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Games Plants Vs Zombies 2 For Android – How to...

Plants Vs Zombies 2 For Android – How to Download and Tips


Today we are going to talk about one of the games that has given the most talk in recent years. This is the game Plants VS Zombies 2, one of those games that has already become a classic of mobile games.

This game came out in the past 2013, that is, it is already a game that is quite old. However, despite its age, it is still a game that has an impressive quality of play and that continues to make us fall in love with each passing day.

The mechanics of the game Plants VS Zombies 2 is a simple one, in which we have to face a kind of ball-spitting plants against some evil zombies that want to destroy that garden that you’ve taken so long to build.

This game is simple, since it is really intended for a mobile, because the only controls you have are to move the plant and try to shoot as efficiently as possible against the zombies.

As happens in most games of this type, we are going to try to advance through certain levels, in which the difficulty increases more and more, doing it progressively. In the first levels, we are going to have a practically ridiculous difficulty, being levels that anyone can pass. However, as we progress through the different levels, we will see how the difficulty progresses and becomes a little more difficult.

The interesting thing about this game is to learn a little more each time, in order to achieve all the objectives that we are waiting for in this game. The trick of learning as we play is always interesting, so we are going to follow it in this series of games as well.

All these adjectives and good game system earned plants vs zombies 2 prestigious awards in 2013, including the best game of the year 2013, something it won for being an original idea perfect for a mobile.

Who said that we need the latest games and the latest advances in technology to progress? In the case of this game, we can verify that this is not the case, since despite the fact that years have passed, it is one of the greats and cannot be discussed.

The reason why it is one of the greats is that it has what a mobile game should have in my opinion, which is simplicity, tons of fun and a lot of levels to be able to have many hours of play. Really, the grace of a mobile game is that it has many short games, not that it has few long games like console games.

Apart from the issue of graphics, it doesn’t matter a bit here, since really on a mobile phone we are not going to need great graphics to be able to progress and have fun. In short, this game is perfect for you if you are one of those people who wants to have fun and only has a little time to do it.

If you want to learn how to download this game, which was game of the year, you are in the right place, since this is what today’s article is about, how to download plants vs zombies 2 and everything you need to know to get this game the maximum party, we go there.

Instructions for Plants Vs Zombies 2 for Android – Download and Tips

  1. How to download the game:
    The first thing we are going to learn about this great game called plants vs zombies, is to download and install it correctly on our mobile phone. This is a completely free game, that is, we will not have to make any initial investment to download it and we will be able to play for free. For this reason, we will be able to easily download it from the Google Play Store, which is the official Google application container and one of the safest places in the world to download applications. The only thing we have to do here is search the application’s search engine for the word plants vs zombies 2, so that the latest version of it can be found. Once we have done it, click on it and click on download to start the download. Once it has finished, it will be installed automatically as always on our device.
  2. Play:
    Once we have installed this application, it is time to start playing, since tons and tons of fun await us with this great game. The first thing we can see is that they appear in the game as a kind of strange plants that we are going to control and on the other hand, a kind of zombies appear that will try to advance. What the zombies are going to try to do is eat the plants that we have on the side of our board, something that we are going to try to avoid at all costs. We are going to do it by moving the plants that we have vertically, which shoot a kind of projectile against the zombies, which will advance trying to eat our plants and make us lose the game. Here the ability that we have to try to avoid this type of situation comes into play, something that we will solve by moving the plants from one place to another. As we progress through the levels, we will be able to see how the difficulty rises,
  3. Integrated purchases:
    Before when I said that the application was free I have not totally told the truth for one thing. Although this application can be downloaded for free and you can then play it and if you’re good at it without having to pay, it’s true that there is an integrated purchase option in the application. This option appears so that you can make micropayments, which have the main use of allowing you to obtain things in the game, such as more power-ups, better quality plants or simple decorations for the stage than for the plants. You will see if you decide to pay or not, since everyone is free to do what they want, however, if you do not want to pay, do not worry, since you do not need to pay to complete the game and enjoy its full potential.
  4. Other similar applications:
    Earlier I was talking about mobile games and what I thought a game of this type had to have to be considered really good. What I consider a phone to have has to do with the needs and the real use we make of it. When we pick up the mobile, it is not usually to spend the whole afternoon playing, but to play in free time that we have on the loose and somehow kill time. In the case of this game, it does it perfectly, however, now it’s time to talk about other games that also do all of this perfectly. There are games that fulfill it perfectly, such as Geometry Dash or games like Angry Birds, Candy Crush or even slightly more complex games like Need for Speed, in which the races are very short. As you can see, the best mobile games are short and entertaining at the same time.
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