Apps 9Apps for Android – How to Download and Tips

9Apps for Android – How to Download and Tips


One of the best known applications to download applications, music and other things is 9Apps, an application that is already quite a few years old and was very popular in its day.

I remember with great nostalgia the famous wap portals, in which we spent the balance of the mobile on games, applications, ringtones and screensavers, a very nostalgic time that marked a before and after.

However, it seems that this is over a long time ago, because due to Google Play and data connections, there are hardly any wap portals to download things anymore, so let’s say that the magic has been lost.

Where are those screensavers of cars and naked women for our mobile? Where are those polytones and songs for the mobile phone? They are certainly good memories but it seems that they have already disappeared.

Thanks to 9Apps, this is not entirely the case, since this application allows you to continue downloading ringtones, games and others from a single place, in the purest wap style, something that will delight the most nostalgic in this sector.

This application exists since 2013 and has been kept alive during all this time. The reasons for its success is the good community of users that it has, who support the application and its operation, since it is capable of giving you great polytones for your Android phone.

The bad thing is that like many applications that we have already talked about, it is one of those applications that are banned from the Play Store, that is, it cannot be downloaded normally from this platform, making its download a little more complicated. and installation.

I say a little because we are here to help, because if you pay a little attention, it really is very easy to download 9Apps for Android today. We are going to explain it so simply that anyone can do it, regardless of their computer skills.

Instructions for 9Apps for Android – Download and Tips

  1. Download the application:
    Before we can use an application, the first thing we must do is obviously download and install it on the mobile phone. We are going to explain two ways to do this, the first way to do it through the official 9apps website and the second way through the Up to Down application portal, which is one of the portals that has the most applications. That if, before doing this remember that you must go to settings, security and activate the option of the box where it says unknown origins. In this way, we will be able to download any application from outside the Play Store.

    1. Up To Down:;
      If we enter the URL that we have put above by copying and pasting, we will go directly to the Up To Down application store, a list of free applications that are banned from Google Play, such as this one. Up to down collects all the updates from 9apps, so you can go to this one when you need to update the application or when it is deleted and you need to reinstall it. By clicking on the download icon, the download of the apk file will start, which we must then open and install on our Android terminal.
    2. Official website:
      If we copy and paste the address at the top, we can access the official 9apps website. This is one of the most reliable ways to get access to the application, since in this way we will have access through its official provider. In addition, we will be able to see a little of all the content that this application has, from applications to games, through screen savers and other elements. By clicking on download now, the apk file will be downloaded, which we will then have to install by opening it.
  2. Download applications:
    Now we are going to download applications through 9apps, a function that although it seems quite interesting, it is not. Unlike other application managers like Aptoide, this one only has links to the Google Play Store, that is, it only contains access to official market applications that we could find without having installed the application. The truth is that the reason for this function is unknown, since it really is useless in this application, since it is also somewhat cumbersome and from my point of view, it is a function that is not half as good as Google Play Store.
  3. Download other content:
    What this application does offer us is the download of other content, such as music and videos or wallpapers. This is really the good part of the application, since we are going to be able to download everything that was previously in the wap portals and that there is hardly anywhere anymore. We are going to be able to download these things easily, having unique content that we are not going to find anywhere else or that is already very difficult to find.

    1. Music and videos:
      The first thing that we are going to be able to download are music and videos, being able to go to the music and videos option of the application and being able to choose between the best videos and music. since there are a large number of premiere movies available to download to our mobile through here.
    2. Wallpapers:
      In 9apps, we will be able to remember a little of those wallpapers of all kinds that populated our phone. Remember the marijuana wallpaper, the Ferrari wallpaper or the nude girls wallpaper, wallpapers that have no doubt been forgotten but were very pretty. In the theme and wallpaper options, we will be able to find them again, being optimized to work on Android and therefore, to adapt perfectly to your mobile screen.
  4. Alternatives:
    1. Alternative to download applications: Aptoide.
      Aptoide is the world’s best app container app for two reasons. In the first place, because it has paid applications for free, which can be obtained there very easily and in the second place, because it has the updates of the latest applications before anyone else, even the play Store. It is also compatible with almost all terminals and works in a very simple and effective way on all devices.
    2. Alternative to download other contents Argim.
      net was an old wap portal that collected for free what was paid for by members of the zed and mobility club, among others. Surprisingly, Argil is still alive and with a great community, because if you go to, we will have access to a lot of things, from applications for Android (and for old mobiles), to wallpapers updated every week, going through ringtones call and movies. It is also updated every week, since all users (us too) can upload contributions to the wap portal.
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