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Tips & Tricks How to Install Facebook

How to Install Facebook


One of the most popular social networks on the planet is Facebook, therefore it is perfectly natural that this social network has not one, but several applications within the Android operating system.

Facebook is a social network that has billions of users around the world. We must recognize the great success that this application has had over the years, in which it has not stopped growing and growing.

What began as a simple social network for university students ended up being one of the businesses that generate the most money in the world, therefore, great credit must be given to the creators of this social network.

Facebook Information



Current version

Varies by device


Varies by device


1,000,000,000 – 5,000,000,000

Android required

Varies by device



Facility Name


At first, Facebook was only available on the computer, since the only way to access it was through the web page that it had. However, that was only the beginning, since more than 12 years have passed since its launch, many things in technology have changed.

For example, a few years ago, Android didn’t even exist and right now practically everyone has or has had at least one device in this category. This means that if everyone uses Android and the computer is no longer used as much, Facebook has had to evolve to continue growing.

The way this social network has grown and evolved has been thanks to its applications, which are available on all mobile devices on the market. These applications allow you to watch this social network with all its functionality from your mobile, from anywhere in the world and can have almost the same functionalities that you have from your computer.

What’s more, Facebook not only has an Android application, but has developed more than one application. The most prominent are the main application, which is used to browse the wall and publish, the messaging application, which is used to chat with your contacts, the LITE application, which is the same as the main application but for computers with low resources and finally the fan page manager application, which is used to manage your Facebook page.

Surely you did not know that this social network had so many applications and with so many different functions. This is sure to make you want to download them all to your mobile phone and be able to use this social network and get the most out of it.

For this reason, we are here, since we are going to teach you how to use not only the main application of this social network, but we are going to teach you how to install and use the 4 Facebook applications, also teaching you an extra way to enter without install any additional application.

Instructions to install Facebook

  1. Install standard Facebook:
    The first application that we are going to teach you to install is the most popular and used application of all, that is, the main Facebook application or standard Facebook application. This application is the one that has the most functionality, since it will allow you to see the entire wall, it will allow you to make many publications, it will allow you to see the photos you have and of course, it will allow you to upload photos and videos in an easy way. It also has a notification bar that is quite good, being one of the most useful things that this application has without a doubt. To download the application, we are going to do it as usual in the Play Store, that is, in the official Google download manager, which hosts all the official applications within it. Here we will have to type Facebook and download the first application that appears in this menu.
  2. Install Messenger:
    The second application that interests us and the second that we are going to try to install is called Messenger. This application is one of the most popular that exists to chat with your friends, since it is an application that will allow you to chat with all the contacts on the wall. In addition, right now it is the only way in which you can chat from your mobile phone, since Facebook made a controversial decision that consisted of only allowing us to chat with our contacts through the messenger application, that is, we can no longer chat from other applications, such as the main Facebook application or from the browser. In order to install this application, we are going to do it as usual from the Play Store, since it is the most reliable source that we have here on Android.
  3. Install Facebook lite:
    One of the biggest complaints that people have to use Facebook on mobile is that the main application consumes too many system resources. This makes it practically impossible to use the standard Facebook application on low-end mobile phones, causing problems even on mid-range ones. On these phones, it is better to install Facebook lite, an application that is an adaptation of the large application, but with certain modifications to reduce its consumption. Apart from having some limited functions, such as uploading content, images and videos also appear with lower resolution, since in this way we will avoid having problems with the issue of performance in this application.
  4. Install Facebook page manager:
    Facebook Page Manager is another Facebook application that works well. Call in Facebook page administrator, is one of the most useful applications if we manage what is called a Facebook fan page. A fan page is a Facebook page that represents a person, group or society that has followers instead of friends, that is, the typical page that you like instead of asking for friendship. This application is very useful for the simple reason that it will allow us to manage all the procedures that we can do on the fan page, such as managing messages, managing publications, creating scheduled publications and looking at the pages that our page follows. Without a doubt, an essential page for the self-respecting page administrator.
  5. Use Facebook web:
    Finally we have one more option, an option that we have not taken into account but that still works today and quite well I must say. This way is called Facebook web, that is, accessing Facebook directly from the mobile web browser, without installing any application. This way of accessing is very similar to Facebook lite, since we will be able to manage few things, such as seeing the wall and notifications, but we will not be able to upload photos correctly. As for the messages, Facebook has hidden them for mobile phones so that we can download their application, however, there is a small bug that still allows you to access them today. What we have to do to be able to see our messages is simply enter the configuration of our internet browser and click on the section that says see as a computer. In this way, we will continue on Facebook, a page that works from PC, but we will not be on PC, but on mobile. Nevertheless, Facebook will believe that we are a PC and will let us see the messages without having to install anything. This will save you from trouble if you have a low-end mobile in which messenger does not work well.
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