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Apps PlayView for Android – How to Download and Tips

PlayView for Android – How to Download and Tips


PlayView for Android is one of those applications that are currently the order of the day. This app is one of the most used and downloaded home entertainment apps today.

The reason for its success is that PlayView is one of the few applications that allows you to watch streaming videos, series and movies directly from your device, that is, we are going to have a kind of multimedia center for series for free on our mobile phone.

Imagine watching the latest season of Game of Thrones totally free, or imagine having access to all the videos that we have on our computer in one place. PlayView is undoubtedly a winning application that should not be missing from any self-respecting Android device.

I say any device because this application is not only recommended for mobile phones, but it is also recommended for other devices such as Smart TVs with Android TV installed or Tablets. What’s more, being devices with larger screens, we will be able to see all our favorite series better, without any kind of effort and much more easily than with many of the applications that come by default.

Of course, this is one of those applications that are not accepted in the Play Store, since Google does not want to know anything about everything that has to do with piracy. This complicates the installation of the application a bit, since it is not available in the Play Store, we will have to install it through unknown sources, an option that allows us to download any apk file and install it on the PC.

And for this reason I am here, because today I am going to show you how you can download this application to your Android device today, whatever it may be, and how you can watch all your favorite series with a single click, something that will undoubtedly delight of the viewer.

Instructions for PlayView for Android – Download and Tips

  1. Download the application:
    The first thing we are going to do when it comes to being able to enjoy the PlayView application is download the apk file and install it on our mobile phone. As I have already said a little above, forget about using Google Play, since this application is not accepted in the Google market, since it is used to pirate content and violates copyright and market regulations. The good thing is that we have three methods to do it, that is, three methods to download the apk file and easily install it on our mobile. That if, first of all, do not forget to activate the installation of applications through unknown sources, something that we can do in the settings, security, unknown sources option.

    1. Up to Down:
      If we access the web address, we will be able to access this application directly, that is, we will be able to download its apk file to our mobile phone. Up to Down is, let’s say, the official pirate market for this type of application, a market that is online and has a lot of applications of this type. All we have to do is click on the download option and wait a bit for the download to finish, to finally install the apk file on our terminal.
    2. Aptoide:
      Surely you have heard me speak wonders of this market. This market is the most famous pirate market on Android, since it collects thousands of applications in one place, serving as Google Play for paid applications and applications that have not yet been released in full version. By installing Aptoide (we will make it easy from its website), we will be able to use its search engine, being able to easily find what we want by searching for the words PlayView in it, since this will take us directly to download the application, which will be It will automatically install us on our mobile phone.
    3. Other means:
      There are also other methods to install PlayView, which are more manual methods but still work. In places like apkmanía or Argim, we will be able to find all these applications like PlayView with a single click, since they are large repositories of applications similar to Up to Down. With a simple Google search, we will be able to find any application on the internet, among which Play View is of course included.
  2. Search for the movie or series:
    Once we have downloaded the application and successfully installed it on our terminal, we are going to see how we can use it to get the most out of it. The first thing we are going to see is a gigantic list of what is fashionable on the internet right now, also seeing a search engine and a category manager. We are going to use the search engine to find our favorite series, something that we will do quickly. The way that Play View finds all this is thanks to its large database, in which it searches for sites such as YouTube, Stream Cloud, Vk and many more. This allows you to find everything on the internet from that series. By clicking on the option, they will automatically take us to a new place, in which a streaming player of the series or movie will automatically open. Of course, remember that you must have a good internet connection to be able to take full advantage of this application.
  3. Alternatives:
    If PlayView doesn’t work well for you or isn’t convincing, don’t worry, as there are hundreds of applications capable of performing similar functions to this application. Within these, there are two that stand out from the rest, many of them even allowing you to watch television and online content at all hours. Let’s look at these three options in a little more depth.

    1. Splive: 
      Splive is one of the best applications to watch movies, series and pay TV for free. This application has direct access to XML lists, which contain movies, series and pay TV channels live. Thanks to this application, you can watch everything from new movies to paid plus channels, including exclusive channels such as series channels 24 hours a day. On the official website of this product you can find everything you need, with a download link and xml lists updated daily.
    2. Kodi:
      Kodi or better known as XBMC, is a multimedia center that brings together everything you need in a single device. This player allows you to see everything you have on your mobile in a single application, also giving you access to streaming movies and series. Not for nothing has it become the most widely used program in multimedia centers around the world, as it works quite well and has thousands of users who support it.
    3. Others:
      There are more applications of this type, such as Chinese applications to watch TV that come pre-installed on Android TVs. In addition, we always have the option of using Google Chrome to search for a series or movie, as if it were the computer, and click on the link to take us to it.
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