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Software Kika Emoji Keyboard: How to Download and Tips

Kika Emoji Keyboard: How to Download and Tips


Without a doubt, one of the most important elements in an Android phone is the keyboard, which is a system that helps us write and interact with the operating system. One of the best keyboards that we can choose is the Kika Emoji Keyboard. This keyboard is a great alternative to the original Android keyboard.

Kika Emoji Keyboard is one of those keyboards that are here to stay, since it allows us to configure a lot of things and personalized keyboard in the world. This keyboard is easy to use, does not consume many resources and can give a great aesthetic to the screen of your mobile.

After the almost disappearance of mechanical keyboards in mobile phones, that is, of keyboards with keys and their conversion into just a touch screen, keyboard software has gained special importance in mobile phones, since this software is what makes the difference between a good keyboard and a mediocre keyboard.

The only thing these programs do is make use of the touch screen and turn it into a means to communicate with the mobile. By default, we have the Google and Android keyboard, but there are much better keyboards like Kika Emoji itself. Without a doubt, this keyboard is very good, since we will be able to put a background photograph on the keyboard and change the type and size of the letter.

It is not the only keyboard to do this, but it is one of the least resource consuming. By this I mean that we are going to be able to use it on phones that do not have too many system resources, that is, that we are going to be able to have a nice keyboard without having to buy a high-end mobile phone, something that seems unthinkable, but it is not.

Kika Emoji is light, powerful and beautiful and also as its name suggests, it adds a lot of personalized Emoji’s to the keyboard. An emoji is a kind of improved version of the old messenger emoticons, but with improved features that will make this keyboard one of the best. Emoji convey emotions in a better way and are much more numerous than smiley emoticons and others. Now we will have all the moods in them and we will also have some to represent activities and sports.

Kika Emoji Keyboard is a keyboard that allows you to renew your old keyboard and create aesthetics. In addition, it is an official Google keyboard, that is, it can be downloaded perfectly from the Google Play Store, with all the security that this guarantees us and that it will not cause us any problems because it is a banned application. It will not ask us for root access either and it will be able to be used without problems in almost any terminal.

If you want to download and install it, you are certainly in the right place, because today we are going to see everything we need to know about this keyboard and we are going to see how to download it, how to install it and how to use it correctly.

Download Instructions and Tips

  1. Download and installation:
    The first step that should always be taken is the download and then the subsequent installation of the application. In this way, we will be able to use it on our mobile phone and we will be able to enjoy its full potential. On any Android device things are downloaded in the same way, that is, through the famous Google Play Store application that it has, which is linked to your Google account and has a large repository of all the official recommended applications for Android. However, like everything in this life, there are always more ways to download applications and to have their download ready on our mobile phone. The good thing about these ways is that they will always cover us in the event that we do not have the Play Store available for whatever reason, since sometimes this application does not work correctly, especially on very old phones that have problems with space, since its well-known services take up a lot of system resources. However, these other ways will allow you to be able to download it in the correct way.

    1. Google Play:
      The official form should always be explained, since although most readers have used it at some time, there are always people who have never used it. The first thing is to have a Google / Gmail account, which can be created through the phone in the option that puts us to create account. If we have an account, we will click on the option to log in, entering only our username and password to synchronize with our mobile phone. Once we have created it, we are going to go to Google Play and we are going to search for Kika Emoji in our Play Store search engine. Once we have found it, we are going to download it to our mobile phone and we are going to install it on it, in order to have the application perfectly available within it. Once it is ready, we will have automatic updates for life on our mobile and we will have all the mechanisms available to be able to enjoy the keyboard forever.
    2. Up to Down:
      In most cases, I always recommend Up to Down as the preferred option to download applications in the event that the classic options such as the Google Play Store have failed us. The reason is that it is easy to use and can be used anywhere, just with the mobile browser available. Up to Down does not usually have viruses and it usually has the applications updated to the latest version, so we will be able to find the latest version of Kika Emoji perfectly. Of course, when downloading the apk, we are going to have to activate unknown origins in settings and security, since they are blocked by default. Once they are activated, we are going to open the apk file and we are going to install it on the device, in order to have it installed and working within it.
    3. Others:
      There are other methods to install kika emoji on our mobile phone and they all work quite well. For example, we have the option of Aptoide, an option that is certainly known, since this application market has literally millions of applications within it., which can be downloaded even in its Beta version. Aptoide is one of the best apps on the market, but it is not official from Google Play, so you have to download the apk from its official page and again activate the unknown sources like with the uptdown apk. Once it is downloaded, we are going to install it and we are going to search for the application within it, in order to install it within our mobile phone and be able to search for the application within it. This will also entitle you to lifetime automatic updates, even from Beta versions of it.
  2. Configuration:
    The first thing is to open the application that has been installed in our operating system. Once we have opened it, we will have the Kika keyboard configured by default instead of the Google keyboard and we will be able to work with him. Once we have done it, we are going to go to the option to configure it to be able to have it correctly. The first thing is to set the language, which is by default the language of the mobile phone. However, it can be changed and you can also configure a secondary language such as English and switch from one keyboard to another, in the event that we are people who speak more than one language. Once we have done this, it is time to configure a background image if we want, that is, an image that serves as a background image for the keyboard and that looks cool on our keyboard. Once we have done this, we are going to click on the confirm option to save all the changes. Finally we will be able to change the size of the letter, the type of font and make the keyboard bigger or smaller,
  3. Use, keyboard change and more:
    Now that it is configured, we are going to be able to use it to be able to write with it. For example, we will be able to change the size, we will be able to use the emoticons or emoji that come in it and we will be able to speak with the voice. The use of the keyboard is very similar to that of the Google keyboard and to that of other alternative keyboards, with the exception of the image. If we don’t like the image or the letters don’t look good, we must go back to settings and change the image to be able to work with the keyboard without distractions and in the correct way. Once this has been completed, we will be able to switch keyboards if we don’t like kika. The way to do it is in settings and on the keyboard in the language and text input section. Here we will be able to change it for another one that is not kika and that we have installed, for example the Google keyboard. Once we have done it, we will have it changed and we will be able to return to kika whenever we want while it is still installed.
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