Software Splive Player for Android: How to Download and Tips

Splive Player for Android: How to Download and Tips


One of the most popular programs for Android is Splive Player, better known as Splive TV. This program is a program that is used to watch television, both free and paid through our mobile phone through the Internet.

Splive TV is installed on any Android device, be it a mobile phone, a tablet or even a Smart TV that has Android, TV, such as Sony televisions.

Among other functions, we will be able to watch canal plus league, canal plus sport and all the movies for free. That yes, it depends a lot on your internet connection and the quality of the service, since sometimes the server goes down due to saturation of people.

However, it is a service that always works well, since I have personally seen a lot of content on this site through my connection without any problems.

In addition to that, we will be able to watch movies if we import the XML lists that contain them. Among the most famous lists, we find premiere movies, movies like Star Wars and all kinds of high-quality content.

Although it is a banned application, it is really easy to install and configure on any device, something that anyone can do easily, without the need for previous experience in installing applications of this type.

Today I will teach you step by step how to do it, to enjoy Splive Player or Splive TV on your mobile, tablet or Smart TV and see all the content for free and in high definition.

Download Instructions and Tips

  1. Installation:
    The first thing we are going to learn about Splive TV is to install it correctly on our Android device, something that will help us to use it normally, without any problems. Do not try to search for it in the Google Play Store, since the application is not there because it is one of the banned applications on its list. What you have to do is enter Google and search for Splive Player within it. Here you will get a series of pages, having to access its official page to download the application. Once you’re inside it, you must download the apk file and install it on your Android operating system, which will already create the corresponding player for you, so you can see all the paid content with all the ease in the world.
  2. Add XML lists:
    Installing Splive by itself is useless, since for the content to be seen correctly, you have to install the so-called XML lists, lists that what they do is link the program with a series of services, which offer channels for free. What you have to do is search in google XML lists Splive TV or Splive Player, which will take us to some links that contain them. Normally these lists are divided by content, such as thematic channels, sports channels or XXX channels. We have to copy the list of the channels that we want and then go to the program and hit add xml list, paste the content and hit accept. If the list is correct, the program will restart and the content will appear on our mobile, being able to see it for free. You can also add movies or a package that includes all the channels in a single XML list, it’s just a matter of searching.
  3. See the content:
    Once we have added all the content to our program, we will be able to start enjoying Splive TV or Splive Player, whatever you want to call it. What we have to do is look carefully at the sections, since we can browse through television channels and movies. If we want to watch TV, we must go to channels and if we want to watch movies we must go to movies. Here we will be able to navigate through the lists (theme channels, premiere movies…), being able to choose between the channel that we want among all of these. Once we have achieved it, we are going to click on where it says see the channel and then on Splive player, something that will open the channel in streaming to see it. Remember that you have to have an internet connection to be able to use it normally, in addition to the fact that sometimes some channels do not work.
  4. Alternative players like sopcast:
    If you look closely, there are some channels, especially soccer, that you can’t see with Splive Player, but they do appear. These channels can only be seen with alternative players like sopcast, something that we can see if we look at the name of the channel. For example, if we have sopcast channel plus liga, we will have a channel that we will only be able to see if we have the sopcast program, which can be downloaded by clicking on download alternative player when clicking on it. If you are going to watch soccer, I recommend downloading these alternative programs, since many times a channel goes down and we must try to expand all our visual options to the maximum, to be able to see the content yes or yes.
  5. Update the program:
    This program must be updated from time to time, since obviously the payment channel companies are going to take action on the matter and they will not allow you to watch their paid channels for free. Luckily, splive is also updated, so you have to try to always keep it up to date if you want it to work. The way to do it is not through the play store, since it is a banned app, but through the application. Having internet, you must open the application, go to settings and hit check for updates. If there are updates, it will automatically take us to the page to download the latest version, which we must download and run so that the app is up to date. This will not erase our settings or mess up our configuration, so we can do it without fear of losing everything.
  6. Alternatives:
    Of course we have alternatives to Splive Player, which also allow you to watch football, movies and other applications through your Android phone and the Internet. My advice is that apart from Splive Player you use one of these methods, since many times this method does not work as well as it should. We are going to see all the alternatives we have to Splive Player in one go, so you can easily see how you can install and use them.

    1. Pay for it: It is a good alternative, especially since you are not hacking and because you always have 100% performance. In addition, it is no longer as expensive as it was 10 years ago, since the companies have low fees and good channels that can be seen from anywhere and on any device.
    2. Direct red style web pages: Thanks to the magic of HTML5, we will be able to enter these pages with the mobile browser and use them normally. There are direct red style pages (the original does not work well anymore) that will allow you to watch free television like Splive TV does. The thing is to search Google a bit and go entering all the links you find, to see which one works correctly. Sometimes it will take a while to find the good one, however, the one who seeks finds.
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