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Tips & Tricks TubeMate for Android – How to Download and Tips

TubeMate for Android – How to Download and Tips


TubeMate is an Android application that is a little different from the rest, since it is an application that allows us to directly download YouTube videos to our mobile phone.

This is very useful, since we will be able to watch these videos without having to go online, something very useful for these people who have a limited data connection and who always need to watch their favorite videos.

TubeMate is one of the applications that works best to download videos from YouTube, since it is an application that works very fast, that allows you to configure its functions quite completely and that of course allows you to download all kinds of videos from this platform.

The good news is that we are not only going to be able to download videos from YouTube in video format, but we are also going to be able to download them in mp3 audio format, something that is going to help us get music completely free of charge, since just by searching the video of a certain artist, we will be able to download it to our mobile phone to be able to see it whenever we want to do so.

It is also an application that brings its own search engine and its own video engine, something that will allow us to watch the videos directly in the application, without having to copy and paste the addresses of the videos and being able to see at the moment if the video we have chosen is correct or not.

If you want to learn how to download Youtube videos with TubeMate, today is the time to definitely learn how to do it. We are going to teach you step by step how you can download this application for your mobile and how you can get the most out of it.

Instructions for TubeMate for Android – Download and Tips

  1. Download the application:
    The first thing we are going to do when downloading tubemate is download and install the application on our Android device. We cannot do this in the usual way in which we install all applications, since it is a violation of Google’s standards (mainly for allowing videos to be downloaded from the platform, something that is not allowed), has been banned from the play store. The good news is that we can download the application from unknown sources, that is, we can download the apk and install it on our mobile. Before describing the ways that exist to do this, keep in mind that you must go to the phone settings section, security and activate the option of unknown sources. Once you have it done, we are going to see the two ways we have to download the application.

      If we copy and paste this URL address on our computer, we will be able to access the official page of the platform. Here they will tell us all the download links for the application, such as UpToDown. By clicking on any link, this application will take us to download the apk file, which we must wait for it to download and then install it on our device to be able to use it correctly.
    2. Other media.
      We also have the option to download the tubemate in another way, such as an application manager external to Google Play, such as Blackmarket or Aptoide. These application managers have a lot of applications, both those included in Google Play and those that are not included, so we will be able to find TubeMate easily, just with a quick search in the application search engine, which will take us directly to download it.
  2. Search for the video that we want:
    Once we have installed the application, all we have to do is search for the video that we want to download, which we can do with the application‘s search engine. This search engine is very similar to the one YouTube has and returns the same results, that is, we will be able to see all the videos associated with this list of results. We are going to look for the name of the video we want and we are going to click on it. As this application is also a video player, it will first give us the option to watch the video, however, we are here to download the video, which I am going to teach you in the next section of this article.
  3. Choose the download format and download the video in the application
    Once we have chosen the video that we want to download, we are going to click on the option to download this video, something that we can do once we confirm that in fact we want to download the video. This will take us to a link, which will ask us in what format we want to download the video, whether in Mp3 audio or Mp4 video format, also choosing the quality of the video (the higher the quality, the larger the size and the longer it takes the download). By selecting all this, we will be able to definitively download the video by clicking on the download option and waiting for it to be downloaded definitively.
  4. Settings:
    This application has a very complete settings menu, which allows you to choose the speed limit, prohibit downloading with mobile data, allow you to resume downloads that have stopped and also allow or not allow simultaneous downloads of videos or music from Youtube at the same time.
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