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Apps How Instagram Works

How Instagram Works


One of the largest programs and social networks that exist in the world is Instagram. This Facebook-owned company is a large photography social network that is based all over the world.

The operation of these platforms is the sharing of photos and stories using the Instagram application, an application available for mobile phones, Android being of course included. This application is responsible for sharing photos among all your friends and if you wish, with the whole world.

When it was born, Instagram was not what it is today, however, it quickly grew to exponential levels. This reached the ears of the giant company Facebook, which, in an act of courage, decided to buy Instagram with all that that entails, that is, keeping the benefits it provided.

The way this company has to finance itself is through the advertising it offers. This advertising is integrated into the application through the famous sponsored posts, in which a company pays money to Instagram so that the user can see ads from this company.

Nowadays, everyone has an account on this app. This of course not only includes ordinary people like you and me, but also celebrities have an account here. This serves as a commercial strategy, in which the stars share their lives through social networks in front of millions of followers. They also earn a lot of money for it, since companies pay authentic millions for these superstars to promote their products.

I would really tell you that you have been living in a cave for these years if you didn’t know about this app. However, as I always say, it’s never too late to rectify and install Instagram, also learning how it works.

We will do precisely that today, since I am going to teach you everything related to this application, explaining in detail and step by step how it works and how you can get the most out of it, also explaining how to install it and how to create an account.

Instructions for Instagram

  1. Download the application for Android:
    One of the essential requirements to use Instagram is to have the application installed. This is because it does not allow you to create an account from the computer, having to use the mobile phone application to do so. This is still a commercial strategy, which by the way is quite successful, since in this way they manage to attract many followers to their application and multiply its downloads. On Android, we can easily download it from the Google Play Store, which is the official Android download manager. This download manager is included by default on most Android phones, so you won’t have any problems with it. Once you look for the free
  2. application, you have to click on the icon where it says download and wait for the download to be completed so that the application is installed automatically on your Android device.
  3. Create an account:
    Once we have downloaded the Instagram application, it is time to create an account, something essential to be able to work. Once we have downloaded it we have to open the application and on the login screen that appears as soon as we start, we are going to click on where it says create an account. In this way, we will be able to fill out a simple form that contains the typical, that is, username, password and email. We can also login with Facebook, something that will facilitate access to the application and save time. Once we have done that, we are going to enter the picturesque world of Instagram through the front door.
  4. Find friends:
    A social network would be nothing without friends, that is clearer than water. For this reason, the first thing we are going to do when we enter Instagram is to look for friends. We can do this through the search option, being able to search by username. We can also filter Facebook friends in the option to find friends from other platforms, something that will make it much easier for you to find friends from other places. Once we have done this, we can also search for other people, such as celebrities, also using the great search engine that this application has integrated. Try looking for names of your artists, athletes and you are the last to do it.
  5. Hagstags:
    Hagstags are a series of tags that you can put on your posts. These try to help the Instagram search engine to associate a word with an image. In this way, we will be able to search for the content we want in a much simpler way. Hagstags are put with a # in front.
  6. Post:
    This is the most interesting part of this social network, with permission from friends. If we click on the central icon of the camera, we will be able to upload both photos and videos to the platform. In this way, we will be able to manage our publications very well, uploading what we want. When uploading a publication, we can add an image enhancement filter if it is a photograph and we can trim the video if it is a video. Once we have done this, we are going to proceed to the next step, which is to name the photo, put the hashtag, which is put with the hash. Finally, we can choose if we share the photo on other social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter.
  7. Stories:
    A story is a kind of temporary publication that tells a small story of everyday life. This includes things like pictures of an event, chats with words like “I’m bored” or even games where if someone puts a number, you are going to secretly evaluate them. In this way, we will be able to increase the content offered by this application to everyone. It is possible both to upload our own stories, and to watch the stories of others, by clicking on the circles at the top of the screen. By clicking on the stories of others, we will also be able to respond with direct messages to this person, making them see what we think of them and no one else does. Of course, everything must be said that this idea is not original to Instagram, since it could be said that it is a small copy of Snapchat.
  8. Profile and privacy settings:
    In the settings option of this social network, we are going to be able to touch many things, such as the security of the application and its privacy. Here we will also be able to put a description in the account and delete publications that we have regretted uploading. This is also where we will be able to delete users, see the people who follow us and, of course, configure the privacy of the application. Here, for example, we will be able to say if everyone sees our profile or if instead people have to ask us for permission to follow us. We can also block users who annoy us.
  9. Direct messages:
    If you click on the icon at the top right of direct messages, we will be able to send messages to other people. These are private messages that only these people will read, thus creating a kind of chat. This is basically used to meet people and get their phone number to talk on other platforms like WhatsApp. It can also be done for when we have had problems with WhatsApp and we want to ask these people for their number on Instagram, since we have lost all the phone numbers.
  10. Instagram rules:
    Finally, we have the Instagram rules, which we must follow so that our account is not suspended. Nudity photos, including genitals, female nipples, and sex positions, are not allowed to be uploaded on this platform. For example, if photos can be uploaded in a women’s mini bikini that do not have a nipple, something that has brought some controversy. You also can’t upload hateful photos or upload photos that offend other people. Nor can you send threatening messages or seriously disrespect people who use the application. This violation of the rules has the consequence of closing the account for life, not being able to create Instagram ever again from that email. Also, if you spend a lot of time insulting or being disrespectful, you can face complaints if this person decides to report you for it. In addition, Instagram can provide information to the state security forces and bodies so that they can arrest you if necessary, that is, everything you write on this social network is recorded even if you delete it later, serving as evidence in court.
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