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Apps B612 for Android – How to Download and Tips

B612 for Android – How to Download and Tips


Today, we bring great news for photography lovers thanks to the B612 application. This app is one of the best simple photo editing and filter apps on the market as it allows you to edit images with numerous filters to easily beautify an image.

B612 is an application that was created by the same creators of the fabulous LINE messaging application. B612 is a totally free application that will allow you to edit any photograph you have, without advertising and being able to do it easily, without the resources of your mobile phone being spent by this application.

The best thing about this app, and what sets the app apart from the competition, is the sheer number of filters it has. Specifically, it has more than 80 image filters available, all of them completely free of charge, something that contrasts with the situation of other famous image editors such as retrica, which have many filters but half of them are paid.

This undoubtedly delights photogenic people, who can edit their images with all kinds of filters, being able to search among the more than 80 filters which one is the best for each occasion. On top of this, b612 is a very easy to use app as you really only need to press a button to be able to easily edit your photos, something that makes the app available to everyone, with or without photo editing skills.

It is also an application that is perfectly compatible with most devices on the market, since it barely asks for any requirements and could even be run on some phones with very old versions of Android, thus being available for older devices as well, not distinguishing between users with phones high-end and users with low-end phones.

All this makes B612 one of the queen applications in the photography sector. If you are a person who loves to edit images with filters, B612 should already be installed on your mobile phone, since this way you will be able to have the best images with the best possible editing.

This is precisely what we are going to teach you today, since we will teach you about how you can download this application and how you can use it to get the most out of it, thus achieving the best photo editing on the market.

Instructions for B612 for Android – Download and Tips

  1. Download B612 to your Android device:
    The first thing we are going to do to install B612 and leave it fully configured on your device It is precisely that, look at all the ways that exist to be able to easily download and install it on our device, so that later we can use it without any problems. We are really going to explain three different ways to install this application, some installation methods that I often explain, because in this way, we will not have problems in case the way to download applications from Google fails us, something very common especially on older devices. The first way to do it is from the Google Play Store, the second way to do it is from the internet, directly downloading the apk file to our device and the last way is from an external application manager, such as Aptoide.

    1. Google Play Store:
      The Play Store is Google’s official application manager for Android. This Apps container contains millions of apps ready to download to your Android device and B612 could not be missing from this container of applications. The best thing about the Play Store is that it also has people working, who are responsible, among other things, for the security of the portal, examining all applications for malicious programs and reporting and removing these applications from the Play Store. In the case of B612, this application is totally safe and free of viruses and therefore it is in the Play Store. To download it, we will open the Google Play Store and search for B612 in the search box. Once there, we must click on the first option that comes out and give it where it says install. We will wait a few minutes until it is ready and we will wait for it to be installed to be able to enjoy it.
    2. APK file:
      The second way we have to install an application on Android is through an application file or APK. This file extension is Android’s way of reading its applications, being a kind of compressed file that is installed inside Android, leaving the application ready to use. It is possible to find versions of B612 directly on the internet by downloading the application through APK files, however, you should be careful where you download it, since on some occasions, these applications have been coveted to include viruses in the phone, something that nobody wants. Also, don’t forget to activate unknown sources on your mobile phone, an option that allows you to install from apk files, which is removed by default on most Android devices on the market. To activate, we can do it in the security option, which is found in settings.
    3. External application managers:
      An external application manager is a kind of alternative Google Play, which has a lot of applications within it and has a way of installing them that is very similar to what the Google Play Store offers us, that is, what are you looking for? the application within it and then install it on your mobile phone. A good example of an application container is the famous Aptoide, a very famous application container, which is number 1 without counting the Google Play Store. Search for it on its official website and download Aptoide to your mobile phone, install it and then search for B612 in your browser to install it.
  2. Use the application:
    Once the B612 application has been downloaded and installed, all we have to do is start it and we will immediately see how it works. The application is a very simple application, which can be used by almost anyone, since practically the only thing that we will have to do with it is to search for an image within our phone and then go on to apply the different image filters to it. We will also be able to regulate other things, such as light, contrast and the intensity with which we are applying the filter. This application will then give you the option to save the image, which we can then upload to Instagram or to any image manager or social network. However, it has the disadvantage that it will include the watermark with the B612 logo on all its images, something that could be uncomfortable for many users.
  3. Alternatives:
    There are many alternatives to B612 on the market, alternatives that will allow you to edit photos to your liking in a similar way. The best known is retrica, an application that is half free and half paid, that is, it has half of its free filters and half of its paid filters, making a total of more than 100 filters counting both types of filters. Try different image editors to see the different types of filters that you can apply, since in this way, you will be able to find the one that suits you best and the one that best suits your images. You can also learn advanced photo retouching and retouch photos yourself in professional image editors like Photoshop, in which you can create your own filters.
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