Games Piano Tiles 2: How to Download and Tips

Piano Tiles 2: How to Download and Tips


One of the best games of this year 2017 for Android is Piano Tiles 2, a game that puts you in the shoes of a piano composer, which will help you learn to play all the keys of a piano in one of your songs favorites.

Piano Tiles 2 is an Android game that has been giving the note for quite some time, never better said. This game mixes all the good things of a skill game and a piano playing game, since it is a pretty good game that you will definitely like because it will allow you to play the piano of your favorite pieces of classical music and others.

The game has a very simple operation, which simply consists of touching the piano keys as they appear on the screen. In this way, our reflexes are going to be put to the test, since we are going to have to press the indicated key at the correct moment, that is, before it happens to us and thus be able to continue playing the piece as it is in real life.

The operation is very simple because we are only going to use the touch screen. In the game we will get a piano and the notes will come out as the song is playing. We are going to have to touch the pieces with our finger as soon as they reach the bottom of the screen and we are going to have to do it in a synchronized way, if we want the points and if we want to play the perfect piece and emulate the best music artists of all times. time.

Without a doubt, this type of application is well known because it guarantees millions of hours of fun, since it puts us in the shoes of a pianist and we will be able to have millions of hours of fun without any problem. We are going to be able to play on old devices and we are going to be able to have a lot of fun playing any game, be it in the pool, be it on the bus or be it sitting at home.

The way of playing is very reminiscent of the game Guitar Hero, a game in which we had to play the guitar and that worked in the same way. In this game, we have to play the guitar pieces as they go under the screen. Let’s say that Piano Tiles 2 is a classic version of the game, since it will allow us to play all kinds of pieces of classical music and piano music. In this way, you will be able to enjoy the best of guitar hero, but with your favorite classical music songs.

Piano Tiles 2 is a spectacular game that will undoubtedly hook you on the screen from minute one and that is also suitable for all audiences, since it does not contain any violent content or anything like that. What’s more, it’s a good way to educate young people and teach them classical music, something that will certainly be great for you, since teaching something to a young person never hurts.

If you have never heard of this application and you want to start doing it, without a doubt, this is the best time to do it. First of all, we are going to see step by step how this application works and how you can use it to teach, play and have fun. Then we will also see the best tips to win in the application, emulate mozart and survive even the most difficult levels of the same game.

Download Instructions and Tips

  1. Download the game:
    First of all, we are going to learn how to download this game, since it is the first step that is always taken when starting to play games like Piano Tiles 2. We are going to do it as usual with the Google Play Store, which is the official method to download any type of application on Android and therefore, it is the method that we should always use unless it does not work. The way the Play Store works we all know it. If you have the Google account correctly synchronized, we will enter the application and search for Piano Tiles 2 in its search engine. Next, we are going to click inside the application and we are going to download it to our mobile phone, something that will take a while. Once it is downloaded, we will be able to play and we will also be able to have all the right in the world to the famous automatic updates that Android has, which will allow us to have guaranteed support for this application.
    In the event that the Play Store does not work, the other way we have to install this application is through Google, since there we will be able to search for the apk file and we will be able to download it directly to our mobile phone and install it later . Once we have it ready, we are going to open the apk file that we have searched on Google, we are going to activate the unknown origins and we are going to install it on our mobile.
  2. Play the game:
    Once we have installed Piano Tiles 2, it is time to play and learn how to do it. The game has a list of very good classical music songs, which are going to be from famous composers. There is also a list of modern songs in their piano version. The thing is that we must choose the song we want and then open the game and start playing it, touching all the pieces in the order that we are told and after this, play and play until we get the points. As I said before, we must bear in mind that we must be fast, but not too fast. In other words, it is about playing the piano piece at the exact moment, since that is when we are going to receive all the points. As it happens in these games, the more exact we touch, the more points. If we are playing for a long time, we will be able to make combos if we don’t get confused and achieve a score multiplier, which will allow us to continue earning millions of points in the game itself. Once we have finished the song, we will be given the score and we will see how good we are. the more points,
  3. How to be good at this game:
    As promised, now we are going to see how to be good at this game, that is, how we are going to be able to get the highest scores of it. First of all, what we must do is practice a lot, since as in other games like this, practice makes perfect. And practice is the only way to improve and to be the best virtual pianist in the world. Secondly, we must have a good ear, since as a general rule, the pieces are synchronized with the screen, that is, the points at which we have to play will appear just when the different melody sounds. In this way, as if we were a pianist, we will be able to play the piece just when it touches us, that is, just when we have to do it and not before or after, that is, in complete synchrony with the world and in complete synchrony with everyone The elements. In this way, you will not have to look so much at the screen and it will come out on its own, being able to get more points. Finally, keep in mind that this game has a learning curve, that is, if you play directly on hard difficulty, you will lose. Nevertheless, if you start on easy, improve, go up to medium and finally finish on hard, you will be able to beat the game. So start at a difficulty level that you master and then work your way up and when you’ve mastered one difficulty, move on to the next, but never before.
  4. Alternatives:
    This game is a clone of guitar hero game, which is a game that is identical, but with Rock songs. This game is the most famous and allows you to do the same as here, but with songs from groups like AC/DC and other famous groups. There are also games that allow you to do the same with electronic music and games that allow you to do it with rap music. However, the favorite is Beat MP3 2.0, a game that is a clone of Audiosurf, a kind of guitar hero, but with user songs. This application analyzes the songs on your mobile and will allow you to be able to play with the song you want, something that is undoubtedly great. Imagine, for example, downloading music with the tubemateand to be playing her, it would be fantastic. Well, with Beat Mp3 you can do it today. As we always say, use the alternative that you like the most and have fun, since that’s really what it’s all about, nothing more.
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