Software Towelroot: How to Download and Tips

Towelroot: How to Download and Tips


Undoubtedly, one of the programs that can help you to have a total root on your mobile phone is the famous Towelroot, which will allow you to have a mobile with special rights just by pressing a button.

Towelroot is a program that was created a few years ago, which works for rather old mobile phones, but also for some newer mobile phones. Towelroot has the characteristic that it will allow you to access a vulnerability in Android phones, which will allow you to root the mobile phone and therefore be able to do everything with it.

The root name comes from the root user of linux systems, since Android is based on Linux as you may already know. Root means super user, that is, a user who can do practically anything on a terminal or mobile device.

Android mobiles are locked for security and come with some features blocked. In order to access these functions, you will have to use an external program that allows you to do all this. Towelroot is a program that allows this, since it will directly unlock the special functions of your phone.

Among other things, it will allow you to eliminate system applications that are foolishly taking up space. You will also be able to make changes to the internal configuration of the mobile, use applications that can only be used with root users and, above all, use applications in a more powerful way, being able to block their auto run and other things that root phones normally do not have.

From having a longer battery life, to having a program that allows you to modify the robotic voice of the operating system, to other functions such as killing background applications and other functions that we have not mentioned yet.

Towelroot was created by a young man, who was the same one who managed to unlock the iPhone. In this way, we are talking about a true genius who has not stopped doing great things since he became known. This program allows you to unlock almost any terminal and allows you to have those special privileges that we have talked about.

The best of all is that Towelroot is free, since it can be downloaded for free without paying a euro and be able to use it like that on our mobile phone. If it is a compatible mobile, it will be released in a matter of seconds.

If you want to root your phone, towel root is a great option and if you don’t know how to install and use it, don’t worry, you’re in the right place. If you want to learn it, you have nothing but pay attention to me.

Download Instructions and Tips

  1. Download the program:
    As with other similar programs, Towelroot is a banned program from Google Play. By this I mean that the traditional way to download a program is to log in to Google Play and downloading the app doesn’t work. Instead, we have to resort to other alternative methods, since this option is blocked, but that does not mean that we cannot install the application on our devices. All this leads us to have to resort to downloading the apk installation file, which will allow us to install the program on our mobile phone and also be able to run it correctly. However, this is not as easy to do as it is with Google Play, as there are certainly a couple more things to do. The good thing is that there is not only one method to install an apk, but there is more than one and we all must know them. I am going to introduce you to two different methods to do it, which are my favorites and are always the ones I use the most.

    1. Aptoide: The first method that I am going to present to you is that of the Aptoide application, since it is a well-known application that will allow you to download and install any type of application, whether it is banned or not. It is a kind of pirated Google Play, which has the same system of use, but uses applications that are not allowed in the official Android. The way to install it is to go to its official page and download the apk application, which we must install on our mobile phone by activating unknown origins, a function that will allow us to install applications that are not from the Google Play Store. This is activated in settings and in the security part and must always be activated. Once we have done it, we are going to go to the search section and we are going to look for towel root, which is very well distinguished with the lambada symbol, as if it were the game Half Life. Once we find it, we will install it and install the repository,
    2. Up to down: In addition to doing it from Aptoide, we will be able to do it from the direct download of the apk file and its subsequent installation. This method is fast and saves space, since we won’t even have to have the Play Store to be able to do all this. The way to do this that I recommend is through the Up to Down page, a website that has a great list of applications of all kinds, including Android applications of course. Once we have entered, we are going to use the search engine to search for Up to Down, in order to be able to install it on our mobile phone. Once we download it, with unknown origins activated, we are going to install it on the mobile and we will have it clever.
  2. Press the button:
    This application works in a very, very easy way, since the only thing we will have to do once the application is installed and working is to press a button that says make it ra1n, which will allow you to root the mobile if it is compatible. In case it is compatible, we will already have it rooted and we will be able to use the application to have the mobile completely unlocked. However, in the event that it is not compatible, we will have an error and nothing will happen. The thing is that there is no risk if the mobile is not compatible, so nothing happens, since if it is not compatible, then we can try an alternative, which we will talk about later.
  3. Use the root:
    Once we have the rooted mobile, We are going to be able to use it as a super user and therefore, we are going to have a lot of power in hand. As they said in the Spiderman movie, with great power comes great responsibility and for this reason, we must be careful where we are. For example, some people root their phones and give special permissions to malicious apps, which will fill people’s phones with advertisements. However, the way to avoid all this is simple, since you have to be very careful with the applications and not trust too much. Also, be careful with root permissions, because if your mobile is damaged, the warranty is voided. Root permissions can only be removed with an unroot tool, since if you format the mobile from the factory, they will remain.
  4. Alternatives:
    Although Towelroot was very good in its day, we are already in the year 2017 and this application is a bit outdated. For this reason, there are new apps that can unlock more models, as this one seems to only be able to unlock slightly older models and not the ones from this last year. We are going to see two alternatives that, from my point of view, are the best there are right now.

    1. Framaroot: This program is a classic, since it is one of the first to allow all of this, it is easy to use and installs super automatically to control permission management. However, it has a similar problem to towelroot, that is, it is a bit behind and they don’t have as many models available as they used to. However, if your old phone can’t be rooted with towelroot, surely framaroot can.
    2. Kingroot: The Chinese always manage to get ahead, so they try to do things as big as Kingroot. Kingroot can root almost all phones and it is automatic. In addition, now it finally comes in many countries and it finally works correctly, without causing problems of any kind. If you have a new mobile, this application will almost certainly work for you in the correct way.
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