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Software Fildo for Android: How to Download and Tips

Fildo for Android: How to Download and Tips


Fildo is a platform available for Android devices or from web use, it allows you to locate music files for streaming playback or download. These songs can be enjoyed completely free of charge. Fildo is installed in the market as an option to other subscription pages such as Spotify.

The free nature of this application is what makes it be considered. Unlike others with similar services, Fildo does not charge additional fees. What this company does is track files available from other sources and make them available to the user. It does not have its own musical rights; it does not have an audio collection nor does it advertise any musical group.

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In short, Fildo is a free way to create connection between consumer and options from other sources. Shortening the search process and providing an outstanding service. The quality provided, its easy-to-use interface and variety of languages ​​allow users from all over the world.

What do you need to Download and Tips?

What songs can be found with the Fildo application?

It is practically impossible not to find a song on Fildo, it has 4 search engines that generate millions of file matches. The application’s tool engines are: NetEase by default, so it does not allow selecting it as chosen from Android, QQMusic, Kogou and Huawei. Being able to select our search engines, the number of results guarantee to find any file.

On the other hand, searching by artist or album is even easier. It will generate multiple options among which you can choose which ones to add to the playlists or simply listen to them in Fildo at the moment. It is very strange that Fildo does not return results, in this case it must be checked if the title entered as a song exists, if the interpreter has been confused or check between the results obtained by playing each song.

Download Instructions and Tips

Fildo for Android: How to download

Simply search for fildo from its official website and download. In the presentation of the application you can see the user rating, comments and reviews. It currently has a good reception by the public, with a large number of positive stars.

  1. When starting the download from the store, you can consider the memory it occupies. It is very low when installing, then with our downloads, playlists and others it can increase. Fildo has been available for Google Play, then it has been removed from the store but you can still search to see if you get a result.
  2. The application interface is simple, elegant and colorful. As it is only a search engine for third-party search engines, it warns that they do not upload files or music by request. In addition, it is highlighted that they do not interfere with copyright, any complaint must be made with those who provide the files on the web.
  3. It supports MP3, MIDI, WAV, AAC, FLAC files and other formats, providing quality in the use of each of them. You can search by genre, albums, artist or song, its use is very simple and it does not present any technical difficulties. The audio quality is always of a good level, regardless of the selected format.

Uses of Fildo

  1. When you start using the application you can search among millions of songsartists or by genre. Once the desired file is found, it can be played, downloaded or added to a playlist.
  2. You can also play everything available from an artist or musical group, without the need for the tedious search for each musical title. The playlists can be edited to suit the user, generate constant changes and even delete them. On the other hand, you can import lists that you already had on other platforms such as Spotify and NetEase. This is a very positive point, since if long or very specific lists have been created, no more work will be required than just importing them into Fildo to have them available there and continue using them. Full album downloads can be made, getting content to listen to from your favorite artist at any time without the need for a WiFi connection or mobile data usage.
  3. So that the listener has full control of the audio, there is a preview of the songs in the queue or next to be played. Finally, the application takes into account random reproductions for parties, editable as needed between playlists or albums.

Configurations and adjustments that Fildo allows

In the configuration sector it allows a lot of customization and adjustments. In terms of language there are a wide range of options. On the aesthetic side, it allows you to change colors, views and themes. It has an option for offline mode, in this part you have to consider that when you choose it the songs will be downloaded and then played again.

In the search engines it allows access to choose them and thus obtain more libraries, more songs and content. You can also modify the quality of the files, data usage or Wi-Fi as the main connection. The large number of settings that it allows is important, being able to configure the application and its tools to your liking.

Main interface

When you open the application on the left side you will find the option to create an account, import playlists from other platforms, access pending file downloads, and others.

The most interesting option in this sector is the one called “Player and lyrics”, with it you can play the song and get the lyrics to follow it. This is how people who are studying a language, who do not remember the lyrics or who want to sing a piece of music can do it.

Also in the left sector are the last 100 lists, by artists or by genre. In the notifications part, you can control the song that is playing, press next to listen to the next track or completely close the application.

Filter with friends

Of course, the lists created in Fildo can be used at parties, gatherings or played at home from the web. But in addition, Fildo has the option of being able to share the lists created, the songs and content on social networks. This item turns it into a social interaction application, providing information to our contacts about musical tastes, hobbies and bringing us closer to people with similar interests.

The importance of sharing music on social networks lies mainly in generating topics for the contacts that follow us. They can share tastes, opinions or even meet artists and musical trends through us. The closeness that music provokes can also help people who have emigrated from other countries to get to know different cultures and musical interests.

As for study, it proposes a tool that is easy and fun to use to learn languages ​​or vocabulary.

In addition, according to the chosen genre, the song or even the performer, criticism of a social, political or artistic nature can be linked. A trend in musical genre such as Trap, which contains protest lyrics accompanied by dance melodies, is an example of what can generate debate on social networks.

Tips for Downloading and Tips

To note the application is legal. This question usually arises when you can download music for free without paying subscriptions or additional costs. The only thing that Fildo does is provide search results in a simple and efficient way.

Some tips for its download and use are:

  • Download the app from its official site, or from other free download pages like UptoDown.
  • It has a lower risk of contracting viruses if it is done from the official website, however, if we download from another page we can pass the antivirus to the application.
  • It must be enabled after its installation, by going to Settings, since Android will initially find the origin uncertain.
  • If you download from sites like argim or others for mobile files, be careful with the viruses it may contain.
  • To search for songs once we have installed it, just use the bar and generate search.
  • Fildo is only an intermediary, it does not have its own files, so the copyright must only be reported against the sites that provide the origin.
  • It can be used without an Internet connection, for this the song is downloaded. You have to take into account the memory available on the device.
  • Entire albums can be downloaded for later playback, copied to other devices or even given away. For this it is convenient to use WiFi due to the large amount of data and connection time required.
  • Use the application from the web. This can be useful for multiple listeners to enjoy an album or to use content for example in language learning classes.
  • Its updates are constant but they are available from the official site.

In short, this application makes it very easy to obtain musical content, free of charge, with interactive options and easy handling. The integration proposed by the application grants different languages, options to import playlists and not have to do them again, and even download complete albums without the need for a song by song. It is a good option compared to other subscription platforms that require money to obtain more service.

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