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Games Clash Royale: How to Download and Tips

Clash Royale: How to Download and Tips


One of the great fashion games for this year 2017 is the game Clash Royale, one of the best known and most played games, since hours of fun are undoubtedly guaranteed in this fantastic and frenetic video game.

Clash Royale is a video game created by the same people who created the fantastic Clash of Clans, a game that has a theme similar to this one and that has been a trend in recent years. Since this game is not played as much anymore, the creators decided to respond to the demands of the users with this other game.

This video game is a real-time strategy game, where we are going to face other players in real time while having fun. The game mode is called tower defense, in which we have to defend a tower from the enemies, while we are attacking the tower of the rivals.

All this is also mixed with a fabulous card system, a system in which we can play some cards or others, which will help us to improve our combat or defense system, since each card has a series of characteristics key that will help us to win or lose a battle. The use we make of them will be crucial in deciding our fate in this game.

Clash Royale and its cards are based on their previous game Clash of Clans as these cards are all about the colorful characters featured in this game. Clash of Clans was the bomb years ago and the creators wanted to take advantage of its popularity, however, in the end, Clash Royale has ended up surpassing its predecessor.

The reason is very simple, since its combat system, its attractive way of playing and its ease of play have captivated millions of users, who spend their afternoons playing online from their mobile phone, since it also consumes little data. The best thing is that Clash Royale allows you to play against your friends, something that not all games allow and that is undoubtedly the most attractive point of this game.

This game is available only for mobile phones and tablets, that is, it is on the Android and iOs operating systems. The Android version is the most interesting, since it is compatible with 90% of the mobile devices on the market, something that means that anyone can play this game.

All this is precisely what we are going to teach you today, since today we will teach you step by step how to download and install Clash Royale on your mobile phone, in order to be able to play this great game on Android anywhere. In addition to that, we are going to teach you some tips about the game, because although it is a good game and a simple game, more tips are needed to be able to go directly to the top with it.

Download Instructions and Tips

  1. Download the game:
    The first thing we are going to do when playing Clash Royale is obviously to learn how to download the game on our favorite Android device. The Android device that we have has to have minimum requirements of more or less 1 GB of Ram, some requirements that right now are considered very low, since you can get a mobile phone of this type in low prize since it is considered the low range. On an older phone some users have managed to get it to work, but it is not recommended. Anyway, a phone with 1 GB of Ram is usually the norm in most cases, since it is the current low range and the mid-range of two or three years ago. The game can be downloaded in several ways, one of them being through Google Play, something that is the official way in quotes. Then we have other unofficial ways, which allow us to download it in the same way, but with some changing things.

    1. Google Play: This is the official way, the recommended way, and the way we all know. Downloading this application through the Google Play Store is a guarantee of security, since the applications downloaded with this system will not only be updated to the latest version, but will also have all the security patches installed and everything working correctly. No chance of viruses and strange attackers on your android phone. The way to do this is simply to enter the Play Store application and download Clash Royale for Android directly to your device, something that will happen automatically if we have enough free space on our device. Once the application is installed, we can open it and enjoy it.
    2. Download the application through an apk file: Another way in which we are going to download the application is through an apk file, that is, an application installer file that we are going to download over the internet. This installation file will allow us to install the application from external sources other than Google Play, so we will have to go to security and settings to activate unknown sources if we want to continue with this and let the program install the application. What you have to do is go to Google and search the search engine for the application to install on your phone. This will take us to trusted web pages like uptodown, but also to other little-known web pages that are not very trustworthy. Try to choose a web page that you consider trustworthy and thus you will be able to avoid viruses and counterfeit applications that try to attack your Android device.
    3. Aptoide: Aptoide is one of the best applications that exist, since it is a kind of alternative market that will allow you to install applications without having to depend on the Google Play Store. This will undoubtedly allow us to install applications that are not on the market, but it also has something else that may interest us for this game. The Clash Royale is a game that is official from the Play Store, but the Play Store only collects the official stable installations that it has published. Thanks to Aptoide, we will also be able to install the applications in their Beta version or RC version, something that will allow us to enjoy the latest news of the App before anyone else. Aptoide is downloaded from the Google search engine by installing the apk, since if we do from the Play Store the application will not appear, since it is not an official application of this market and therefore, it does not appear in it. Once we have installed the apk, we are going to enter it and go to the tab that says search engine, to search for Clash Royale and download the latest available version of it to our terminal,
  2. How to play:
    Now that we have installed the application, it is time to start enjoying it as it deserves. For this we are going to learn which is the best way to play. Clash Royale has games that last about three minutes, games in which we have to destroy the player’s towers, focusing on the player’s central tower. Each player has three towers, with the central tower being the one that makes the difference. At the same time that we attack the towers of the opposing player, we have to defend our own towers, something that will allow us to have a game in which we have to be good in both attack and defense, something that undoubtedly makes it a much better game. more interesting to play than others. The way to attack is through troops, which are based on what we have already found in Clash of of them is the possibility of obtaining new cards. Each troop has different characteristics that can make us win or lose the game. For example, some troops will allow us to gain attack, other troops will allow us to have a slightly faster deployment time, and other troops will allow us to gain defense. The way in which you use them will determine how the game is played and of course it will determine your chances of being the winner or being defeated.
  3. Clans:
    As in its predecessor game, in Clash Royale we will be able to play as a team creating clans. The clans will allow you to increase your gaming experience, since we will be able to play with our friends and create an unstoppable team. At the time of playing, it is best to be from a clan to be able to have support when it comes to continuing to play. The best thing is that we are going to have an internal chat to communicate with each other, something that will undoubtedly be a great support if you want to achieve a great victory in this fabulous video game. Among the advantages of having a clan we have the ability to donate cards to companions or to receive letters in return. In addition, the clans receive gems and gold more quickly, something that will undoubtedly help when it comes to being the king in this fantastic game.
  4. The gems:
    The gems are one of the most important elements in this game, since we say that they are our currency when it comes to opening chests or opening new game modes such as challenges. Gems are scarce and hard to come by, so I don’t advise you to spend gems fast, but you should use them sparingly and only when you think their use is really needed. A good use is to change the gems for gold, which you can use to easily level up the cards you already have, something that will undoubtedly allow you to improve your deck easily and for this reason, change the way you play for the better.
  5. Download on PC:
    Many people want to play this game on PC, but in theory they can’t because it’s not Android. However, there is a way to do it. The best way to do this is through an Android emulator, which will undoubtedly allow us to install any application on our computer, even if it’s Android. I recommend Bluestacks for being one of the most popular on the market.
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