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Utilites Andy Remote Control: How to Download and Tips

Andy Remote Control: How to Download and Tips


It seems that technology overwhelms us with each passing day, because every day there is a new invention that breaks what was thought impossible in times past. Just think about the ease with which you can play a Play 1 or Nintendo DS video game on our current “extremely advanced” smartphones, who would say, a microprocessor is as powerful as a Play from the past, how strong! If you are interested in topics such as Play Store downloads, then read this post because you will like it even more.

There are even ways to connect a Play 3 controller to play on the mobile, but we tell you all this because today’s topic is about that, about connections, more precisely wireless connections with a purpose, that of playing a video game; thanks to the Andy Remote Control app.

What do you need to Download and Tips?

Andy, first of all, is an Android emulator on PC, so Andy Remote Control is an application that will allow you to use your Android device as a PC controller, all through WIFI. This leads us to tell you that there are a few things that you will need to install Andy Remote Control, which we recommend that you read carefully:

  • This application works on both Windows computers and MAC computers, so make sure you have a stable internet connection and enough space to save the application, both on your Android (which must be 2.2 or higher) for Andy Remote Control and on your PC for Andy emulator.
  • Remember that, for the moment of configuration and use of the application, both your computer and your mobile must be on the same Wi-Fi network, otherwise it will not work.
    Although the installation is not as simple as other applications, Andy Remote Control is not complex either, so don’t despair.

Download Instructions and Tips

How do I download Andy Remote Control on my Android?

As we have always liked to explain things to you from the root, before explaining how to install Andy Remote Control on your Android, we will tell you how to install Andy’s emulator on your PC, be it MAC or Windows. See it with us!

Android emulator download on Windows or MAC computers:

  1. Search in your favorite search engine “Andy emulator” or “Android” or go to their website, or access the website from the link that we leave here
  2. Once inside the web, look for the downloads section in the upper bar, click there.
  3. Clicking on it will directly download the app (the page distinguishes between Windows and MAC).
  4. You only have to install and configure it, but that process is very simple, since it is well guided by the application developers.

Clever! You can enjoy all the magic of Android on your computer.

Despite the fact that in the past this process was more complex, emulators have managed to make multiple advances that have made it easier with each passing day to handle these applications that in their time were (almost) exclusive to those who knew about the subject.

Download Andy Remote Control on an Android:

  1. There are two ways to download this app on your Android; from the Google Play Store (easier and faster) or from outside (in that case, remember to have the function of unknown origins activated), but this is almost useless since the Play Store is available on all Android devices.
  2. Once downloaded and installed, find the app and open it.
  3. The interface stands out for being very simple: if the emulator is open on your PC and you have it connected to the same Wi-Fi network, it should appear; if that doesn’t happen, you can enter the IP address manually and connect to your PC that way.
  4. Connected your mobile or tablet to your PC, enjoy Andy Remote Control.
  5. We must tell you that, for a few versions here, Andy has started to have certain connection failures. Do not forget that it is an app in constant development and that it is implementing a function that, from our point of view, is as revolutionary as it is fantastic. So a little bit of patience is not a bad thing with this application. Of course, do not think that everything that is said about Andy is bad, there are also those who are delighted with this application and play almost or every day on their computer using their mobile as a command, which is much more comfortable than the keyboard of your laptop, which also means that you are not necessarily close to the computer, being able to connect it to a larger screen.

Tips for Downloading and Tips

As we already mentioned a little above, with Andy Remote Control a range of possibilities is displayed that will allow you to better enjoy the experience of playing video games on your computer. Think nothing more than, apart from downloading the typical Android games in the emulator, put a Play 1 or Nintendo DS emulator in it, it would be great.

Add to this that, not having to sit in front of the computer or laptop, learning key combinations, which are quite cumbersome on multiple occasions; With Andy Remote Control you can relax and take advantage of being further away from the screen and at the same time in a more comfortable position.

Also, if for the same reason of proximity to the screen, especially on a laptop, you could not connect it to a TV to be able to see the game in large, think that with Andy Remote Control if you are going to be able to do it, since your mobile will be one more command of the PC.

Another piece of advice is that you do not open other processes, either on your computer or on your mobile, remember that this application will need your processor to “be in order” and to respond quickly and efficiently.

The same applies to your Wi-Fi, do not move away from it, because if you notice jumps or obstacles in the mobile-computer connection, the cause of this failure may be you, who are not being careful and are leaving aside the preventions and recommendations given to you by the developers of Andy Remote Control.

A solution to this problem could be that you get a signal replicator that can prevent “slumps” in the internet and that they spoil you from the FIFA game, through the GTA mission or in short, the combat that you are taking place in the Clash of Clans.

Just as we have told you that it is excellent to have the freedom that you can control the computer from a certain distance, try to avoid that the two devices are too far apart; It is not that you cannot move in your room, but rather that you do not take it to another place far from your apartment or house.

In short, we want you to be able to enjoy Andy Remote Control, a very useful tool that is, without a doubt, a great advance towards the future of video games and connections between devices; Likewise, we hope that you liked our article and that it was useful.

FindAndroid Staff
FindAndroid is a blog about Android, Applications, Accessories, Tips, Tutorials, News, Rumors, Cheats, Games, and more… At FindAndroid you can find out everything about the analysis and opinions of the Android Products.


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