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Apps Mega for Android – How to Download and Tips

Mega for Android – How to Download and Tips


If I had to choose one of my free cloud storage services, I would definitely choose Mega, an application that saves millions of files online for free.

Mega was born as a revival of the old Mega upload, a similar service that closed a few years ago due to controversy with the United States government. The creator Kit Dotcom decided to create Mega, which is very similar to the old Mega upload, but better.

Although Kit Dotcom is no longer part of the project (and by the way plans to resurrect mega upload), Mega is still the king when it comes to these services. The reason is that it works very fast, it is the safest of all thanks to its keys and finally it is one of the ones that offers the most storage space for free.

If we have a free account, we will have nothing more and nothing less than 50 gigabytes, an amount much higher than that offered by other services such as Google Drive or OneDrive. This amount is more than enough to share files and to have your own hard drive in the cloud.

Apart from being able to be used in an internet browser, Mega is also available for Android phones, as these also need a cloud file manager.

If, for example, we have Mega on Android, we will be able to make backup copies of our files and restore them anywhere. It can also be a good way to share files with the computer, if the USB data cable does not work well for us.

For this reason, the developers of this Cloud storage service have developed an application for Android, which has the main utility of being able to communicate with your Mega account, to upload files, download them and be able to manage your virtual hard drive.

Today I will teach you several things about this application. In the first place, we are going to obviously learn how to download and install it on Android and after that, we are going to learn how to use it, its secrets and we are also going to give you some tips so that you can get the most out of it.

Instructions for Mega for Android – Download and Tips

  1. Download the application:
    The first step we are going to take to be able to use Mega is to download the application to our mobile phone and then install it inside it. What we are going to do whenever we can be try to install the applications from the official Google Play Store, the official Google application manager to download all kinds of applications and games. The reason why we are going to try to do it almost always from here is for the simple reason of security, since the people of Google are constantly reviewing the applications, something that they do to avoid counterfeits and to avoid viruses. The way to download this application from Google Play is the same as always, that is, all you have to do is search for Mega in its search engine and download the application, which will be automatically installed on your computer. If this does not work for us, do not worry, since all is not lost. Although it is somewhat more insecure, we can download the Mega application from another site, such as directly from the internet in an apk file or from an application manager such as Aptoide. I recommend using this method only in case Google Play does not work as it should, since it is a bit insecure.
  2. Download files from the internet:
    The main reason why you have downloaded Mega is probably to download files from the internet using the application, since when we are going to download a file from Mega in the usual way, it will give you an error and take you to the application. Once we have it installed, the way to download a file from mega is to go to the web page where the download link is and open it. When we do this, the Mega application will open directly, which will ask us where we want to download the file we want to download. Once we have finished, an M icon will appear on the screen above, which wants say that a download is taking place from the official mega application. Once it finishes, it will notify us that the download has been completed and we will be able to enjoy our downloaded file.
  3. Management of the disk in the cloud:
    If we enter the mega application, you will see how it tells us to log in, something that will help us to access the disk in the cloud. If you don’t have a Mega account, you can also easily create an account here. Once you’ve logged in, the application will take you directly to your cloud hard drive, which opens the same way it opens on your PC. Once this disk has been opened in the cloud, we will be able to browse our files, being able to download them, delete them and, of course, create new folders to keep everything organized. We can also upload files to the platform, which will then be used to share these files with the computer, something that is obviously quite useful, as I have said before.
  4. Upload camera backup:
    One of the features that we like the most about Mega is the option of being able to make a backup of your mobile’s camera, that is, the application automatically uploads all the photos of your mobile to the server. This option will appear the first time you log in to Mega, however, it can also be configured in settings to do so after this. What this function will do is automatically upload the photos from the camera roll folder, so that in this way, you always save the photos and never lose them. The idea is good, since Mega knows that one of the most important things in life are memories, which are represented in the form of photographs, which should not be deleted if you want to remember something. In addition to that, you can configure it so that it only uploads the photos when you are connected to Wi-Fi, that is, if you have a data rate, do not worry, since not one of your megabytes will be affected by this functionality by Mega for Android.
  5. Premium Account:
    If the 50 gigabytes that free mega gives you fall short, you still have the option to go a little further and buy a premium account. A premium account has many advantages, among which is that of not having an upload or download limit and that of increasing your virtual hard drive by several gigabytes of space. Depending on what you pay, you can access various plans, but I’ll tell you from here that the biggest plans have several gigabytes of capacity.
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