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Utilites Magnet Movies: How to Download and Tips

Magnet Movies: How to Download and Tips


There are people who, ever since the internet (and tapes, VCDs or DVDs came before), have preferred to put aside going to the movies and have a good time at home, alone or with their family, friends or partner, perhaps fleeing from the world.

But this article is not intended to create a philosophical debate about why there is a large mass of people who prefer to stay at home than go out, but rather we seek to teach you how to download, use and take advantage of new applications that are for leisure.

Among these applications is the one that we will talk about today, called Pelis Magnet, which stands out for its simplicity, reliability, and compatibility with different devices.

What do you need to Download and Tips?

As we know that you are full of doubts, for example, if the old tablet you have at home will work to use Pelis Magnet or if you can enjoy this application on your iPhone; We have decided to make a simple list that we recommend you read:

  • As the main, basic and elementary, have your device connected to the internetenough storage space to install the app and have Windows (computer, not mobile) or Android (including Android TV) as the operating system, which we recommend that it be of the version 4.0 and up, otherwise it’s likely to lock up.
  • In case you don’t want to download any app, don’t worry, Pelis Magnet also works on the web.
  • Once this has been verified, you will only need to want to see a movie or a group of people or a person who wants to see it with you.
  • As you have already noticed, Pelis Magnet does not put almost any obstacles to use it, so it is easily and freely accessible to everyone.

Download Instructions and Tips

How do I download Magnet Movies?

Since Pelis Magnet, like other applications to watch movies similar to Popcorn, is used in both operating systems, we have decided to do the installation and download process for Windows on the one hand and the Android one on the other; In order to make the reading less heavy, having said that, join us to see how the process is!

On Windows (via the web):

  1. Access the Pelis Magnet site by doing that Google search or simply click on this link
  2. Once on the web, look at the top right where it says “enter the web”, click there.
  3. An interface will open in which you can carry out a search in the upper right part or, if you prefer, look at the contents suggested by the same page and continue browsing.
  4. When you have already found the movie you were looking for, click on it.
  5. Another page will open where there is a synopsis of the movie you chose and other information about it such as the rating or the release date. Below this, you will find two buttons, one that says “trailer” and another that says, for example, “720p”, in the latter you will have to click; remember that 480, 720 or 1080 are video qualities, with the latter being the best.
  6. Once you click on this button, you will see that it puts you to download or play, you will click on play because that is what you want. If you want to download it, we warn you that the download method is through Torrents.
  7. When you have clicked on play, a player will open and you will only have to “press play” on the movie.
  8. As a note, we warn you that, in this process, many ads will open in other tabs, close them so that the browser does not collapse.

On Windows (.exe):

  1. Access the Pelis Magnet website by doing a search on your favorite search engine or simply follow the link that we leave you here
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the Windows symbol (if you want to read a bit about how the web works) or click the red download button in the middle of the page.
  3. Once you have clicked, a window will open where you will choose where you want to save the file (unless you have a predefined download location and send it there directly).
  4. Find the file you just downloaded and double click on it (the file is called Pelis Magnet.exe).
  5. You will find yourself before an installation interface, which you simply have to click next and accept the legal agreement of the application.
  6. Once the whole process is done, you will already have Movies Magnet on your Windows computer and you will be able to watch all the movies you want. On some computers, before the installation interface opens, you may see a firewall or security prompt, you need to click “run” on it.

On android:

  1. Search Pelis Magnet in your usual search engine or access its website directly at the following link
  2. Just as it happens in Windows, you can click on the red button that appears above or scroll down to where the Android icon appears.
  3. At that moment the download process will start (some browsers may ask you to confirm whether or not you accept to download the file).
  4. In the meantime, please confirm if you have activated the “unknown sources” function on your mobile or tablet; It is found in “settings”, “security”.
  5. Once you have reviewed or enabled the unknown sources feature, you can proceed to install the app.
  6. Clever! You have thousands of movies to watch on your Android device.

On Android:

  1. Access the Pelis Magnet website by searching for it in a search engine or enter from here, following this link
  2. As in the other cases: either the red button or you scroll down to the end, only you will have to click on the link that puts an icon that is a TV.
  3. Downloaded the app, proceed to install it.
  4. Clever! Your TV now has thousands of movies in a single application.

Tips for Downloading and Tips

As happens with many other applications that work from the web, such as YouTube itself, it is recommended that, in the web version of Pelis Magnet, you do not accumulate too many tabs that could cause the browser to crash.

The same with Android, do not leave too many applications open simultaneously that generate unnecessary expense for your processor, since in the end you will end up paying for it. It usually happens, in fact, that the applications do not work well because of the users and not due to a bad work of the app.

One piece of advice we give you is that, if you don’t have an Android TV, but you do have a Smart TV that has a Miracast function or something like that (screen transmission via Wi-Fi), take advantage of it and watch movies on the big screen and not on mobile or tablet.

Also, we recommend that you do not abuse this application, if you like any content you see in it, support it and buy something from the brand, go to the movies or buy the DVD/Blu-Ray, since making a movie costs, and quite a lot.

To close, we want to tell you that we hope we have been able to fulfill our objective in this article and that at this moment you are happy because Pelis Magnet is on your tablet, TV or mobile.

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