Apps Duolingo for Android: Best Tips and How to Download

Duolingo for Android: Best Tips and How to Download


Today, one of the most important things in the world is languages. Therefore, the Duolingo Android app is one of the most important apps within this platform.

Duolingo is an application that was born a long time ago, being implemented as an application to learn to speak several languages ​​such as Chinese, English, Japanese or French among others. This application works very well because it makes us see the application as a form of leisure instead of as something boring that is school.

For this reason, today it is an app that has millions of downloads and is one of the most valued in the Play Store. This means that it has gained a lot of fame and that more and more users are joining the large community of users that this application has.

This application is one of those that use the system of listening, copying and translating to learn languages, something that has been shown to be one of the best methods for learning languages. In addition, there are also challenges, levels, and point systems, which are what make it seem like a game.

Duolingo has really been a revolution, since it has been an application that has revolutionized the subject of learning English and other languages, since before you had to leave the country to learn it well and you also had to go to expensive academies that took away almost all the money to learn it well.

This will also allow you to learn a language for free, since the academies are paid, but this application is not, although it does have some paid functions such as special certificates. This means that we only need an Android phone to be able to learn languages ​​in an easy, simple and effective way.

If you haven’t installed this application yet, don’t worry about a thing, because it’s never too late to learn languages ​​again and be a polyglot person no matter how old you are. Honestly, you will be able to start from the level you want, in order to adapt to all types of users.

Without further delay, we are going to see step by step how we can install the Duolingo application for Android in an easy way. In addition, we are going to see how we can use it correctly and get the most out of it, so that you can learn languages ​​more easily, as you have never done before.

Instructions for Best Tips and Download

  1. Download the application to your mobile:
    The first thing we are going to learn when using the Duolingo application and learning many languages ​​is to download the application to your mobile phone, something that will allow you to enjoy everything it offers us. It really is very easy to download the Duolingo application for Android, because if you have the Play Store in the right way, you will learn how to do it very easily. However, I have also decided to show you an alternative method to learn how to download this application, since there are times when the Play Store does not work correctly, something that will prevent us from downloading the application from your mobile.

    1. Use the official method:
      The first method that we are going to use is obviously the Google Play. Whenever possible, try to use the Google Play Store, since it is the method recommended by Google and by ourselves. The reason why you should always use this method is simply because it is much safer than other alternative methods. Google has a rigorous security system with its applications, which are programmed so that there is never any virus inside them. In addition to that, you will be guaranteed automatic updates for life, something that will guarantee you always have the latest version, with its respective security patches and content updates. What you have to do to download the application probably does not need to be explained to you, since you have surely downloaded applications from the Play Store many times.
    2. Use the alternative method:
      The second method that we are going to use is the alternative method, a method that allows us to download the application in another way that is not in the Google Play Store. This method can be used simply with the internet browser, since you have to search Google for the phrase up to down, so that you enter this web page, a page that contains a large number of android apks. Once we have entered, you must search for duolingo within it, something that will take us to this application, give us a synopsis and let us download the apk to our mobile phone. Of course, remember to activate the application from unknown sources, which is blocked by default and if we do not remove it, we will not be able to install anything on our mobile phone.
  2. Mode of use:
    This program is used in a very easy way, since the only thing we have to do to be able to use it is to create an account, in which we will put all the necessary data to be able to work with it. Once we have the account created, we will proceed to do an initial level test, which will help us to know exactly where we are. The best thing about this application is that it is able to help us start from the beginning of the level, that is, if you have too much level, you will start almost at the end and if you have little level, you will start from the beginning. This allows us to have a system adapted to you, which will allow us to progress easily regardless of the level and will allow us not to waste time nor do we have a high level of English already.
  3. Levels and competitions:
    One of the most important things in this application is the level system, that is, instead of having lessons, we are going to have levels. What you have to do is complete levels to get points and be able to continue in the application. In this way, we will be able to have a feeling that we are playing instead of studying, since many people do not like to study and in this way, they can think that they are playing while learning. We will also be able to compete with other users symbolically speaking, since texts can be translated and try to make the text as similar as possible to the original. There are also some parts that are paid, which will help us to obtain official certificates that we can save and then print, with full validity to work in companies and that certify that we have managed to learn English or another language that we have wanted.
  4. Alternatives like Babbel:
    There are alternatives to Duolingo, which do more or less the same thing, but work a little differently. The one that we liked the most was Babbel, a good application that is also useful for learning languages, but that is more focused on translation than on levels.

Tips for Best Tips and Download

  • Practice every day:
    These applications are very good for learning all kinds of languages, however, they are useless if you are not one of these constant people, that is, people who work with the application every day. If you don’t work every day, it won’t help you at all to learn English or any type of language, since you will simply forget it from one day to the next. What you have to do is try to spend some time every day, since really everyone can spend some time every day to learn English or any language. When it comes to languages, it is better to spend a little time every day, than to spend several hours one day and do nothing the rest, since you forget from one day to the next. Also try to correct your mistakes and try as hard as you can.
  • Interact with users:
    Another thing that we must do in order to learn a language in the correct way is to interact with users, a way that serves to learn the language even more. It really is true that unity is strength, so we have to make the most of the company of the rest of the users, since it is better to collaborate among all than not to do so. For example, many users post challenges that other users must perform, others post personalized translations of a text in English, which other users rate and tell them about the failures they have had. This will help you to improve in learning all kinds of languages, as well as helping others to learn that particular language as well. Without a doubt, you should keep in mind that you should always help new users, who will learn more easily if you help them. In addition to that, the most advanced users will help you to improve, something that will help you to be able to improve a lot in this language,
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