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Apps Milanuncios for Android: How to Download and Tips

Milanuncios for Android: How to Download and Tips


If you have ever published ads online or at least seen them, surely the word milanuncios at least sounds familiar to you. This website is one of the most visited in Spain to buy and sell things, a page that now also has an application.

Due to the success of apps like wallapop, milanuncios has modernized and created this app, which brings all the power of milanuncios to your android mobile phone. This application will allow us to post ads, see ads and control our ad, seeing among other things if someone has seen our phone number.

This application is an improvement of the mobile web portal, since it was a bit limited compared to the PC version. In addition to that, it competes directly with portals like Wallapop.

This application is backed by a great website, which has been offering the best content and the best ads for many years, offering in a simple way the possibility of posting and viewing all kinds of ads, including adult ads.

However, this application is not something established, but has come to light relatively recently. For this reason, it is likely that you did not even know about this application or you only know about it from TV commercials. Therefore, you will have no idea how it works or what it can help you when it comes to selling and buying things.

Of course, it is really very easy to use this application and download it to our Android phone, something that will undoubtedly allow us to have a complete market in the palm of our hands, which will be ideal to be able to publish our ads without much effort.

Today we are going to teach you all this and much more in this article, in which I will teach you how to use milanuncios for Android in the correct way, that is, getting the most out of the APP.

Download the Milanuncios app

The first step that we are going to take is obviously to download the Milanuncios application to our Android phone, since without the application, we will not be able to get the most out of this portal. Although it is true that there is a functional web version for mobile phones, it does not work as well as the desktop version, and it is necessary to download the application to get the most out of it.

The application can be downloaded in various ways, the most classic and effective way being to download it through the Play Store, that is, through the native Android download portal. Play Store guarantees us a high security in the applications, being free of viruses and therefore free of problems. We just have to have a Google account and be logged in to our Android device to be able to easily download this application. All you have to do is search for milanuncios in the Play Store search engine and download the application directly to your mobile, also having lifetime updates automatically.

However, sometimes Google Play does not work correctly, something that will force us to perform an alternative installation of the application from other sources. One of the most popular is the uptodown page, a reliable page that offers a lot of applications in apk format. Of course, you will have to activate the installation of applications from unknown sources, something that can be easily done in the settings/security option, since it is deactivated by default.

I also really like the Aptoide option, as it offers an app market with constant updates, sometimes including versions that haven’t been released on the Play Store yet. However, you have to keep an eye on the editors, as they can sometimes sneak malware onto your Android phone.

Create an account on this portal

Milanuncios forces you to create an account to be able to publish ads, something that is normal in portals of this type. If you are already registered on the web portal, you can skip this step and log in directly with your email and password, since the web account is also valid for the application. However, if you don’t have an account, you will need to create an account.

This is very simple, since you just have to fill out the typical form with username, password and email, among others. This will allow us to register on this portal, something that will give us the right to publish ads on this platform, something that is undoubtedly what we want to do.

In addition, this account will obviously serve us for the web version, that is, if we enter from the computer we can use the newly created account in this step, something that is undoubtedly appreciated.

Use to post ads

Now it’s time to publish our ads, which can be of all kinds as the page says. Milanuncios has hardly any restrictions when it comes to placing ads, that is, you can advertise even if you offer adult content. All you have to do is get the category right, to make sure people find what they’re looking for.

In addition to that, you must put a striking name, some photos that describe the ad and some keywords and correct description. You will be able to do this easily from the application itself, that is, you will not have any problem to be able to do this in an easy way, since the application is quite simplified so that you can publish any type of ad without too much complication. Do not forget to add contact information such as email and telephone, so that interested users can contact you if they want to contract your services.

In addition to this, we will be able to see in detail what is happening with our ads, that is, we will be able to see if someone is visiting the ad, if someone has seen the phone and count the number of visits we have had. In this way, we will be able to see if our ad has a good position and change it if it is not giving the desired results.

Use to check ads

As on the web, we can also consult the ads that we want about what we want, since milanuncios has practically everything. A search engine is included with the aim of simplifying the search process as much as possible, being able to carry out advanced searches by categories, keywords…

In this way, we will be able to find all our products in a very simple way, without complicating our lives too much in the process. In addition, we will be able to access all the ads on the page, that is, there will be no restrictions in the application with respect to the web page. Really something very useful whatever you are looking for, since you will also be able to see the phone number or email and copy it directly to the clipboard of our mobile phone, something that we will do and then call the owner of the ad by phone or send him an email.

You can also use the query to check the effectiveness of your ads, looking for the keywords that your ad has and thus check if it comes out of the first in the search terms. This will allow us to make changes if you have not achieved the expected result.

Beware of scams

That if, is not all good for the application of Milanuncios. Contrary to EBay and other places with a points system, in Milanuncios there is no control over scams, since you will be in direct contact with the users of the application in order to carry out a transaction without intermediaries. Although it has the advantage of not charging commissions like on EBay, you can find some scam, such as selling you cars in poor condition, charging you for a defective product and many more lesser known scam attempts.

However, it is really not difficult to avoid milanuncio scams, you just have to have a little common sense. If you are the buyer, read the ads well and ask for a review of the product, with videos or reviewing it in person if possible. If, on the other hand, you are the one who sells, be careful not to stay in places like alleys, since it would not be the first case of thieves in milanuncios, who pose as buyers, make you stay in a place and then steal both the product and the money.

Of course, normally most people are honest, so let’s not get paranoid or think badly about this application. Really the only thing to watch out for is unreliable sellers and suspicious buyers, something that as I said, can be easily avoided if you use common sense.

Other alternatives to Milanuncios for Android

Of course, milanuncios is far from the only application for selling and buying products and services on Android, since there are actually dozens of alternatives to this product, which are better or worse depending on where you look at them. Here is a small compilation of the most used, with their defects and virtues.

  • Ebay: It is the oldest and most famous portal in the world, which consists of a system of auctions and direct sales throughout the world. It is the safest thanks to the PayPal payment gateway, which is also proof of “cracked” buyers, since once they buy, they have the obligation to pay you for the product. The disadvantage is that a fee is charged. small commission to the seller, both by PayPal and by Ebay.
  • Wallapop: The most famous in the world in recent times is Wallapop, an application that consists of an easy way of selling, fundamentally aimed at local collection in the same city. It is easy to use, free and with chat with users, however, since there is no control, there is a risk of scams and cracked buyers, that is, buyers who ultimately back down and do not buy the product from you.
  • Vibbo: The old second hand is a good alternative to buy and sell. Vibbo is a modernized second hand, becoming a kind of cloned wallapop, with more colors and backed by an industry expert as a second hand. It is a portal that works very well, however, like wallapop, it has a certain risk of fraud as there is no type of control.
  • Others: You can really sell anywhere, such as Facebook sales groups, in which you can create a kind of mini milanuncios within a certain area and share the products with everyone. That if, again we have the risks of ripped buyer and scam, so common in places that have no control or dispute system.
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