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Apps EBay for Android – How to Download and Tips

EBay for Android – How to Download and Tips


We all like to buy online these days, therefore, eBay for Android is going to be one of those applications that we will undoubtedly consider essential and indispensable for modern life.

This application is responsible for bringing the full potential of the eBay website directly to the palm of your hand, that is, to your mobile. This android application works quite well and allows you to do almost the same things that its website allows you to do.

Speaking of the website, eBay is the most famous internet buying and selling site, a site that is used to buy and sell online in any format you want, be it an auction format or a buy it now formats.

This website has been very successful, since it is no coincidence that apart from being one of the most popular sites, it is also one of the oldest in existence, since this page dates back almost to the last century.

The reason for its success is its ease of use, the possibility to buy products from all over the world and the integration with PayPal, the best secure payment service that exists right now.

Who has never dreamed of being able to bring products from other countries, such as Germany, England or China? EBay was the first site to make this possible, so we really owe a lot to this website.

As for its application, as I already said, it has almost the same functionalities as the web page, being able to do practically the same thing in both.

In the application, we will be able to both make payments and sell products, uploading images and trying to make it as accurate as possible. We will also be able to configure the PayPal account, follow our favorite sellers, vote and answer messages.

This makes this application very useful, since, without a doubt, sellers don’t always have time to go to the computer to answer emails, vote and look at products. It is much more comfortable to do these things from the mobile phone, for the simple reason that it is much more comfortable and much easier to do it this way than having to turn on the computer to do this.

In addition to that, this application is very easy to use, since practically anyone with a level of computer science should be able to use it correctly, since it is very intuitive and its use hardly has any type of complication.

Today, we are going to explain how we can do it, in order to have one of the best Android applications directly on our mobile phone, something that will allow us to access the complete market that eBay offers from all over the world, from anywhere in the world. our Android.

Instructions for eBay for Android – Download and Tips

  1. Download and install the application:
    The first step that is usually common to learn how to use an application is to install it first. The reason why we are going to do this is because in almost no case do you already have the default application installed. If this is your case, obviously you can skip this step one about how to download this application and you can go to step two, in which we are going to explain other things about it. If you want to learn how to download eBay, stay with me in this step that I’m going to teach you how to do it quickly and step by step. What you have to do is very simple, since we only have to go to the so-called Play Store, that is, to Google’s native application manager and go to its search engine. Once we have entered here, we are going to proceed to search for the terms eBay, something that will allow us to easily download this application to our mobile, since it is only necessary to click and wait for it to download and install automatically when finished, it is that simple.
  2. Create account or log in:
    If you already use eBay and are already familiar with the platform, this will certainly not cost you much, since the only thing you have to do to start using eBay is to click on the login icon that we get when we start the program. Once we have done this, what you have to do is put the username and password, so that in this way, you can enter eBay. If you do not yet have an account on this platform, click on create account to do so. Here you will have to fill out a classic form, which will consist of putting your name, putting your surnames, your mobile phone, your email address, your nickname and your shipping address to buy. Once we have done all this, we must confirm our email to be able to access the full functionality of Skype.
  3. Buy:
    The main reason why we have installed this application is because we are going to use it to buy things online, that is, to search for a product, bid for it or pay for it directly and finally pay and have it arrive at home and then vote if has it gone right or wrong. To buy here on eBay we need to have a PayPal account, so first of all go to and create an account, link it to your bank account and you can start shopping. Once you have done all this, use the eBay search engine and its categories to find what you like. If you like it, bid for it and buy it now, in order to get it. Once you have done so, enter your PayPal address or another form of payment to continue and finally proceed to indicate where you want it to be sent, whether to your home or to another address with a different name.
  4. Sell:
    We also have the option of being able to sell our products on eBay, an option that is undoubtedly very comfortable and interesting, since by doing it from the mobile application, we will be able to upload very well the images that we have obtained of the product, of a very comfortable and simple way without a doubt. In order to sell a product, what we have to do is click on sell, then enter the name of the product we want to sell, its category, its product images and finally include the price and the purchase format, also indicating shipping costs. At the moment they buy from us, a notification will appear on the mobile of the application, so that in this way we can prepare the shipment for handling and mailing as soon as possible.
  5. Messages, votes and other functions:
    Finally we have to mention other functions that this platform has, such as the option to send messages to other members of the platform, the option to vote someone positively if they have done well or badly and finally other functions such as the option to make claims. In the messages you will have to click on the message envelope icon to see them, an envelope that will take you to a menu with all the messages, such as the inbox and outgoing messages. We will also be able to see the votes and make new votes in the vote option, in which we will indicate if the experience has been good or instead it has not been as good as we expected.
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