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How To How Spotify Works

How Spotify Works


Without a doubt, the most popular application when it comes to listening to music on the Internet is Spotify, an application that is used to listen to music legally over the Internet, being able to choose a free version with ads and a paid version without them.

This application has revolutionized the world of music, a world dominated by piracy, since buying a CD was very expensive for what it offered us. Spotify offers us millions of songs on our Android mobile at a very cheap price, something that has undoubtedly revolutionized the world of music.

Really, with this program we all win, since the authors are not affected by piracy (they earn money through Spotify for letting them publish their music), we win because we have free music or at a very good price and the owners of the page win, which have become millionaires thanks to this application.

It is that this platform is the most used to listen to music, being used not only in personal mobile phones with Android, but also in commercial premises, which you already know have to play original music to be legal. For this reason, they have decided to pay for Spotify, to be able to play music legally without paying much.

Today I will explain all this and much more, since we are going to see how Spotify works and we will see all its secrets.

Instructions for Spotify

  1. Basic operation:
    First of all, in order to know how Spotify works, we are going to learn how it can be used in the different ways that this brand new application offers us. Although at first it started as something that could only be used on a computer, right now it can be used in many places, such as your Android phone, something that has made the application one of the most successful applications on the market. from Android. Today we are going to explain all the ways you have to use it, since there will be times when you want to use it outside of Android as well, something that of course is at your fingertips.

    1. Application:
      First of all, we have the aforementioned Android application, which is an application that works very, very well to listen to music. It offers high-quality music, reducing data consumption to a minimum and allowing us to access the entire catalog. The app is free (what you pay is the premium if you want it, but you can always use it for free) and it doesn’t waste a lot of system resources, being able to use it very easily, create playlists and with some premium features, like using it offline (in normal mode you need internet). Of course, I recommend a good data rate, because if you only have 1 GB and you usually spend it, the music will load too slowly.
    2. Browser and program:
      The internet browser has a version of Spotify, which is programmed directly to be used directly on a computer, without having to install anything. If, for example, we are working with the computer and we want to listen to music saving battery on the mobile, we will be able to use the playlists that we have created on the mobile without any problem, something that most users will undoubtedly appreciate. We also have an application for PC, which works faster than the browser and I advise you to install, since it works just as well as the Android one
    3. Other means:
      Finally we have other means, such as mobile phones with other operating systems, such as iOS or Windows Phone. For this reason, if you change your device, you will be able to use it with these devices easily. In addition to that, it can also be used on Smart TVs, devices like the Psvita, and other devices like the Xbox or PS4. Spotify is really a universal application, which we can easily find almost anywhere.
  2. Subscription options:
    Now that we know the places where the application can be used, we are going to see all the subscription options that it has, that is, we are going to see all the ways we have to connect to the platform and thus be able to work with this program the way we want. Here we can basically use it in two ways, one way in which we are not going to pay anything but we are going to eat ads and another version in which we are going to be able to have unlimited functions, but we are going to have to pay a fee every month. We are going to see them a little more thoroughly to know which one we have to stay with.

    1. Free version: First of all, we are going to talk about the free version, a version that, as its name suggests, can be used without paying anything, however, it has some limitations. First of all, we will have to watch a video every 30 minutes to enjoy music without advertising during this time. Second, we will have banners on the computer when connecting from there. Third, we will only be able to play playlists randomly, without being able to choose the song. Finally, we will have a daily limit of music (6 hours I think that hour) and we will not be able to skip songs very often. In addition, we will always need the internet to be able to use it and we will not be able to download the music, nor listen to the music downloaded when we were premium (I tried it and it does not work).
    2. Premium version:
      If you want to unlock the full potential of Spotify, you have to buy the premium version, a version that will unlock the full potential of this website, which will help you listen to music in a better way. This version costs 10 euros per month, although sometimes there are offers, such as when PayPal gave us 2 months for its users The premium version has many advantages, such as no ads or interruptions, unlimited music, the ability to download music and listen to it without connection and finally, no limits when it comes to skipping songs or playing specific songs instead of the random mode.
  3. How they earn money:
    Surely now you have your doubts about how this company can earn money, since it offers the premium at a very cheap price and offers a free version without users having to pay anything at all. Spotify earns a lot of money and is a company that has been very successful, that is, it is one of these millionaire companies that make money every year. Now we are going to see the two most common ways that people from this application have to earn money, the ads and the fees of the premium version.

    1. Free version, ads:
      People who pay nothing have to pay in another way, since nothing is free. Spotify has a great reputation for advertising, something that makes many people pay a lot of money to put ads of them in the application. This makes the company charge a lot of money at the expense of free users, since advertising makes a lot of money. Think that an advertisement every time it is reproduced gives a cent of a euro of profitability to Spotify. If there are millions of users and they play an ad a day, they will have 10,000 euros a day in profit thanks to the ads, so it is undoubtedly a very profitable business and one of the main sources of income for the page.
    2. Premium version subscriptions: People who don’t want to see ads can pay a small fee every month, which gives unlimited access to everything. This model has been copied by other companies such as Netflix, which prefer to have millions of users and earn a little from each one than to have a few users and earn a lot of money from each one. If, for example, a month has 10 million premium users (I think there are more, but it is an example), there are already 100 million euros of billing only with the premium, money that is distributed among the artists, money to maintain and improve the platform and of course, benefits for the owners of the company. Undoubtedly a great business model that has changed the way of listening to music, being a legal alternative to piracy.
  4. Alternatives:
    If you don’t want to pay for the premium and want an app that has less ads, don’t worry as there are alternatives. The one I like the most is tiny tunes, since it allows you to download a lot of music from sources such as sound cloud (I found my own DJ Azpe songs) and download them to your mobile, as well as listen to them online. The best thing about tiny tunes is that you can use what you download on your mobile player and transfer it to a flash drive or to your computer, without having to use the application to listen to it. We can also use other applications, for example, to be able to download videos from YouTube in MP3 form, such as Tube Mate for Android.
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