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Software Game Hacker: How to Download and Tips

Game Hacker: How to Download and Tips


First of all, Game Hacker is an application that is used to be able to advance quickly with tricks in video games. For game fans, there may be levels or steps that are difficult to achieve, which is why having extra help will be a great option. It also allows you to modify in some games the number of lives required to play, unlock sections and much more.

Game Hacker works by hacking into parts of each game that are governed by numerical programming. What it does is alter parameters established in the installed games. Although this seems complicated, the use of the application is very simple. After rooting and successful installation, the app collects information from the games. Therefore, it alters those figures if they are not encrypted and makes it easy for the player to progress quickly in the game.

The advance that it grants for players makes it an ally of video games. The application is not yet on Google Play, but it is available on many pages and blogs. It is also noteworthy that it is not prohibited by law, although of course it is in opposition to the interests of video game creators.

In the games, some of the figures that this application allows to alter are sold for money, which results in a conflict for manufacturers.

What do you need to Download and Tips?

Games in which Game Hacker can be used

The best known are the ones in the following list and they are known to certainly work with the application.

  • ZombieStorm
  • Airport City
  • Angry Birds.
  • Temple Run 2.
  • Asphalt 8: Airborne.
  • Wonder Zoo.
  • Subway Surfers.
  • Stick War Legacy.
  • There’s Day.
  • Airport City.
  • zombie diary 2
  • plants vs. Zombies 2.
  • Despicable Me: Minion Rush.
  • WildHunter.
  • Crab War.
  • Traffic Rider

These are some of the ones that work with Game Hacker, you can actually try using the app in any video game. Everything will depend on the encryptions that the game has, if possible Game Hacker will alter the expected values.

Download Instructions and Tips

how to download game hacker?

  1. Taking into account that the application will be used for Android games, you can search for download pages. Enter the search engine, place Game Hacker and press download. In addition, the application has an official site page where you can find the direct download without intermediaries. However, opening up more options to players, it is available on various blogs for direct download from file.
  2. In blogs of regular players, the application is a trending topic, since it is very easy to obtain it. It is also free, does not require a large memory capacity and is installed in a simple procedure. Players recommend it to each other, others save it and then share the file to run installation.
  3. Once downloaded, it installs like any other app. In addition, it should be considered whether it will be used with rooting of the mobile device or without it. To authorize all its functions, it is necessary to go to the Settings section, then to Security and enable the sources of use. It is so then that in three simple steps this shortcut for games is obtained.
  4. If more information is required to install or enable this application, easy to run video tutorials can be found. It should be taken into account that there are games in which Game Hacker requires an advanced level to be able to run. Therefore, take into account the use of the application for each game, install and configure as needed. Help tutorials on blogs, YouTube videos, and player pages can make it easier if there are questions.

How to use Game Hacker

  1. After being installed, Game Hacker creates a floating icon on the screen. To use the app in a game, open the game, then tap to open Game Hacker. When performing this step, you will see a box for writing that opens on the screen.
  2. The value to be changed must be written in this field. For example: if you have 20 lives, place 20, press search to the right of it. The application will return the search results; there we must think about what value we want to obtain.
  3. Find the value that we had entered, to be able to modify it. Touch the Modify Now button, or Modify Now, of the application and enter the desired value. This will work when we get for example one more life.
  4. When obtaining our life, those required with Game Hacker will be added, so that each parameter of the game can be altered. For example: in the 20 lives you had, if you chose to add 20, picking up a life will give you 41 in the game bar.

How to get infinite money with Game Hacker

Many games require coins, which is why it is often difficult to unlock parts or delay progress. In addition, the coins usually allow you to buy tools to improve your skills on the game. That is why Game Hacker becomes a primary factor, being able to alter this value infinitely.

First of all, have the Game Hacker game and app open. Carefully look for the value to be altered among the results returned by the application. Once the number referring to the coins has been detected, click on it. Because the purpose is to generate infinite coins, the way to modify will be as follows:

  1. Enter the largest possible number allowed. They can be many “9”, example: 9.99999
  2. If the game only allows 4 digits, enter: 9,999.
  3. Click on Modify Now, modify now.
  4. When a coin is obtained this value will be added. On the other hand, keep in mind that not all games support this hack, however, if it is allowed it will be a great advance in the game.

What can be hacked with Game Hacker

The tool for games allows you to modify specific figures. Within video games, achievements are required to advance or unlock items, these are usually obtained by their own merit or by payments in the application. Therefore, the need to save effort and money arises, since if each advance is paid, a considerable account can be added.

The hacking application will allow you to alter all the numerical values ​​of a game, among the most important and required are the following.

  1. Coins: You can add coins or even get infinite credit. Coins in many games will allow you to buy tools, unlock levels, or even purchase additional ones.
  2. Lives: Games require energy or lives. Players are then limited in continuing a session and frustration sets in. Thanks to the application, you can add lives and continue playing.
  3. Inventory: Some games have an inventory of collection or earned items. These items are used to generate collections that are exchanged for prizes, make objects or are required to unlock powers. For example: Gems to obtain energy, wood to make places, etc.

Game Hacker is completely free and safe

This application is completely free, which makes it even more attractive. It can be obtained from the SB Game Hacker page itself, from the search engine on the mobile phone to see pages that allow downloading or files uploaded to blogs. In addition, it does not show annoying advertisements or purchase interference in its use. The fact that it does not show ads is a plus as they are annoying and interfere with game processes.

On the other hand, with respect to security is relative. It should be noted that rooting is required to use Game Hacker on Android. With Rooteo you can lose the complete information of the mobile, since it implies renouncing the guarantee of the device.

With regard to use and safety, the modifications made to the games may in some cases damage their operation. This does not happen on a regular basis but should be considered as a possibility.

A big risk of using the application is in multiplayer or multiplayer rooms. This is because the disturbance produced against the system and other players can be caught, with the risk of expulsion and loss of account history.

Tips for Downloading and Tips

Some tips can be useful and significant when using Game Hacker, so as not to affect our security or make mistakes. The use of the application is very simple, however, configuring the device and using it responsibly are important.

  • Root the device on which it will be used. Bear in mind the consequences of said procedure.
  • Avoid using this app in multiplayer online rooms.
  • Its use is better for offline games but it works in online games, under the danger of being caught.
  • Carefully consider the values ​​to modify so as not to alter other fields of the game.
  • Enable app features from Settings on the device.
  • Game Hacker is not illegal because it is not yet expressly prohibited by law. It may be morally objectionable but not illegal.
  • Avoid use in multiple games simultaneously.
  • Look for tutorials in case of any doubt that arises, either regarding rooting or the use of the application.
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