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Utilites Mobogenie Market for Android – How to Download and...

Mobogenie Market for Android – How to Download and Tips


Among the applications that are responsible for managing the downloads of Android devices, one of the most popular is called Mobogenie, an application that will allow you to download applications directly to your mobile phone.

This is not really the case, since what Mobogenie does is act as an intermediary between Google Play and the user, since really all the applications have a link to the Play Store and they are not downloaded directly in the application.

This application has had some success on Windows, since there is a similar version that can also be used to download applications. For these reasons, it is an application that has many downloads, despite the fact that, as I will say later, it is not one of the best applications for this task.

For this reason, I am obliged to show you how to download, how to install and how to use Mobogenie market, so that you can download it and take advantage of it. I will also tell you some alternatives to this app, which are better than this one from my point of view. So pay close attention to the following instructions that I am going to offer you.

Instructions for Mobogenie Market for Android – Download and Tips

  1. How to download it:
    The first thing we must do to download and install Mobogenie on your Android phone is to go to an apk download page to download this alternative market. The reason is that the Google Play Store has not accepted Mobogenie in its list of applications, therefore, we will not be able to use the traditional application download system to get mobogenie on our devices, having to download the apk directly from the internet. You can download mobogenie in several ways, either by searching for the apk directly on Google, or by using one of the alternative download managers that I put in step 3 (except Google Play obviously). Once we have downloaded the apk file, we must install it on our Android device to be able to use this application correctly within it.
  2. Operation:
    This market is not really very useful as I said before, since it does exactly the same thing as Google Play, but filtering the applications in a different way. Here we will have, as in Google Play, a search engine and a category filter, being able to search for the applications that we want. By clicking on one of them, it will take us to the link with Google Play, so that we can download it through there. It is paradoxical that Google Play has not accepted this application, since the only thing it is used for is to put links with Google Play. Really, this application is one of the few that nothing will happen for not installing it on your mobile phone, since this application does not have any function that Google Play does not have, since it does not analyze the applications, it does not let you download the applications directly and just link to Google Play. It must be said in its favor that in the Windows version things are totally different,
  3. Better Alternatives:
    Since Mobogenie really only serves the function of redirecting to Google Play, it doesn’t really have much use in the mobile app market. If you look closely, why would you want to use an application that performs the same function as one that you already have installed. We do not recommend installing Mobogenie on your Android phone, as it really is a waste of space and time to do so, because what we can do with it is already done by the Google Play Store. But don’t worry if you have been disappointed, as I bring you some alternative download managers, which do bring unique and extraordinary functions far from what we see in Mobogenie Market, so you don’t leave disappointed when leaving this article.

    1. UpToDown:
      This is not really an application, but rather a web page that collects millions of applications in one place in apk format. I like this page a lot, because in addition to offering all the separate apk files and being very useful if you don’t have Google Play Store installed or want to install any download manager, it brings with it an exclusive analysis of each application, allowing you to know if a app is good or bad. It also brings screenshots of the application and a video about it, making a kind of gameplay of the application or game. It is also a good way to get paid applications for free, something that many of you will appreciate.
    2. Google Play:
      Google Play Store is the default Android app installer. It really is a manager that does not need any type of introduction, since we have all used it at some point to download a program or file on our mobile phone. The best thing about this option is that as it is certified by Google, it is also subject to strict control of its applications, something that will allow you to find only the applications that have passed Google’s security controls. This means that this is the safest way to download applications, since it is the only way to download an application in which we are assured that there is no type of computer virus within it.
    3. Aptoide:
      Aptoide is an alternative app market to the Google Play Store. This application market is the natural successor of the disappeared black market, that is, it will help you find applications that are normally paid for free. I personally like Aptoide a lot, since it is one of the few that allows you to find applications in their Beta version or candidate version, that is, you will be able to get the latest version of your favorite applications before anyone else. In addition to this, we will have millions of stores with paid applications, being the best option to install them. For example, it is the only way I have been able to install GTA San Andreas, since the rest of the ways had never worked for me, because I couldn’t synchronize the sd data with the application, but Aptoide does it automatically.
    4. Amazon App Store:
      The online store Amazon has also wanted to be part of the world of application managers and therefore launched the Amazon App Store. This application store is completely independent from the Google Play Store, something that will be of great help to people who do not work well with the latter. Also, the folks at Amazon from time to time give you little gifts and give you paid apps completely free of charge. This application manager is known for having been the manager that brought the Bluestacks Android emulator for many years, an emulator that installed Android on your PC.
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