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Apps Duolingo for Android – How to Download and Tips

Duolingo for Android – How to Download and Tips


Today, the possibility of learning languages ​​has been greatly facilitated thanks to new technologies and applications such as Duolingo with a clear example of this.


Duolingo for Android is one of those applications that will allow you to easily learn languages ​​from your mobile phone, being able to learn it in a simple way through this application.

The best thing about this application is that its teaching method does not consist of a simple robot that gives you problems, but that the machine adapts completely to your level in this language, corrects you and tries to make you learn by listening and reading in the language in concrete.

Duolingo is available on all kinds of platforms and Android could not be missing. Best of all, unlike the typical applications to learn languages, this application will allow you to learn multiple languages, not just English. In this way, you will be able to distinguish yourself from other people in this world by learning to many languages.

Duolingo Information – Free Languages



Current version

Varies by device


Varies by device


50,000,000 – 100,000,000

Android required

Varies by device



Facility Name


Duolingo is an application that can be run on practically any Android device, since its minimum requirements are not too demanding and will allow you to work on practically any phone. In addition, Duolingo makes learning languages ​​fun, something that not all apps can say, as they usually make language boring, which is why people get tired quickly.

I guarantee that once you install this app, you will be able to learn practically any language in the world. Of course, you also have to do your part and practice a little every day. For this, the Duolingo community will also help you, with which you can get in touch to solve doubts and very complex phrases.

If you want to learn languages ​​with me and with this application, continue reading because now comes the good part, since we are going to learn how to download and install the application on our Android phone.

Instructions for Duolingo for Android – Download and Tips

  1. Download and install the application:
    The first thing we are going to do in order to start learning any language with Duolingo is to download its application, an application that we can find relatively easily in any application market. We always recommend the Google Play option, since it is the only option that is guaranteed to be free of viruses, since Google workers always review the code of the applications before publishing them online, something they do to ensure that these applications do not have any viruses or malicious programs within them. To be able to download it, we are going to go to the Play Store and in the search engine we will put Duolingo. Once we have done it, click on the option that appears first and download the application (we recommend Wi-Fi to be able to do it without spending data and quickly). Once we have downloaded it, we will have it ready to work correctly.
  2. Create account:
    The best thing about duolingo is that it is a system with interchangeable accounts, that is, if one day we change our phone or it breaks down, we can continue learning the language through other platforms, just using the name of username and password. For this reason, we will have to create an account on the platform, which is also the letter of introduction for the rest of the users. Here we will have to put the typical things that are put in these cases, such as the name, the surnames, the email address and the password that we are going to use to access the platform. Here I will tell you the usual advice, that is, use a strong password, which you remember, but which is difficult for anyone to guess.
  3. Choose a language and check the level:
    Once we have the account created, we will be given the option to choose a language to learn among multiple available languages. When choosing this language and as it happens in many language classes, what the program is going to do is test your level, so that you can know if you are a person who already has a little command of the language or if you are someone who is a beginner. As I have already said, Duolingo is not a common application, since unlike others, it will try to adapt the teachings to your level with the language, allowing you to learn it easily and completely at your own pace. Also remember that you can learn several languages ​​at the same time, something ideal for people who are easy with languages, for people who travel a lot or simply for people who have a thirst for knowledge and a great desire to learn other languages.
  4. Practice every day:
    Now that you know your level of the language you have chosen, Duolingo will give you some tasks every day, which you must follow if you want to learn. Best of all, it will tell you the mistakes you have and it will adapt to your level, that is, it will increase the difficulty as you progress through the program or lower the difficulty if it sees you very “green” in learning the language and see that you need to practice a little more. What I advise you is to practice every day, mainly for yourself, because if you don’t, you will lose a lot of practice. The program also allows you to use its microphone, thus achieving that you can correctly improve your pronunciation and thus be able to practice all aspects of learning the language easily.
  5. Translations:
    In addition to the usual language course, there is a section on translations, a section that will allow you to test your ability to master a language. The difference between this system and the previous step is that these texts are proposed by users who know a lot about the language. What you have to do is take the text and translate it, trying to make the translation as faithful as possible to the original. Once you have done that, you have to wait for these users to give the translation a rating, which can be a very good translation of a high level or instead it can be a translation that needs some improvements and a touch up. As you progress through step 4, the translations you do in step 5 will get a little better each time. When you manage to make perfect translations on a regular basis, you will have mastered the language, at least as far as listening comprehension is concerned, which is very good news and will mean that your teachings in Duolingo have worked correctly.
  6. Duolingo test center to certify your knowledge:
    Both you and I know what companies are like, companies that don’t care if you know a language, but rather will ask you for a certificate that proves that you know the language. Duolingo also knows it and therefore, has tried to get you certified in the so-called duolingo test center, some tests that will allow you to obtain a certification proving that you know a language, which is valid for any company. Duolingo test center has a cost, which is approximately 20 euros, a much lower cost than what a language school can cost you, therefore, it is a very good option if apart from knowing a language, you want to demonstrate with a certification that you know correctly.
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