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How To PicsArt Studio for Android: How to Download and Tips

PicsArt Studio for Android: How to Download and Tips


If you’re one of those simple photo editors with filters and effects, the PicsArt application for Android is undoubtedly your ideal application, since it’s one of those applications that edit photos and add filters with just one touch.

Its ease of use is such that even if you don’t have much experience in the photo editing sector, you will be able to work without having much trouble, with all confidence and being able to do it very easily.

If you have never seen this app, it is time to start using it as an alternative to others like retrica and company as it has many filters, lomography and many more options.

Today we are going to teach you how to download PicArt, for Android, showing you how to download it, how to use it correctly, and finally showing you how to get the most out of it and get the best images and the best filter editing.

Download Instructions and Tips

  1. Installation of the application:
    This may seem obvious, however, it is the first step to be able to install any type of application and for this reason, all the ways in which we can download the application must be taken into account, so that we always have where choose in case some method fails. Many people overlook the importance of facilities, however, this is a mistake. For example, imagine that one day the Play Store crashes or that your mobile is too old to support it. You should always know all the alternatives to download an application, in case the official method fails. Today I bring you three alternatives to download the PicArts application for Android and any application, in addition to the official method approved by Google.

    1. Download from Google Play:
      The Google Play Store is always the official method and the one we should always use when it goes the right way and there is no external problem. The reason is always the same, security and officiality, since Google is one of the safest companies in the world and the fact that we can use something with 100% approval will always be synonymous with total security. The download method is always the same, in all the applications, that is, open the Play Store application on the phone, search for the application in the browser and finally download it to the mobile phone in install, something that is done automatically. Thanks to this, we will also be able to count on automatic updates practically for life, at no additional cost.
    2. Download from up to down:
      In the event that Google Play has any type of failure that prevents its normal use, we must take into account alternatives as I have said before. Up to Down is the first one that I advise you to take into account, since this method is simple and quite safe, although not 100% like Google. What you have to do is enter your website and use its search engine, putting the name of the application inside it and looking to see what comes up. Once we see the desired application, we must click on download the apk file and install it on the mobile, but not before enabling downloads from unknown sources from our mobile settings section.
    3. Download from Google:
      We will also be able to download from Google, but not from Google Play, but using the search engine itself. You can actually search for PicArts for Android apk in the search engine, something that will return several search results, which you can use in a normal way by searching for the desired apk file. Here you have to look a lot at the fame of the page, something that we can also do using Google, looking to see if the page is reliable or if it is a virus. After that, pass the antivirus to the apk file and if it doesn’t detect anything, install it on your Android OS.
    4. Download from Aptoide:
      Finally we have the alternative download manager Aptoide, one of the best managers in the world if we obviously don’t count Google Play Store. The good thing about Aptoide is that it has its own update support, something that will allow us to always have the latest available version of the applications, even if they have not yet been released (Beta versions). In order to download this application, we must again use google to download aptoide, searching Google for the terms download apk for android. Here we will search for the apk, we will install it on the mobile and finally we will proceed to enter aptoide to search for the application and download it to our phone in a simple and automatic way, also adding the store to our list so that we can always have automatic updates.
  2. Load an image:
    Now is the time to load an image in the application, something that of course will help us to work with it in an efficient way, since that is what it really is for. The best thing about this is that the picarts application for Android offers a very simple interface, which will allow us to edit an image in a simple way and with great effectiveness. The first thing we will learn are the three ways to import the image to our program, that is, taking a photo, from Facebook and finally importing the photo from the gallery.

    1. From Facebook account:
      The first thing we are going to do is learn how to do it from the Facebook account, something that we will do by clicking on the Facebook icon in the application. Now we will have to log in to this social network and then give permissions to the application, calm down, it is safe. After that, we will choose the photo that we want to edit and after that, we will click on edit to be able to move on to the next step.
    2. Take a photo:
      As usual in these applications, we will be able to take a photo of ourselves to be able to edit it at the moment, something very comfortable since there is no need to open the camera elsewhere or change the application. Once you have opened the camera from here, prepare your best smile and take the photo, being able to repeat it if it has gone wrong. If it went well, you will be able to go to the next step and if it went wrong, you will be able to repeat the image as many times as necessary, until you get it right.
    3. Import photo from the gallery:
      Importing the photo from the gallery is undoubtedly a good option to be able to work with images, since the photo gallery is undoubtedly capable of loading all the photos that we have on our mobile phone. To be able to do this, we are going to click on the gallery icon, and then choose the image that we like the most and click on accept, just that.
  3. Photo editing:
    Now it’s time to edit the image, which is very easy and is divided into four simple steps: Crop the photo, choose a filter, the amount of filter and finally add small touches to the image. We will see them in detail below.

    1. Crop the photo: 
      If we have chosen a very large photo both in the gallery, as in Facebook, as in the camera, we will be able to crop it and take out only the part that we want, something that is undoubtedly very useful. By clicking on the crop icon we can easily choose the height and width of the photo and then keep the small photo.
    2. Choosing the right filter:
      The photo filter is a series of adjustments that enhance the image. Here we have many filters available, which can greatly improve the photo, adding effects such as vintage, artistic and black and white photo among others. Choose the one you like the most
    3. Choose the amount you want of the filter:
      Above there is a kind of bar, which we will have to adjust in order to work correctly with this application. If you notice, the image is modified as you adjust the bar, adding more filter to more amount of bar and less filter to less amount. Adjust as you want and hit accept.
    4. Add final touches:
      Finally you will be able to add final touches to the image, which will help you to ensure 100%that everything is going well and that the image is perfectly. What you have to do in these cases is to click on the star icon to improve the photo a bit, apply automatic adjustments and finally check if everything has gone well. When you’re ready, you can save the photo to your mobile without any hassle.
  4. Save the photo, upload it or share it with your friends:
    Finally you can save the photo on your mobile by pressing the save button, an option that will allow it to be saved in the application folder as an edited photo. You can also directly upload it to Facebook, something that will simplify the process if it was what you really wanted to do. Finally, you will be able to share the photo with your friends, sending them the photo without leaving the application, which is quite comfortable. Be that as it may, you will now be able to enjoy your 100% edited photo.
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