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Apps Netflix for Android – Everything You Need to Know

Netflix for Android – Everything You Need to Know


Netflix is ​​the most popular series and movie platform in the world right now. This platform allows you to enjoy an almost infinite catalog of movies and especially series, in exchange for a very low monthly fee.

This platform started as a small page to watch series, but it ended up becoming so big that it even ended up producing its own series, exclusive to the platform. Flash, Luke Cage and especially Narcos, are the most popular series that are released today.

A series allows you to spend hours and hours hooked on the screen, being a great way to spend a weekend, either alone or with your friends. In addition, Netflix has its own application for Android, something that will allow you to watch the series anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet.

The way the application works is through the Netflix account, an account that works the same on all compatible devices. Once we have an account (later we will show how to create it), we can use it to log in to the application, in order to watch series.

Depending on the level of our account and the quality of our mobile screen, we can even watch the series in high definition, something that is undoubtedly great news for the most demanding. For this reason, now you no longer have to worry about having a television or a computer, since you can watch your favorite series anywhere in the world.

Also, this app works even on old phones. Although the popularity of Netflix started just under 2 years ago, Netflix has had a working app for a long time now, so it will work even on older Android phones.

For this reason, if you want to start watching all Netflix series anywhere, you have nothing to do but keep reading. We’re going to show you how to download, install, and set up your account and app, so you can watch your ideal series right now.


  1. Download the application:
    The first thing we are going to learn to do is download the Netflix application, since it is obviously the first step to start watching the series on our phone. The way we are going to use to download this application is through the Google Play Store, since it is the official way, the one that will offer you updates automatically and most importantly, the only source that guarantees you 100% that no there are no viruses. If you have your Google account properly configured, you just have to enter the Play Store, click on the search option and search for Netflix. The first option that comes up is the official one and the one that we must download, so there is no loss. Once you have downloaded the application, you will already be entitled to all automatic updates of the application.
  2. Create the account:
    Now we must proceed to the creation of the Netflix account, an essential requirement to be able to use the application. We will be able to do this both from the computer and from the application itself, by clicking on the option to create an account. Here we have to provide the typical data of username, name, surname, telephone and others, which will be used to create our account in a basic way. We also have to assign an email and a password, which will be the most important points because they will allow us to log in anywhere, so try not to forget it. Now that we have created our account, we only have to add one thing to enjoy our free month.
  3. Add payment data to enjoy your free month:
    It is no mystery that Netflix is ​​a payment service, which, for a small amount of money per month, allows you to watch all its series legally and without piracy. However, as a courtesy, Netflix offers you the possibility of enjoying a free month of the platform, so that you can see if you like it or not and try it out. To activate our free month, we just have to add our payment information, which can be our credit card or our PayPal account. Once we have done it, we will have already subscribed to Netflix. Of course, remember that later we will have to unsubscribe before the month if we don’t like it, because if we don’t, we will be charged automatically for the following month. This option is given in settings and account, in which we can unsubscribe whenever we want, having the right to enjoy the subscription until the end of the trial month. Then the account will be limited and although we can log in, we will not be able to watch series. Of course, we will be able to register again whenever we want, paying the fee of course.
  4. Start watching series:
    Now is the moment of truth, the time to watch series and movies on Netflix from our Android phone and have a great time. Here all you have to do is enter the content option and first see everything it has to offer. As in the computer, we have a list with the covers, so that we can click where we want more easily. In addition, we have a pretty good search engine, thanks to which we can choose specifically what we want to see. Once we click on the series that we like or on the movie, we will have to choose the season and chapter that we want to see. Once we have clicked, we can choose the image quality. Of course, remember that this depends on your subscription. The basic option gives you access to 720p or HD Ready, the standard option (the trial month) gives you access to 1080p or Full HD, and the premium option gives you access to 4K or Ultra HD. Choose wisely according to the screen of your mobile, since, if you have a phone with a 720p screen, this is the most the series will be seen. Once we have punctured, we only have to play the series or movie, being able to pause playback and resume whenever you want.
  5. Alternatives:
    Netflix is ​​not the only paid service that allows you to watch series, programs or movies. In the world of television and the Internet, this is a system that has become very widespread and for this reason, not a few are using this system, since it offers a possibility in which we all win. On the one hand, providers earn millions of dollars for content that has already been created before, making it profitable. On the other hand, users enjoy millions of contents at a very low price. For the price of movies and popcorn, we can have a whole month of series and movies at home and on any device. In addition, the alternatives to Netflix also have an Android application, so they must be thoroughly studied if we like the series.

    1. HBO :
      HBO is currently very famous, since it is the only one that legally broadcasts the Game of Thrones series, the most famous series currently in the world of entertainment. HBO has an app, offers a free month and not only focuses on Game of Thrones, but also has a large number of series that can help us enjoy and get out of ruin. The price is similar to Netflix, that is, around 10 euros per month.
    2. WWE Network: If you are a lover of blows, wrestling and stories, WWE Network is your platform. Here you can see all the live WWE events and all their paid events in history. You will be able to watch all the old episodes of Raw and Smack down, watch exclusive documentaries and other channels that you will love within it. The Network is worth about 10 euros a month and we can see it on Android thanks to the WWE application, which also has more functions. You will love it if you are a wrestling lover and you like to watch all the events.
    3. Canal + Yomvi:
      Canal + has changed a lot over the years, adapting to the times. Now it has an Android application, which allows you to watch all the plus channels at a low price. It also has the famous video store, to be able to watch all the movies and series.
    4. Others:
      The truth is that this class of content and series managers is very popular, so there is actually everything for all tastes. Netflix is ​​undoubtedly the most popular, but it does not mean that it is the only one or the best, since there are so many, it is difficult to know which one is the best. However, we do know that this format of paying little and seeing a lot is going to continue to grow and doesn’t look like it will ever end, especially with the rise of Android, which continues to grow and grow.
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