs, therefore, these lists can come in handy to learn the songs and then put them at a party with them already learned.
  3. Recommendations:
    Before concluding, I will tell you that TinyTunes is an application that is not for  everyone, just like the rest of the streaming music applications.. First of all, streaming music playback is something that consumes a lot of mobile data, something that can be a chore for people who travel a lot and have a very small data rate. In these cases, I recommend a higher data rate, which allows you to play this content without interruptions and quickly, since it is totally impossible to do so when we have run out of data and have reduced speed. There is also the option to download the music, however, this option already exists in other applications or we can transfer the music from the computer. In addition, to be able to download a large amount of music, you will need a phone or SD card with a lot of free space, something essential to be able to play all the music on it easily and without later having memory problems.
  4. Alternatives:
    As in all applications, we have alternatives to TinyTunes to listen to music online and download it. There are really many applications of this type, even on Google Play, such as Sound Hound. This page manages to be on Google Play thanks to the fact that it does not violate any copyright law, since it takes the music from SoundCloud (I realized it when I found music from my SoundCloud profile from my days as a dj inside the application). Of course, these applications usually do not allow you to download music. To download music, the most popular are applications like tubemate, to download songs directly from YouTube. Also if you are willing to pay, you have the option of Spotify, which is really the best option as long as you have the premium service purchased.
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