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Apps LET GO for Android: How to Download and Tips

LET GO for Android: How to Download and Tips


In these times, internet buying/selling applications are the order of the day and Let Go for Android is one of the most popular.

A buying/selling application is an application capable of greatly simplifying the issue of buying and selling online, making it much easier than doing it on a computer. Let Go easily connects users and sellers, so you can get products at a good price and sellers earn money for them.

If you are a seller looking to make money without paying commissions like eBay, this is your ideal website as it is one of the big ones, has a large user base and is very easy to use. It is also geared towards local collection rather than delivery, so you will be able to find people near you and buy products that you have seen in person, ideal for suspicious people.

In addition to that, it includes a chat system to be able to talk with the user easily, whether you are a seller or a buyer. This greatly facilitates the procedures, since it is much easier to reach an agreement through a simple chat, than to go around giving WhatsApp to strangers who can then boss you around using your phone number.

In addition, this application is used and downloaded in a simple way, that is, you will not need any knowledge of computer science to be able to use it correctly.

If you don’t know how to download Let Go for Android, don’t worry about anything, since today you are in the right place, where you will learn how to do it step by step, in addition to learning the main tricks about it.

Download the app

The first thing we need to know to use the Let Go application is obviously to learn how to download the application to our Android devices in a safe way, that is, trying to install it on our phone correctly, without viruses or other unwanted errors. I present you the three most used methods not only to download the Let Go app, but also to download any Android app.

  • Traditional system: We call traditional system to download the application through Google Play Store, the best Android application management system in the world. I call it traditional because it is the most used, since it is the official Google and the most effective of all. Using it is easy and needs no introduction, since all we have to do is search for Let Go in the Play Store search engine and download this application to our mobile phone. Also, when you download the application from here, we will have automatic updates, something that will allow you to always be up to date with everything.
  • Via uptodown: There are times when Google Play does not work, especially if we are talking about very old devices, in which Google Play cannot be installed because Google Play services occupy 80% of the phone’s internal memory. Fortunately, there is an alternative called uptodown, a 100% secure apk download website. All you have to do is access the page through the mobile browser and download the file directly to it.
  • Through Aptoide: Aptoide is an alternative application market to the classic Play Store, which is used to download applications and also have a system that updates them automatically. Among other things, it allows you to download applications if you don’t have Play Store and it also allows us to have updates that haven’t come out yet in the latter, such as Beta versions, something that makes it a very interesting option to consider.

Create an account

Now that we have downloaded the application and we have it running on our terminal, it is time to create an account, since without an account, we will not be able to operate in this internet buying/selling portal. That yes, do not be scared, since it is a very easy procedure, that you will be able to do without any effort and that surely you have already done at some time in similar applications, so what we are going to do will be familiar to you.

  • Traditional registration: The first thing we are going to do is click on the registration button of this application. Here you have two options, either register by entering your username, password, and so on, or register through Facebook or Google, something that will make the app copy your data from there and, therefore, the process is greatly simplified. Once you have done this, we will proceed to log in to the application, to see what it is about.
  • Profile configuration: The first step once we have logged in is to configure the profile, since the profile is the visible part that other people will see when we decide to connect. It really is easy to do, since we only have to put a photograph, put our name, a description of the seller and little else. Making a good profile is important for sales, because if they see that we are a person or store, they will consider us as reliable sellers or trustworthy buyers.

Buy products

The first thing that we are going to be able to do with this application is to buy products, that is, review the products that are on this web page and try to find the product that you like the most, contact the seller, agree on a price and buy the product as agreed. To buy any product on let go, you have to follow these three simple steps.

  • Using the search engine: The search engine is a classic of these applications, since it will allow us to search in a very easy way for the products we want, without having much trouble doing so. Here we also have an advanced search filter, which will allow you to filter products by location, by categories and by keywords. In this way, you will be able to find what you want in this application, since the search engine is one of the best things it has.
  • Contact the seller: Now is the time to contact the seller of the product, something you will do to agree on a final sale price for it. Contact the seller and ask him for details about the product, try to haggle with him and try to agree on a fair price for both of you, in which you both earn money.
  • Avoid scams: Finally, you should try to avoid scams, which are the order of the day in these applications. The best option for this is to meet that person in person, try the product and pay in hand. If you can’t do this, ask for a guarantee that it works and a form of payment that favors you, such as PayPal or cash on delivery, to avoid scams. Finally, use common sense and read the descriptions well, which are often not scams, but unread purchases in which you cannot claim anything.

Sell ​​products

The other functionality of this application is to sell all kinds of products to other people, products with which you will be able to earn a lot of money while you get rid of your old junk that you don’t want, making someone else happy who does. wants. Selling products is almost as easy as buying them, since you only have to take 3 simple steps to be able to sell what you want in this application, since once again they have simplified it a lot to make it accessible to all kinds of people.

  • Publish ads: The first step we are going to take is to publish ads, something that we can easily do by pressing a button. In doing so, we will have to upload images to the product site, put a title, a description and a price. When we do this, it will automatically be available in the application for everyone.
  • Wait for the buyers to contact you: Now you have to be patient and wait for the buyers to arrive, since sometimes the ads take time to position themselves correctly, which forces you to wait a bit for these buyers to reach their destination. When they contact you, try to be friendly, respond on time and answer any questions you may have, since a reliable seller is a guarantee of repeat purchases.
  • Reach an agreement: In the end, you have to negotiate a fair price with the buyer, since you can easily haggle at Let Go. What I do is put a price slightly higher than what I expect to get, in this way, when I haggle, I get the price I wanted to get for it (and if they don’t haggle, I earn more money). In the end you have to agree on the form of payment, shipping and all that. Of course, this is not a guarantee of purchase, since some buyers back down, I say this from experience.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for on Let Go, I have good news for you, as it’s by no means the most successful internet portal. Lately these portals are becoming overcrowded and there are hundreds of them. I will limit myself to telling you three of the most important ones, so that you can easily sell and buy what you want.

  • Wallapop: Wallapop goes first because it is the most famous and the most successful. Applications like Let Go have copied its aesthetic, since it is a simple interface and easy to access at the same time. Usage is practically identical to Let Go, but with slightly simpler profiles. That if, again remember to be very careful with scams, since this kind of applications are full of scammers willing to keep your money.
  • Vibbo: Vibbo is the new name of the classic second-hand site, which has launched an application to buy and sell things more easily. The operation is similar to that of the classic site, but with a simpler interface and a more colorful tone. In conclusion, it is a modernization of the classic site, but in essence it is the same, purchase/sale of used products throughout Spain.
  • Amazon: Amazon could not be missing, the most famous buying and selling portal in the world and one of the oldest. Although in Spain it does not have the importance (nor the low prices) of English-speaking countries, more and more people use it, since it offers a quality guarantee, a good search engine and the possibility of earning money as an affiliate of the page.

Besides, there are more sites like Ebay, Milanuncios… These sites are also good, but in the end they are very similar sites that do almost the same thing. You can try the ones you like the most and leave your comment below telling if you liked an application or not.

FindAndroid Staff
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