Apps Aptoide for Android – How to Download and Tips

Aptoide for Android – How to Download and Tips


If we talk about applications specialized in managing applications free of charge and external to the Google Play Store, Aptoide is one of the best in this field.

Aptoide is a kind of external market, which allows you to download a lot of applications that are not found in the Google Play Store or that are paid applications in it, but free in Aptoide.

This application will help us to find all kinds of applications easily, without having to spend money and finding more applications than in the Play Store. Its way of working is by associating the application to external repositories, which have a lot of applications.

It really is as if we were downloading apk files from the internet, but with the difference that we have a good download manager that does this for us in a fully automated way, avoiding errors and simplifying the process.

A good example is the GTA games, which are adaptations of old PC games from the past decade. If we try to download them from the internet with the apk, we will face an expensive process that almost never works. On the other hand, if we use Aptoide, we will be able to download these applications with a single click, as if we had paid for them in the Play Store.

Also, if you have Aptoide, you will be able to access application updates before anyone else, since Aptoide offers a special repository of applications that have not yet been included in the Play Store. In this way, we will find updates of applications such as WhatsApp that have not yet been put in the Play Store or Beta versions of programs that have not yet been released.

If you want to learn how to install this application market, you’re in the right place, since we ‘re going to teach you step by step how to download Aptoide on your Android and configure it to get the most out of it.

Instructions for Aptoide for Android – Download and Tips

  1. Download Aptoide:
    The first thing to do when installing Aptoide is to look for its download file and proceed to install it. Being a pirate market that contains paid applications for free, its appearance has not been approved by Google and therefore, you have to download the app from unknown sources. Really, the only thing we have to do is open the mobile phone’s browser, enter the Aptoide website and click on the section that says download Aptoide for Android. After waiting for the application to be completely downloaded, we are going to go to settings, security and activate unknown sources, because otherwise it will not let us install the application due to the block that Google has to only allow applications to be installed through Google play store. Once we have done all this, we are simply going to go to downloads, look for the apk file that we just downloaded and open it. It will automatically take us to an application installation section, in which we will simply have to click next to wait for it to be installed completely. It is very likely that the mobile antivirus will jump and classify Aptoide as a risky application. This should not be taken into account, simply because it only considers the application to be risky because it is capable of downloading applications not approved by Google, so you do not have to worry about this aspect and you should simply ignore it, leaving the application to be terminated. install so you can start downloading apps and interacting with it.
  2. Search for applications:
    Once we have downloaded Aptoide, we will have access to the Aptoide application with its official repository. We can see how it has a kind of seeker in which we can search for the applications we want to see if they are there. We also have a kind of list that shows us the most popular and most recommended applications on the market. We will use the search engine to search for a paid application and not pay for it, such as a paid video game. If nothing appears in the search engine, it means that the application is not in the repository, but don’t worry, since we can click on the option to search other repositories. Clicking on this option will open a web page with a list of all the repositories that have the application. Choose the application that you like the most and click on open with aptoide, this will take us directly to the application installer in Aptoide, for which we will have to wait for it to download and install the application on our phone. Now you can use the application without problems, as if you had paid for it.
  3. Update applications:
    One of the key features of Aptoide is the updates, which we can access before they appear in the Play Store. For example, people who had Aptoide managed to access WhatsApp calls before anyone else when this update came out. If we enter the Aptoide program and look in the update applications section, we will see if the latest updates of our favorite applications are available. Depending on the number of repositories that we have added, one number of applications or another will appear, since the more repositories we have added, the more applications we will have available and therefore, more updates. Once we have the applications there, ready for update, we will simply have to click on update applications so that they finish installing. In addition, if we have a rooted mobile, we will be able to assign Root permissions to Aptoide, so that automatic updates are carried out comfortably, something that will allow us to update the program without having to go around saying yes all the time. This can also be done if you have Android 5.0 or higher, since these programs have permission managers installed that make root authorization unnecessary.
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