Software Xposed Installer for Android: How to Download and Tips

Xposed Installer for Android: How to Download and Tips


Without a doubt, one of the best programs to make the most of all the power of our Android phones is the Xposed Installer program for Android, in which we will be able to have all kinds of applications and functionalities in a very simple way.

Xposed Installer is a program that will help you get all the power, because, without touching too much the Rom of the mobile phone, it will allow you to have new features, which cannot be obtained in a traditional way in the Google Play Store.

Xposed Installer has the great advantage that you can choose the modules and features you want to install, so you can choose what to play and what not to play on your smartphone.

Some people have opted to install a custom ROM instead, however, there are some downsides to this. The main one is that the ROMs are very aggressive and touch the system files too much, thus rendering your phone totally useless. On the other hand, Xposed Installer touches only what is essential and what you want, without being as aggressive and therefore much more reversible.

Also, installing a custom ROM is not easy as it is only available to professional people. However, Xposed Installer can allow you to install new features on Android without the need for extensive knowledge on the subject.

In this way, any user, even if they don’t even know how to turn on a phone, can use Xposed Installer and thus, once and for all, enjoy the great features that it offers us. You will only have to know how to root your Android phone and know how to install a couple of things.

So, if you don’t know how to do it, you are in the right place, since we are going to teach you step by step, so pay attention.

Download Instructions and Tips

  1. Root the mobile:
    The first thing we must know before installing Xposed Installer for Android is that we must have the mobile rooted, something that is an essential requirement to be able to use this program. To do this, we are going to have several methods to follow, depending on what mobile phone we have and how we want to do it. Actually, a specific method works for each mobile, so first, we must find out which method works for your mobile. Of course, I remind you that we are not responsible for what may happen, since rooting a mobile has its risks because you are touching system files, so you must do it at your own risk.

    1. Framaroot: If you have a phone from before 2015, you can almost certainly root it with this program. This program, which must be downloaded from uptodown or from google because it’s not in the Play Store, roots several phones with old Android versions, using algorithms named after characters from The Lord of the Rings. The program will automatically show you which algorithms can work for your mobile phone. Once you have installed it, just click on the algorithm and the process will be carried out automatically. If it has been successful, the mobile will restart and the Super SU application will be installed, to manage Root permissions.
    2. King Root: This Chinese application has been evolving over time, being a mobile application capable of rooting a lot of models. In this way, it is also quite likely that it will be compatible with your model. King Root for Android can be downloaded from its official website, and it also has its own permissions manager without the need to use Super SU. The good thing about King Root is that it automatically tells you if the mobile is compatible or not once installed. In this way, if it is not compatible, then simply uninstall and that’s it. If it is, you will be able to root your mobile with just one click, thus achieving almost instantaneous rooting of it.
    3. Computer applications:If none of these applications work, you should look for other methods. Computer applications are more effective, but you need a USB cable in good condition and quality, so that the computer recognizes it. Once you have put the USB cable connected to the phone, you must install the root application corresponding to your mobile phone, which you can know with a quick google search on your model next to the word root. The programs are usually easy to use, since you just have to click on the root button and wait for it to do so automatically.
  2. Install the program:
    Once we have rooted it, we are going to download and install the Xposed Installer program. Being a program that substantially modifies the parameters of your mobile, we are going to go directly to the Up to Down page to be able to download it, since we are not going to find it in the Google Play Store. After having downloaded the apk and having enabled the installation from unknown sources, we are going to proceed to install the apk on our mobile phone, something that will be done easily and completely automatically. Once done, we will automatically get a message requesting root permissions, in which we must say yes for the program to work correctly.
  3. Install the framework for it to work:
    Now that we have the program installed and with its root permissions, we must install the framework for it to work, since only in this way can it work correctly. Once we have installed the program, we only have to click on the framework option to proceed with its installation. In this way, the system will verify if we really have root permissions and if so, it will proceed to install automatically and restart the mobile phone. Once finished, we will be able to install the modules corresponding to your mobile phone.
  4. Installation of modules:
    Right now, we have the program installed, but we do not have the modules that come with it installed. Xposed Installer allows the installation of special modules, which are not usually included in the Play Store and add new features to your Android phone. These must be installed separately, something that we will be able to do in the modules option, once we have installed the framework in the previous step. We will get a list of which are the best modules for your phone and a small list of everything they do. Once we have seen them, we are going to click on them to install them, something that will be done automatically, restarting the mobile at the end of the process. For example, we can install modules to change the clock, to change the font and to ultimately change some special functions that we cannot change in Android in the usual way.
  5. Solutions:
    If you have broken your phone due to any of the causes mentioned above, don’t worry, as I am going to give you some solutions to fix it.

    1. Return to normal state: From Xposed Installer, we will be able to uninstall the framework, thus returning to the original state of the phone before doing this. However, we need something more, since we also have to remove the root of the phone, something that the king root and company applications allow. If you are going to take the mobile to the guarantee, remove the root first because if you do not do it, the guarantee will not cover anything.
    2. Clean viruses: If a virus has entered you, formatting at the factory will not do any good, because they are integrated into the system and, let’s say, they remain. To eliminate them permanently, you can do it only by formatting the mobile phone by installing a rom from PC, something that you can do with Flash Tools if it is a Mediatek or with Odin if it is a Samsung.
    3. Delete viruses: If you don’t know or can’t format, you can resort to applications like Stubborn Trojan Killer, which hides and deletes viruses and prevents them from running. Of course, you should never delete the application, because those viruses will still be there and if you don’t control them, they will come to light again almost immediately.
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