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Apps KingRoot for Android – How to Download and Tips

KingRoot for Android – How to Download and Tips


When we talk about rooting a phone, KingRoot is one of the applications that comes to mind the most, as it is one of the best applications to perform this task.

We define as rooting a phone the escalation of permissions in the system, which will allow us to unlock new features in most mobile phones.

To prevent data destruction and modification of important operating system files, Android phones come with a limited permissions system, so that standard users cannot be super users. In order to have an operating system with 100% permissions, you need to root it through an application like Kingroot.

The name Root comes from gaining root access, since root is the name of the full administrator user on Linux operating systems. As you already know, Android is Linux and therefore, you have to root it to be able to access everything.

KingRoot is an application created in China a couple of years ago, an application that allows you to root the vast majority of phones from your mobile, including the very complicated Chinese phones. It also comes with its own permissions manager, avoiding having to install the famous SuperSU, which sometimes causes problems and cannot be used normally.

This application is good if you have not managed to root your mobile phone and you intend to do so, since you will be able to do it with a single click. That’s how I managed to root my old mobile, something that really didn’t cost me much to do and it was the only way I had to be able to do it.

That yes, a word of warning before I teach you how to use KingRoot. This article is informative and is not intended to encourage you to do anything. By this I mean that if you break your phone we are not responsible, since rooting a phone has its risk, which you must assume in order to continue forward.

Once you have assumed the risk and you have exempted us from all responsibility, we can begin to explain how to download KingRoot for Android, how to install it and how to root our phone. We will also learn the secrets of the application and we will also learn how to remove Root access if necessary.

Instructions for KingRoot for Android – Download and Tips

  1. Check the compatibility of your mobile:
    The first thing we must do before downloading the KingRoot application is to find out if our mobile phone is compatible with the application, that is, check to see if the rooting of our mobile is possible and it can be done with KingRoot. This application supports most Chinese terminals with Android 4.X installed, so it is almost certain that your mobile is supported if it has these characteristics. In any case, search Google for the name of your terminal, followed by KingRoot, in this way, you will be able to be sure if it is 100% compatible with this application and if there is any risk associated with rooting the phone. Once you are clear that the terminal is compatible and you want to root it, we can start with the first step of installing and rooting your mobile, that is, with the download of the application.
  2. Download the application:
    KingRoot is one of those few applications that have been “banned” from the Google Play Store, that is, you don’t expect to find it by searching Google Play. The reason is that Google considers all applications that modify the original configuration of Android to be dangerous, among which is the rooting of terminals. The good news is that we can easily find the KingRoot application using other systems, which will allow you to install it on your device without any problems. We are going to see the two most important installation systems.

    1. Search for the Apk and remove unknown sources:
      The first way to install it is to download the apk file directly from Google. To perform this task, we are going to do a simple Google search for “kingRoot Apk”, looking at application pages such as Argim or Apk mania, among others. When downloading it, we will go to settings and security to remove unknown sources and let us install the application. Once we have removed it, we open the apk and install it. Of course, we must ignore the mobile antivirus, which will detect kingroot as dangerous (because it detects everything that root can do as dangerous), so just ignore it and don’t worry.
    2. Use external download manager:
      If you are not good at searching for external applications, you always have the option of using other download managers, such as Blackmarket or Aptoide, which allow you to easily get applications, without paying for them and getting Unofficial apps from the Google Play Store. Use your favorite download manager to get the latest version of KingRoot and install it without any problem.
  3. Root the mobile:
    Once we have installed KingRoot, we are going to see how the option to Root the mobile phone comes out directly, an option that we can easily activate by pressing the large Root button that we get (by the way, it will tell us if our mobile can be rooted or not). Before pressing, make sure you have enough battery power, as this process cannot be interrupted. Also make sure you have backed up everything just in case. By pressing the button, the mobile will begin to be rooted by KingRoot, which will carry out different functions in order to leave the mobile ready to be used in superuser mode. This process will take a few minutes and we should not touch anything until it says Root OK. When that happens, we must restart the mobile phone for the changes to take effect. Now we will have the mobile ready to use in root or superuser mode.
  4. Assign root permissions to applications:
    Once we have it installed, we can already have elevated user access, that is, we are going to be able to grant certain applications rights that they do not normally have. A good example is the Lucky Patcher app, which needs access to the operating system to hack apps. Assigning root permissions is very easy, we just have to open an application that requires root and then wait for the permission request to appear, in which we must click on the green allow button and click accept. Within the kingroot menu we can see the applications to which we have given permission and we can modify it, activating the permission, deactivating it and asking us every time we want to activate it.
  5. Remove Root:
    Now we are going to remove the root of the mobile phone, something that we will do in two cases. In the first place, we will do it when our mobile has been damaged and we have to take it to the guarantee, since those of the guarantee do not accept rooted mobiles. We will also do it when we sell the mobile and we want to deliver it clean, since the root is not eliminated when doing a factory reset from the mobile (because it is installed in the system folder). There are only two ways to unroot, either using a pc program like Sp Flash Tools to erase all data on the phone (even the rom) or from the program. We are going to use the simplest way, that is, from the KingRoot application. We simply open the application and click on remove root permissions, waiting for it to load and completely remove the application and the rooting of the phone, having it again with the original permissions with which it came.
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