Apps Wattpad: How to Download and Tips

Wattpad: How to Download and Tips


Reading is synonymous with living, because for many reading is their life (literally), they immerse themselves in the stories of novels, stories, myths, whatever! everyone gets stuck with the book they like the most, but there is also someone who has that tingling to write, but it scares them.

To solve this problem, a kind of social network has emerged that is made for all readers and writers around the world, called Wattpad, in which you can write stories, fanfics and many other literary genres, open to anyone to read, who knows, maybe your art likes.

It is not a lie that the beginnings (of any aspect of life) are difficult, full of many criticisms and prejudices, which can make you stop what you do, but do not give up, go ahead and create art, because sites like Wattpad they are there for and because of you.

What do you need to Download and Tips?

Prepare your Curriculum Vitae, just kidding! Wattpad is a site that does not require much to be part of it, and if you do not believe us, then see what you need:

  • As with other mobile applications, you need to have an internet connection (although there is an interesting offline function that we will talk about later), enough storage space and a device with an Android, iOS or Android operating system. Windows.
  • It is not necessary to be of legal age to enter this community, but you will need a strong desire to read and write (this is optional); Of course, if you are a parent and want to introduce your young child to this world, supervise him.
  • This is a social network/community that thrives on its users being very active and always sharing content, commenting on it, and so on, so it helps foster a reading culture.

Wattpad, as you have just seen, is an open community that aims to promote reading and cultural exchange, where everyone is welcome, so do not hesitate to enter if you want to do so, but follow our steps in the next section!!

Download Instructions and Tips

How to download Wattpad on my devices?

It is very easy to download and use Wattpad, yes, since we are very good people, we will leave you the link of each of the stores so that you do not complicate your life or stress yourself, in addition, we will teach you how to use Wattpad. See it with us!

  1. On iOS: go to the App Store and search for Wattpad or go to the following link
  2. On Android: Search the Google Play Store for Wattpad or enter this link
  3. On Windows: search the Windows Store for Wattpad or enter this link
  4. If, for any reason, you do not have a smartphone and wish to register on this page from your computer, you must enter here
  5. Once the download process is ready, you can now open the app and touch where it says register, a process that you can do in two ways, a manual (classic, you put the data yourself) and an automated one, which is based on, Through the data of a social network, Google, for example, you let Wattpad extract the information it needs to complete your profile.
  6. In the web version of Wattpad it is exactly the same, in fact, the form that will open you will see that it is a registration form and, at the top, you have the automatic options of Facebook and Google.
  7. Like (almost) all websites you sign up for, you’ll need to confirm your account via email, this guarantees Wattpad that it’s really you.
  8. Once all this process is done, you will have your Wattpad account ready to read and/or write, we recommend that you go little by little completing the profile, because it makes the social network like Facebook but more enjoyable and fun.

Simple no, very simple is to register in this community, above all because of the flexibility, ease and confidence that it gives to its clients, who are free to express what they think through, in this case, the screen.

Tips for Downloading and Tips

Wattpad is, as we mentioned above, it is a network that can even cause a certain fear, that same fear that you experienced when at school you had to give a presentation or read in front of everyone, it is the same.

  • What we tell you in the previous paragraph is not random, it is the basis of our first advice, which is to overcome your fears as a writer, we know that it is not easy to accept an evaluation, especially if it is negative, of a work done with very eager; do not let criticism absorb you, get over yourself and make an effort to shut the mouth of whoever criticizes you.
  • And this second advice is linked to the first: support what you like. Wattpad is a bit like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, you can comment, give a rating (the equivalent of like) on a book or whatever you have read. Believe it or not, you help a lot with a simple good evaluation and commenting “keep it up!” or “I enjoyed your work!”
  • Do not close yourself, discover and learn; One of the things that online reading allows the most is that you have access to much more content without having to pay, which translates into greater freedom and greater motivation to face a text, do not always read the same, the same genre, the same author, change from time to time, you will see that something or someone will surprise you.
  • If you dedicate yourself to writing, do not rush, take it easy. Don’t write about what everyone else writes about, write about what you really want to write about and don’t get carried away by fads, this will only distract you from yourself; prepare your works with time, there is no rush to be read, art sometimes takes time.
  • Do not be selfish; sharing knowledge, giving advice or answering a simple question can make a person grateful to you for a long time; try to collaborate with those who want to grow with you, do not let the desire to go far make you be a bad person with those around you.
  • Wattpad has been the inspiration and fun of many young people who are going through both difficult and good times, a book has the ability to comfort someone who is going through a love break, as well as to make the happiest person in the world cry.

To close, we want to tell you that we consider Wattpad to be one of the best applications that have stood out in recent years, so we hope you make excellent use of it and can be an exemplary user of this wonderful community.

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