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Tips & Tricks Router Keygen for Android – How to Download and...

Router Keygen for Android – How to Download and Tips


One of the biggest fascinations that people have is related to the security of Wi-Fi networks. Router Keygen is one of these applications that are designed to try to circumvent the security of routers and get the password.

This application is designed to check the security of your Wi-Fi router, checking with the same key if this key is secure. If a program like Router keygen is able to extract your Wi-Fi key, you should change it immediately…

What this program does to get the key is to apply a kind of mathematical algorithm, which calculates the Wi-Fi key from the name of the network and its mac address (better known as BSSID). Thanks to this, it is able to get the factory router key, that is, the key that you were given when you bought the router.

This makes router keygen only effective against keys that have not been changed since your router was installed, i.e. if you have changed the key, this program will not work.

I know that many of you use this type of application to decrypt Wi-Fi passwords that are not yours, since, for example, it is very tempting and “greedy” to decrypt the password of the neighbors and not pay for internet. However, I am sorry to tell you that this is a crime and it is unethical to do so.

That is why I want to warn you that this article is merely informative, that is, its intention is not to incite you to commit any crime, since that is not the initial purpose of this application.

Once the warning is made, it is time to continue with the article. What I am going to explain today is everything related to the router keygen application, looking at how it is downloaded, how it works and how you can work with it.

Instructions for Router Keygen for Android – Download and Tips

  1. Download and install the application:
    The first thing we should know before installing router keygen is that it is an application that we will not find in the Google Play Store. The reason is that Google does not support applications of this type, since as I have already said in the introduction of this article, it can be used for malicious purposes. Since Google is taking no chances, it has been removed from the Play Store, never to return. For this reason, you should try to search for the app in other sources, which is also easy to do. The first thing you have to do is go to the security option of your Android phone and activate the download from unknown sources, which will allow you to install applications outside the Play Store. Once you have done it, search Google for Router Keygen apk and look at the results. Try to choose a trustworthy page, such as uptodown, aptoide or apkmania, as other pages might have included a virus in the application code, making this application malicious.
  2. Use:
    Once we have it installed, we are going to see a little how the application works. The application will start, asking us that we must have Wi-Fi activated to work. Now we will get a list of all the networks that this application can violate, since not all the factory keys can be obtained through the algorithm. Once we have done it, we must look for our Wi-Fi key within the application. If it says that it is available, it will give us the factory Wi-Fi key and if it is not, it cannot be decrypted using this method. Finally clicking inside your password will give you the factory password, which may or may not match the real password. This depends on whether you have changed the password and whether the ISP has changed the password before installing the router (they know the existence of these applications) among others. Finally, you will have to test the key,
  3. Alternatives:
    Fortunately or unfortunately, there are many alternatives to router keygen in the app market. That is if, like this one, they are all banned from Google play, so you should try to acquire them by other means, mainly from the internet by downloading the corresponding apk files. One of the most famous alternatives is pull wifi, an application that serves the same purpose as this one, however, it is a little more powerful, since it allows you to decrypt a greater number of routers and passwords within it. There are also many other applications on the market, which we can find with a simple Google search for the terms “applications to get Android Wi-Fi keys”. As in Router Keygen, they are only capable of extracting factory keys.
  4. Wireless Security in conditions:
    All this keygen routers and others is fine but for beginners, however, even if your network is not the factory one, you are not exempt from problems, since an advanced hacker could take your key. What we must look at is if the key is WEP or WPA and above all, if it has WPS activated. The WPS protocol is a network security protocol, which consists of a protocol to connect to the router by pressing a button and without entering the password. All this is fine, however, the WPS protocol is completely insecure and can be easily compromised. The way to check it is with the aircrack-ng and reaver applications, advanced command-based applications that only the most advanced users know how to install on Android, since you need to be root, install busy box and have the command console with administrative privileges. You can also use the wifislax operating system, which makes things a bit easier by having a windowed version of these programs, not having to execute commands with them.
  5. Protect your Wi-Fi password:
    As this article is oriented towards security and not password theft, a final section on wireless security could not be missing, which will try to teach you how to correctly protect your Wi-Fi password, to prevent strangers from attacking it. The first thing you have to do is enter Windows and type the ipconfig command in the cmd command console. Now look where it says gateway and copy the ip that comes out (for example Now enter the internet browser and type the gateway in the address bar. This will give you access to your router, in which you must enter with the username and password (it usually comes under the router). Once you are inside, access the security section, change the password for personal WPA2 and create a strong password, with numbers, letters and special symbols, thus making the password also protected against advanced dictionary attacks from aircrack. Also enter the WPS option and deactivate it, since it is hardly used and only serves to steal your internet. It also changes the router credentials, so you can safely log back in, and saves all changes before exiting. Now your internet is very difficult to steal.
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