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Tips & Tricks OLX for Android: How to Download and Tips

OLX for Android: How to Download and Tips


If you want to be one of those who sell their things online, something that is very fashionable lately, you are in luck, because with the new OLX application you will be able to do it very easily, without having many problems.

This application is one of those applications that have emerged recently, since they are applications that were born thanks to the boom in online shopping from mobile phones, which has recently appeared in our lives and it seems that it is here to stay.

OLX will allow us to sell and buy anything through its great interface, something that will help us to be able to earn money on the internet, one of the dreams of many people. We will also be able to find cheap bargains, since there are many people who need money urgently and prices drop a lot.

Of course, it is not a clone of Wallapop or any application of this style, since what it tries to do is simplify the use of all these, offering an interface thanks to which you will be able to find bargains with all the ease in the world and in turn you will be able to sell everything easily, with two buttons for it.

Undoubtedly, OLX has started very strong, since right now it has thousands of users in our country, who are looking to sell their things through the internet and are a bit tired of the wallapop and company interface.

The truth is that I liked it, since I did not expect to find much, but it has surprised me in a positive way. I have managed to find quite a few bargains through it and I have also managed to sell things and I have been surprised at how easy it was to place the ads, communicate with users and close a sale.

That yes, it may be that you have not heard of this application, since unlike others of the competition, they have not spent a lot of money on advertising. For this reason, it may be that you don’t know how to install it, you don’t know how to use it and ultimately, you don’t know anything about this application and you can’t take advantage of it.

This must change now and I will personally take care of this. Today I offer you the definitive guide to be able to install OLX on Android, also explaining some useful tips so that you can get the most out of this application.

Download Instructions and Tips

  1. Download the application:
    As usual in this section, the first thing you always learn is to download the application to your mobile phone, for the simple reason that it is the first and most important step, since without this step, you would not you will not be able to take any more steps or manage the application. What you have to do is enter the Google Play Store, Google’s default application to install games, applications and others. Once you have entered, look for the word OLX in the search engine, something that will make the first official OLX option appear, which you must click on download so that the download is started. Once you have done this, it will be installed automatically, without any virus problems and with free updates for life.
  2. Create account:
    The second step is to create an account in this application, something that will allow us to have an entry method to the site, which will allow us to both buy and sell in an easy and efficient way. Here we will have to open the application, something that will take us to a link so that we can create the account, being able to fill out the classic registration form that we always have to fill out in these cases or being able to fill out a more modern form, with direct access from Facebook. Then we will have to fill in our seller or buyer profile, putting a brief description about us, an image and making life as easy as possible for the buyer or seller about what we sell or buy (for example, if we have a store, it is better to put the name of the store not the first name).
  3. Buy and sell:
    If we want to sell, the first thing to do when selling is to upload the ad, something that can be done in a very simple way, by clicking on the upload icon, uploading the photos, adding a description and putting a product price. If a buyer is interested, he will enter your site and write an email to your profile in the chat, so that you can sell the product and reach an agreement with it. You will also be able to buy products, using the search engine, browsing through them and trying to find the products that best suit your needs.

Tips for Downloading and Tips

  • Alternatives:
    Like OLX, we have many applications on the market that handle similar functions. From my point of view, this is very good, since if there is good competition, these applications will fight among themselves to offer the best product to the market, since they have to fight aggressively for market share. If there were only OLX, it would not have the quality that it has, since it would maintain the market share whether it was bad or good. Now we are going to name the applications that work best to be able to make purchases and sales over the Internet through the Android phone, applications that of course you must take into account in order to work with them in the appropriate way.

    • Wallapop: The most famous of all and the most successful of all. This application is already a couple of years old and has grown a lot, going from being a small neighborhood application to being an application with advertisements on television. This application’s main characteristic is ease of use, since, like OLX, ads can be published with a single button. In addition to that, we must value the large share of users, since being the fashion application, we will be able to find all kinds of products in an easy way within it.
    • Ebay: The Ebay page is the oldest in the world to sell things online, so it has a lot to teach others. Firstly, it is still the most used on the computer, secondly, it is the safest due to its dispute system with PayPal and thirdly, it has the largest share of users in the world, being able to find practically everything. Of course, the application is not as good as the browser, since it is very difficult to sell here if you compare it with OLX and it also has the problem of the commissions that they charge if we sell on Ebay. That yes, I recommend it to buy, because it is the safest site that exists.
    • Vibbo: If you remember the portal, you will also have noticed that it has been completely renovated. Now it’s called Vibbo, something it has done to be able to adapt to the new market share, which seeks ease of use over hundreds of clumped ads as there were before. The Vibbo app is easy to use and it really is like second hand, but with more colors, so basically if you’ve done well with second hand, you’ll do well here too, because basically it’s all the same, except the image and the interface.
    • Milanuncios: The milanuncios application has also wanted to join the party, since otherwise the competition would eat them up, because now the mobile phone is used much more than the computer. Milanuncios has not changed its aesthetics, since it has a very good brand image and it is also one of the best pages to advertise, since everyone sees it and apart from that it is the only one that has no rules. In OLX, Vibbo and company, you will not be able to upload XXX ads, but in milanuncios yes, without any type of censorship. So if you want to sell your services, the milanuncios application is your thing, without a doubt, since it is the only one that will not apply censorship within the content that you upload to the site.
  • Which is the best?:
    The truth is that it is a good question, since each application really has its advantages. In the first place we have OLX, which stands out for its good user interface, but has the disadvantage of a low share of users to date. Then we have Wallapop, which has the advantage that it is full of users and the disadvantage that many people scam it because it is a trendy site. eBay has its experience and its security, but nobody likes the commissions, nor the disputes. Vibbo is quite good, but it is still a copy of other sites in the interface and the same system and milanuncios is a good option, but there are not many good products and there is more porn than anything else. The verdict I draw is that you must have all of them, since that way you will be able to access all the content, since some people will upload it to one site and other people to another, thus being able to access all the products.
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